AEW Rampage September 10, 2021- Live Results & Updates

AEW Rampage September 10 2021

AEW Rampage episode of 10 September 2021 is the fourth episode of the series overall and the first one after AEW All Out 2021 PPV. AEW is advertising Andrade El Idolo vs PAC match for the episode which will be pre-taped with AEW Dynamite on 8 September.

Read on to find the live results and updates for AEW Rampage September 10, 2021 episode winners, highlights, preview and more information.

Show – AEW Rampage
Date- September 10, 2021
Location – Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, OH, US
Time – 10 PM EST(September 11 2 AM GMT/7:30 AM IST)

Andrade El Idolo vs PAC: Andrade is behind Death Triangle ever since his arrival to AEW, but they have refused his help and services until now. Andrade vs PAC was earlier scheduled for All Out, but is now postponed to Rampage after some travel issues for PAC. Is Andrade the one behind these so-called travel issues?

Women’s Tag Team Match: As the rivalry between Rubu Soho and Britt Baker has started, Soho will team with Kris Statlander and Riho to face Baker, Jamie Hayter and Rebel.

Max Caster vs Brian Pillman Jr.: Pillman will take on Max Caster in his hometown of Cincinnati after a backstage altercation.

Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson interviews: the Countdown crew will be interviewing both new free agents stars about why they signed with AEW.


  • Andrade defeated PAC in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Ruby Soho, Kris Statlander & Riho defeated Dr. Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter & Rebel in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Brian Pillman Jr defeated Max Caster.

Live Updates

Andrade El Idolo vs PAC

Both men start with big forearm strikes. Andrade goes for a headlock and PAC drops him on the mat. Andrade hits him with a basement dropkick. Andrade hits back elbows in the corner. Andrade eats a kick and misses a bulldog. PAC hits him with a corkscrew moonsault plancha.

On the floor, both men send each other into the barricade. PAC eats a huge pump kick, followed by a DDT on the apron. Andrade hits a springboard corkscrew planch on the floor and brings PAC back for a two-count. PAC connects a flush knee. Andrade hangs him in a tree of woe but misses the stomp. PAC hits a top rope moonsault. We cut to a break.

Back from the break, Andrade hits an inverted facelock elbow drop and a split-legged moonsault. PAC comes back with a hurricanrana from the top. PAC hits a sunset flip on the floor. PAC hits a kick. Andrade hangs PAC up again in the tree of woe again. But this time, he misses a second double stomp attempt. PAC hits a top rope moonsault again.

Back to the ring, PAC hits a 450-splash and Andrade grabs the ropes to break the pin. Andrade hits a handspring Pele kick. Andrade goes for the hammerlock DDT but PAC counters with a snap German Suplex. PAC counters another move into brutalizer.

Andrade’s assistant comes with a stun gun and Lucha Bros come out to take care of him. The referee gets distracted by this and Chavo Guerrero comes in to hit PAC with an Ipad. The referee returns and Andrade pins PAC.

Winner – Andrade

After the match, Andrade decks Chavo Guerrero and signals that this was not his doing. Andrade leaves and Lucha Bros bring Chavo into the ring for PAC to put him in the Brutalizer.

Darby Allin and Sting come out. Darby says Shawn Spears is nothing without Tully Blanchard. Sting takes over and tells Tully Blanchard that he has always been about hopping on other’s success. Tully comes out and distracts Sting while Shawn Spears comes from behind to attack Darby. Spears runs away before Sting notices him.

We hear from Adam Cole. Cole says he came to AEW for The Elite. He believes Kenny Omega and Young Bucks. He is here to take out men like Bryan Danielson. Cole warns Danielson and his pals that he isn’t even in his prime yet and will wipe the floor with him.

Bryan Danielson says he not going after The Elites but Kenny Omega. He would love to sink his teeth into having his first AEW match with Omega. If Kenny does not want to step up, some else will be. That’s what he loves about AEW.

Riho, Ruby Soho & Kris Statlander vs Britt Baker, Rebel & Jammie Hayter

Riho starts against Britt Baker. Reversals by Baker to get a two-count. Riho with a dropkick before Baker puts his hands up to stop Riho. Statlander comes in and rolls through an armbar to hit a powerslam. Baker takes his eyes and tags out. Riho comes to double team against Rebel. Hayter comes in and Riho drops her on the ropes for 619.

Riho keeps up strikes but Rebel catches him with a cheap shot. Hayter hits a snap suplex. Heels in control as we go to a break.

Riho tries to mount a comeback. He tags out to Ruby. Ruby unloads on Hayter with forearms, elbows and kicks. She plants Hayter to the mat. Statlander comes in and Hayter fights back against both of them. Hayter hits Statlander with a backbreaker.

Rebel comes in but Statlander fights back with double suplex on Hayter and Rebel. Baker breaks the pin from Statlander on Rebel. Baker hits a thrust kick before Statlander hits her with a falcon arrow. Riho was going for double stomp but Rebel gets the brunt of it. Ruby hits Pele kick on Rebel to get the win.

Winner – Ruby Soho, Kris Statlander & Riho

Brian Pillman Jr. vs Max Caster

Pillman attacks Caster right away. Caster goes to the floor and Pillman hits him with a dropkick from between the ropes. Caster distracts the referee and Bowens sweeps him to the floor. Caster takes advantage and beats up Pillman now.

Caster in control for a few minutes. Pillman fights off a headlock. Another distraction from Bowens for Caster to capitalize. More attack from Caster. Pillman hits him with a big boot. Caster misses clotheslines before he runs down Caster. A clothesline in the corner before he unloads on Caster.

Pillman kicks away Bowens but Caster jumps on him. Pillman drops Caster from the top and then takes out Bowens with a crossbody. Caster misses a leg drop from the top. Pillman hits the springboard clotheslines for the win.

Winner – Brian Pillman Jr.

After the match, Bowens comes back and attacks Pillman with Caster. Jon Moxley runs out to make the save. Mox and Pillman clear the ring and stand tall to close the show.

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