Another contract saga for Lesnar is worth it?

Brock Lesnar will definitely be working the WrestleMania this year and then appear for WWE’s next Saudi Show in May. But beyond that, WWE might have to shell out significantly more than what they are currently paying him. And how will the Beast ensure that? By having a three-way dance with WWE, UFC, and AEW.

Brock Lesnar is the current Universal Champion but only makes a handful of appearances of the weekly shows and was even kept off the PPV shows like TLC and in all possibility won’t defend his title at Elimination Chamber next month. However, his current contract allows him to fight in UFC which he has not done since 2016 when he won the fight against Mark Hunt but was subsequently banned after testing positive for a banned substance and the result of that match was changed to a no-contest. His ban gets over on 8th January this year, pending the successful completion of his USADA drug-testing program. He is expected to face current UFC champion Daniel Cormier at some point this year but nothing is as clear at this point.

In a nutshell, Brock Lesnar can demand pretty much any asking price he wants at this stage in his career and Paul Heyman wants to cash in as much as he can for his client by asking for another big payday from WWE. Another factor that helps their cause is the new kid in the block All Elite Wrestling. AEW is backed by huge financial power in the Khan family and they are almost willing to fulfill any demands by Wrestlers in terms of remuneration, scheduling, allowing appearances for other promotions, etc. And getting Brock to sign for AEW will be a big dent for WWE. So, this contract saga is destined to get spicier with Brock using his leverage to all 3 parties in getting a big fat paycheck regardless of whoever he chooses in the end.

But the question here is, should WWE re-sign him? If you look at the recent trends among the fans, they seem to be getting sick of the Beast. He was accused of being lazy and his fueds have become boring with similar storylines over the years. He might not still be the Universal Champion had Roman Reigns has not suffered from Leukemia. All these arguments were still true at the same time last year and Lesnar was expected to lose at Wrestle Mania 34. But his contract was extended and to everyone’s shock, he retained his title. This year again he is set to be embroiled in a contract saga, a bigger one. But WWE is really listening to the fans as they declared they will be, they should not sign him at all when his contract expires in May.

By persisting with Lesnar, WWE is blocking the way of other promising stars. Seth Rollins might finally win the title at Wrestle Mania but if Lesnar re-signs, he will again be involved in the storyline for the title, which in turn will block the way of others like Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, and other such stars who might be aiming for the top card. So, unless WWE makes him appear on the show almost on weekly basis, break the mystique around him and introduce creative storylines for him other than the title feuds, there is no point in persisting with Lesnar. By continuing in such a manner, WWE might make Lesnar and the Universal title irrelevant. And moving on from WWE might also be better for Lesnar to prolong his career and his relevance.

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