Becky Lynch vs Natalya At SummerSlam Changed to Submission Match

The WWE RAW Women’s Championship match between Becky Lynch and Natalya, which is to take place at SummerSlam, is now officially changed to a Submission match.

Natalya vs Becky Lynch Raw Women's Championship SummerSlam 2019
Natalya vs Becky Lynch Raw Women’s Championship, Submission Match, SummerSlam 2019

Natalya became the no. 1 contender to face Becky Lynch at SummerSlam for the RAW Women’s title last month. And ever since, two of them are at loggerheads, not wasting any chance to get an advantage over one another whether in a physical battle or a verbal one.

Last week, Natalya saved Becky from a 2-on-1 assault from Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. However, finding Becky vulnerable, Natalya also put her under Sharpshooter to send her a message. Later, in an interview backstage, she put forward the challenge to Becky to change their match at SummerSlam to a Submission match. The same is now made official from WWE.

The stipulation seems logical since both Becky Lynch and Natalya use a submission move as their finisher. Becky uses DisArmHer, a modified Fujiwara armbar, as her finisher apart from recently introduced Manhandle Slam. While Natalya uses the Sharpshooter, which she borrowed from her uncle Bret Hart, apart from using Abdominal stretch and cloverleaf to damage her opponents.

SummerSlam 2019 will take place on 11 August 2019 at Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information, news and updates on SummerSlam 2019, you can follow this space.

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