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Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Rampage September 1, 2023 episode which was taped earlier this Wednesday(spoilers available here).

A tag team Battle Royal was set for the show which determined the #1 contender for ROH Tag Team Championship. Hangman Adam Page faced Bryan Keith in a singles match. Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale took on Taya Valkyrie and Anna Jay.

El Hijo Del Vikingo & Nick Wayne took on Kip Sabian and Gringo Loco. More build-up continued for All Out 2023. Tune in below as we post results from AEW Rampage September 1, 2023, with live updates, winners, and highlights.


  • Dark Order(John Silver & Alex Reynolds) won the Tag Team Battle Royal.
  • El Hijo del Vikingo & Nick Wayne defeated Kip Sabian & Gringo Loco in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Hangman Adam Page defeated Bryan Keith in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue defeated Taya Valkyrie & Anna Jay in a tag team match via pinfall.


Tag Team Battle Royal

The Outrunners send The Butcher and The Blade over the ropes, but they survive. The Butcher and the Blade beat them up and eliminate The Outrunners. Aussie Open are still on the floor and have not entered the match. They pull out Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona and throw him into the barricade. Taylor throws out Ryan Nemeth. Taylor hits Solefoot on Avalon before Trent throws him out. The Hardys and Best Friend get into a sequence of Delete and Hug until all the others attack them. Aussie Open throw Bishop Kaun to the floor to eliminate him. Toa Liona hits a headbutt on The Blade to eliminate him. The Blade holds his leg and hits Fletcher hits a dropkick to knock him off the apron to eliminate him. We cut to a break.

Back from the break, the action continues. Dutch beats up other teams. Jeff hits a splash on the ropes to eliminate Vincent. Vincent pulls Matt Hardy’s leg as Dutch throws him over the ropes. Dutch eliminates Jeff next. Andretti fights Aussie Open next. They push him off the ropes to eliminate Andretti as he looks for a springboard move. Dante Martin fights Dark Order. He hits a back body drop on Alex Reynolds to eliminate him. Silver attacks Martin in the corner and eliminates Martin. Aussie Open eliminate Chuck Taylor.

Aussie Open, John Silver and Trent Baretta are the final four. Trent fight Aussie Open while Silver stands on one side. AO take Trent down with double team before Silver hits a superkick. Fletcher throws Trent on the apron. Silver pushes Fletcher over the ropes to eliminate him. Davis throws Silver out but Reynolds catches him and puts him on the steel steps. Trent and Davis go back and forth. Trent fights Davis off the apron to eliminate him. Silver tackles Trent off the apron to win the match.

Winner – Dark Order

After the break, Aussie Open get to Chris Jericho to start to argue with him. They try to attack Jericho but Sammy Guevara runs out with a baseball bat to send them away.

We hear from Santana who talks about his injury at Blood & Guts.

El Hijo del Vikingo & Nick Wayne vs Kip Sabian & Gringo Loco

Loco and Vikingo start the match. Back-and-forth blocks before they hit each other with arm drags. Loco lands on his feet from a move from Vikingo. Wayne comes in for a double team on Loco. Sabian tags in. Wayne hits him with a hurricanrana and a running uppercut. Penelope Ford blocks Wayne’s dive that allows Loco to counter. Vikingo is pulled off the apron. Sabian hits a moonsault on Wayne on the floor to take us to a break.

Vikingo gets the hot tag as we return from the break. He hits a missile dropkick on both opponents. A corkscrew kick on Sabian before he sets up Loco on the ropes to hits a ropewalk springboard dropkick. Sabian break the pin. Wayne takes Sabian to the floor. Vikingo hits an avalanche poisonrana. Sabian hits a pump boot on Vikingo. Wayne hits Sabian with Wayne’s World and then hits a suicide dive on the floor. Vikingo hits 630 senton on Loco to get the pinfall.

Winner – Gringo Loco

Johnny TV is in charge of QTV while QT Marshall is out defending AAA Latino American title. He asks the team about the dirt they have on others. Johnny says things needs to change as he is in charge now. He throws the coffee in his hands and leave. The coffee landed on Harley Cameron. Harley says Johnny is good, but he can become the best with her help.

Hangman Adam Page vs Bryan Keith

The Bountyhunter Bryan Keith gets an inset promo before his debut. He gets into Hangman’s face before they lock up. Keith pushes Page to the ropes and hits a chop. Page throws him on the ropes before some leapfrogs. He hits a boot before a jab in the corner. Page hits some stiff chops. Keith hits a back elbow from the corner before Page hits a clothesline to drop him. Keith fires back with elbow strikes and forearms before a back body drop. He hits a clothesline but Page refuses to go down. Page hits a fallaway slam. He gets ready for the Buckshot Lariat but wastes time in showboating. Keith boots him off the apron. Page throws him back in the ring. Keith comes off the rope but Page hits the Buckshot Lariat to get the pinfall.

Winner – Hangman Adam Page

Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker are backstage for an interview. They say that they hung back for the last year for the sake of Chris Jericho, but they are now fighting for themselves.

Renee Paquette interviews Roderick Strong backstage, but Strong refuses to answer any questions on Adam Cole, saying that it is between him and Cole. He gets enraged and leaves the interview, telling Renee to talk to Cole only if she is so worried about him.

Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue vs Taya Valkyrie & Anna Jay

Willow and Anna start the match. Willow hits a big chop. Anna tags in Taya. Willow gets her in a cradle to get a two-count. Taya decks her before Willow hits a suplex. Quick tags between Willow and Skye. Anna hits a kick from the outside to distract Willow. Taya takes advantage with a backstabber to take us to a break.

Willow is fighting back against Taya with back and forth shots as we return. Willow hits an enzuigiri. Skye unloads on Anna after the tags. She hits a shotgun dropkick, a rising knee strike and an enzuigiri. Anna counters in the corner but Skye hits a crossbody off the top. Skye hits another knee to the face to take a two-count. Willow hits a spinebuster on Taya. Anna kicks Willow. Skye tackles Anna. Taya hits a spear on Willow. Willow hits a corner splash on Taya. She picks up Taya. Skye gets to the top but Anna pushes her away. Taya sets up for Road to Valhalla on Willow but Skye hits a superkick on her. Skye hits Code Blue on Anna to get the pinfall.

Winner – Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue

Taya attacks Skye after the match. Willow comes in to force her to run away. Skye and Willow stand tall to close the show.

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