SummerSlam 2022: Bianca Beats Becky in Another Classic, Bayley Returns

Bianca & bayley at summerslam 2022
Credit: WWE

SummerSlam 2022 started with a bang! Bianca retain against Lynch, Bayley made her return, and Dakota Kai & Io Shirai made their main roster debut. 

This year’s SummerSlam was different for Bianca Belair as she retained the Raw women’s championship against Becky Lynch to kick off the biggest party of the summer. 

Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch had another classic match. The match started with a back and forth action and moved forward at the same pace. 

It was filled with several near falls as Bianca Belair survived Manhandle Slam whereas Becky Lynch managed to beat the count-out after receiving KOD outside the ring. 

In the ending moments of the match, Bianca countered disarmer with a roll-up. She puts Becky on the second rope and hits a Spanish Fly. She didn’t waste a single moment and hit KOD afterward to get the pinfall. 

After the match, Becky Lynch hugged Belair and showed her respect. However, soon Bayley’s entrance theme hit, and she came out to a huge pop. 

But, the catch is she didn’t come alone, right after she came out, NXT’s Dakota Kai and Io Shirai also joined her making their main roster debut. 

The three of them get into the ring but then Becky returns to support Bianca. The newly formed faction decided to retreat for now, but they will certainly be troublesome for the Raw women’s champion in near future. 

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