AEW Rampage December 10, 2021: Result, Card, Preview & Spoilers

AEW World Tag Team Champions Lucha Bros vs AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR december 10

AEW will present a pre-taped episode of Rampage on December 10, 2021, from UBS Arena,  Belmont Park, NY- Long Island. The match card is quite stacked as the AEW tag-team championships will be on the line in this event. 

AEW tag champs. Lucha Bros will defend their belts against the AAA tag-team champions, FTR. Hook will make his AEW  debut against Fuego Del Sol whereas Adam Cole will face Wheeler Yuta in a singles match. Not only that but fans will see a six-woman tag-team match as well.

Keep on reading to check the complete details on December 10, 2021, episode of AEW Rampage with live results, preview, match card, spoilers, date, location, start time, and more information.

Date – December 10, 2021
Location – UBS Arena,  Belmont Park, NY- Long Island
Time – 10 PM EST (December 11 – 3 AM GMT)

AEW Tag-Team Championship Match: In the forthcoming episode of Rampage, AEW tag-team champions will collide against the AAA tag-team champions, FTR once again to defend the AEW Tag Team titles. 

Adam Cole vs Wheeler Yuta: Adam Cole will take on Wheeler Yuta of Best Friends in a single match. Will Cole be able to defeat him or will Yuta break his winning streak?

Hook vs Fuego Del Sol: Hook will finally make his most anticipated in-ring debut this Friday against Fuego Del Sol in a singles match. 

Six-Woman Tag-Team Match: The team of Ruby Soho, Tay Conti, & and Anna Jay will collide against Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford, & The Bunny in a tag team action. 


  • AEW World Tag Team Champions Lucha Bros(Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) defeated AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)
  • The Bunny, Penelope Ford, & Nyla Rose defeated Tay Conti, Anna Jay& Ruby Soho
  • Hook defeated Fuego Del Sol by submission
  • Adam Cole defeated Wheeler Yuta

Live Updates

Lucha Bros(Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) vs FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

Fenix and Harwood start the match. Dax stops the drop toe hold. A bit of back and forth. Rey drops both men from FTR with springboard moves. Penta tags in to hit a big kick before Fenix hits a splash from Penta’s shoulders. FTR rolls to the floor for a breather. Penta rolls up Cash after his glove spot. Penta hits a superkick after distracting Cash.

Slaps to the chest from Penta. Dax tags in and so does Rey. Dax drops Rey onto the apron and keep things under control for a while. Tully Blanchard works on Rey on the ropes as the referee is distracted. FTR work in team to keep Rey under control. Rey hits Dax with an uppercut as Dax goes to the top. Rey drops Cash from the apron and then hits headscissors on Dax from the top.

Rey fights back against FTR and tags in Penta. Penta hits sling blades on both opponents. Cash rolls him up for a two-count. He reverses powerslam into a roll up before hitting pump handle Michinoku driver. Tully gets on the apron just as Rey was going to the top. Rey drops Tully from the apron and then takes on both FTR members with quick kicks. Dash hits slingshot liger bomb for a two-count.

Rey gets a two-count with an O’Connor roll. Cash tries to hit Rey with the title belt but ends up dropping Dax. Rey goes for a splash but Dax hits him with the title belt. Rey kicks out at two-count. FTR hit big-rig but Penta breaks the pin with a splash. Penta tags in and both teams face-off. They trade strikes. Rey hits a cutter on Dax. Penta hits a back body drop on Cash. Lucha Bros hit Fear Factor on Cash and Fenix takes out Dax on the floor. Penta gets the pin on Cash.

Winners – Lucha Bros

Tay Conti, Anna Jay& Ruby Soho vs Bunny, Penelope Ford, & Nyla Rose

Nyla and Conti start the match. Nyla pushes Conti to the mat and tags in Bunny. Conti hits her with dropside-nagi in quick successions. She sents Bunny to the corner and hits a running uppercut. Jay and Soho takes shots in the corner. Conti comes back and puts on a headlock. Bunny hits back with big forearm strikes. Ford comes and works on Conti’s face on the ropes. She hits a pump kick next.

Quick tags between the heels to keep Conti under control. Conti and Bunny take each other out. Soho and Ford come in. Soho with back elbow, rising knees stirkes, step up enziguiri and leg sweep to get a two-count. Ford rakes Ruby’s eyes as we cut to a break.

Ruby just tags out to Jay as we return. Jay is fighting against Nyla and rocks her in the corner with big shots. She goes for a sunset flip but fails. She hits a cross body after Nyle drops to her hips. Everyone starts to get involved one by one. Ruby hits a Pele kick to Rose.

Vickie Guerrero hands Bunny with a brass knuckle and she rocks Anna Jay with it. Conti and Bunny fight to the floor and Nyle hits a powerbomb to get the pin on Jay.

Winners – Bunny, Penelope Ford, & Nyla Rose

Tony Schiavone is with Sting and Darby Allin. Tony tells us that the venue for Dec 22 Dynamite is same one where Sting made his debut in 1988. FTR attacks Sting and Darby. Tully Blanchard also join them. Tully hits a low blow on Sting and says “One More Time, Sting!” as the segment ends.

Hook vs Fuego Del Sol

Hook is in his debut match and is wearing boxing shorts. Hook drops Fuego to the mat and Fuego gets his leg to the ropes to break the ropes. Hook drops Fuego one more time after Fuego rolls him up for a two-count. Hook hits big right and left punches in the corner. Fuego slams his face to the turnbuckle. Hook hits a gutwrench suplex. Fuego hits a dropkick, uppercut and running tackle. Hook counters the tornado DDT to drop Fuego again. Hook hits a big lariat and an overhead suplex. He hits big blows to the face before putting on a choke for a win.

Winner – Hook

Adam Cole vs Wheeler Yuta

They lock up and Cole pushes Yuta to the corner. They trade strikes. Cole hits a back elbow on charging Yuta. Yuta hits for a dropkick and Cole connects a superkick in reply. Cole with forearm strikes and whips Yuta hard from corner to corner.

Yuta misses a crossbody. Adam Cole hits a suplex and a snap mare takedown. Cole mocks Orange Cassidy with lazy kicks. Yuta rolls up Cole for a two-count. Some quick action ends with Cole hitting a pump kick. Cole knees into Yuta’s spine and then hits a neckbreaker. Cole dumps Yuta to the floor. Yuta dumps his face on the ropes. Cole hits a low kick and goes for the Paname Sunrise.

Yuta counters with a back body drop. He follows with a crossbody quickly. A dropkick, manhattan drop and running elbow strikes and a diving elbow from Yuta. Cole hits back with an enziguiri. Yuta hits a German suplex and holds the bridge for a two-count. Yuta goes to the top and Cole joins him. They get back to the mat and Yuta hits an Olympic Slam. Cole gets the knees up on a splash from the top. Cole hits a superkick and last shot to get the pin.

Winners – Adam Cole

After the match, Best Friends come into the ring to check on Yuta. Superkliq attacks them and Bobby Fish pulls Trent outside the ring. Superkliq dispose send everyone but Orange Cassidy out of the ring. Adam Cole was going for a Panama Sunrise on Cassidy, but instead he hits him with a low blow kick. A BTE trigger on Trent closes the show.

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