AEW Rampage Live Results Sept 9, 2022- Claudio vs Harwood

AEW Rampage September 9 2022
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Welcome to AEW Rampage Results blog for September 9, 2022 episode which will feature ROH World Championship match.

Claudio Castagnoli will defend the ROH title against Dax Harwood. Sammy Guevera and Darby Allin will clash in a singles match in Grand Slam Tournament of World Champions. We will hear from ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe and also from AEW TBS Women’s Champion Jade Cargill.

Madison Rayne will face Serena Deeb in a singles match. Powerhouse Hobbs will also address the fans. Check below we bring you live results from AEW Rampage episode of September 9, 2022 with complete action, live updates, winners, highlights and videos.(You can also check here for spoilers.)

AEW Rampage September 9, 2022 Results

  • Sammy Guevara defeated Darby Allin in Tournament of Champions Match via pinfall.
  • Serena Deeb defeated Madison Rayne in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Claudio Castagnoli(c) defeated Dax Harwood in a singles match via pinfall to retain ROH World Championship.

Live Updates

Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin – Tournament of Champions Match

They lock up to start and push each other to corners. The referee calls for a break. Sammy hits a slap. Darby slaps Sammy back. Darby takes him down with double leg before putting on a side headlock. Darby gets a two-count with jackknife. Darby goes for crossface but Sammy gets to the ropes before he could lock in. Darby hits Coffin Splash in the corner. Sammy hits back with an enzuigiri after Darby misses a splash. Sammy hits chops before setting up Darby on the top.

Sammy hits knee jumping knee before hitting a superplex. Sammy hits another suplex as he was aiming for Three Amigos. Darby counters to take both of them to the floor. Tay saves Sammy from a suicide dive. Sammy counters the dive with a cutter on the floor. We cut to a break.

Sammy nails Darby with a superkick as we return. Darby hits Code Red after Sammy misses a shooting star press. Tay distracts Darby again and Sammy hits him with a superkick. Sammy and Tay kiss on the floor and Darby catches Sammy with a dive. Back to the ring, Darby goes for some joint manipulation. He takes off Sammy’s wedding ring and stomps on his hand. Tay asks Darby to hand her the wedding ring.

Sammy catches Darby with a jumping knee. Sammy hits a shoulder to midsection and an enzuigiri. Sammy hits double jump cutter to get a near fall. Sammy goes for Coffin Drop but misses Darby. Anna JAS distracts the referee and Tay pulls Darby. Sammy hits a low blow and drops Darby on his skateboard. Sammy hits GTH to get the pin.

Winner – Sammy Guevara

We get a video package to recap what MJF said earlier this week on Dynamite.

Samoa Joe comes out to the ring. Joe says it feels all so good to be back here at AEW. He says he owes us much more violence in future, and he is open for business with his ROH TV title. Mark Sterling interrupts him as Josh Wood and Tony Nese come out with him. Sterling hypes Nese and then brings up Josh Woods being former ROH National Champion and Pure Champion. Sterling says Woods should get a shot at TV title. Joe says Woods does deserve a shot and offers it right away. Sterling says it is not happening right away as papers are not done. Sterling says they will not do this match in Buffallo, but will do it in Albany.

Miro gets a video package and says God snuck out Malakai Black before he could take him out. Miro rants at God for not bathing in Gold and how lesser man have been holding the title.

Serena Deeb vs Madison Rayne

Deeb starts by picking Rayne’s ankle. Rayne kicks her away. Deeb works on the arm. Rayne hits her with an armdrag. Back-and-forth action until Rayne counters Deeb Tox for a pinning predicament. Deeb hits a clothesline and unloads with ground and pound. Deeb hits a swinging neckbreaker to get a two-count. Rayne hits a step-up enzuigiri before hitting forearm shots. Deeb hits a sliding lariat to get another two-count. Deeb counters front chancery. She smashes Rayne’s knees before putting Serenity lock to get the submission.

Winner – Serene Deeb

TBS Women’s Champion Jade Cargill gets interviewed with her baddies. She puts out the challenge to anyone who wants to try and breaks her 37 wins streak.

Powerhouse Hobbs gets interviewed backstage and fires in a warning for others.

Claudio Castagnoli and Dax Harwood get interviewed in the split screen before their match.

Claudio Castagnoli(c) vs Dax Harwood – ROH World Championship

Claudio takes Dax to the corner after the lock up. They counter each other until Claudio cracks Dax with an elbow strike. They trade chops and European Uppercuts. Claudio hits more uppercuts before Dax hits a clothesline. They block suplexes from each other and fall to the floor to take us to a break.

They trade shots as we return. Claudio sends Dax into the ring post. He hits a sliding dropkick before bringing Dax back. Dax comes back by countering a stretch with a hip toss. Claudio immediately drops him with a clothesline. Claudio sets up Dax on the top now. Dax drops him back with chops. Dax hits a diving headbutt to get a close two-count. Dax hits a suplex next to get another two-count. Dax goes to the top again and Claudio hits him with an uppercut and a superplex to get a near fall. We cut to another break.

They are once again trading uppercuts as we return. Dax gets a two-count with a backslide. Dax hits slingshot liger bomb to get a near fall. Dax hits two German suplexes before Claudio blocks the third one. Dax puts him on the top. Claudio counters with a crossbody from the top to get another near fall. Claudio hits more uppercuts in quick succession to drop Dax.

Claudio puts him in the swing before putting Sharpshooter. He has to change to crossface when Dax was dragging to the ropes. Dax counters with a roll-through and puts on Sharpshooter himself. Claudio breaks it by picking his ankle. Claudio hits up-kicks and then unloads with elbows on the neck and shoulder. Claudio puts on Sharpshooter again and gets a tap out.

Winner – Chris Jericho

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