AEW Rampage April 29, 2022 Spoilers, Results, Live Updates

AEW Rampage
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AEW Rampage episode of April 29, 2022, will be a pre-taped show again from Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA. The show will continue to work towards AEW Double or Nothing PPV with Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifiers between Shane Strickland and Darby Allin.

Hook will return to Rampage as he faces Danhausen.

Check below for the complete details from AEW Rampage April 29, 2022 episode.

Event Info

  • Show – AEW Rampage
  • Date – April 29, 2022
  • Location – Liacouras Center, Philadelphia, PA, US
  • Time – 10 PM EST

Match Card

  • Darby Allin defeated Shane “Swerve” Strickland in Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifier via pinfall.
  • The Baddies(Jade, Red Velvet & Keira Hogan) defeated Willow Nightingale, Trish Adora & Skye Blue in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Keith Lee defeated Colten Gunn in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Samoa Joe(c) defeated Trent Barreta via pinfall to retain ROH TV Championship Match

Live Updates

Shane “Swerve” Strickland vs Darby Allin

They lock up and break immediately. Some back and forth with switches. Darby puts on an arm wrench as he pushes Swerve to the mat. Darby hits an armdrag to counter Swerve, but Swerve also rolls through. Darby puts on a chinlock by taking Darby to the mat. Strickland sends Darby to the floor. Darby counters with a stunner on the floor. Shane kicks out to the pin and goes to the floor. Shane cuts Darby’s suicide dive with a knee strike. He waits for Darby to get up and hits a pump kick. We cut to a break.

Shane is in control as we return. He boots Darby into the corner. Darby puts him in a kneebar. Shane struggles a bit and starts swinging at Darby. Shane hits a suplex. Shane misses a swerve stomp and Darby hits a Code Red for a near fall. Shane gets his knees up on the Coffin drop. Swerve hits a leaping kick at his face. Darby gets hold of the rope to break the pin. Swerve pulls him up for a suplex on the floor. Both men are down on the floor.

Ricky Starks comes down the ramp, but Sting stops him interfering. Shane goes back to the ring. Darby traps his legs for a pin attempt and gets the three count.

Winner – Darby Allin

Shawn Spears cuts a pre-recorded promo where he gives more hints about Wardlow’s opponents. He says this new opponent is 7 feet tall and has pinnacle potential.

Chris Jericho is at commentary and gives himself Sports Entertainer of the Week award for throwing a fireball at Eddie Kingston. Santana and Ortiz come out to attack him. They are sent back by the crew after dropping Jericho.

The Baddies(Jade Cargill, Red Velvet & Keira Hogan) vs Skye Blue, Trish Adora & Willow Nightingale

Velvet and Blue start the match. Velvet hits a dropkick and beats down Velvet in the corner. Hogan comes in for a running dropkick. Hogan misses a leg drop. Blue hits a superkick and Velvet breaks the pin. Nightingale tackles Velvet to the floor. Blue is rocked by Hogan with a roundhouse kick. Adora tags in and gets dropped with guillotine drop. Cargill hits a pump kick on Adora. Velvet hits a spear on Blue while Hogan hits a dropkick on Nightingale. Cargill hits Jaded on Adora to get the pin.

Winner – The Baddies

A short talk between Darby Allin and Shane Strickland over what happened earlier. Darby wants to give him another shot, but Shane is good with it.

Colten Gunn vs Keith Lee

They lock up and Lee pushes Gunn to the corner. The referee calls a break. Gunn goes to push Lee but Lee remains unaffected. He unloads with punches and chops before Lee hits big body shots. Lee hits a double handed slap to the chest.

Lee misses a corner splash. Lee drops him to the mat and follows with several shoulder tackles. Lee throws his across the ring. Lee goes for a tackle but Austin interferes to take the burnt. Lee counters the fameasser and hits a big bang theory powerslam to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Keith Lee

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy cut a promo on Jeff’s upcoming qualifier against Bobby Fish. Both of them are hyped up for the tournament.

We get a counter promo from The Undisputed Elites where they call Jaff Hardy – Jeff Hardly.

Danhausen comes out to the ring and says he is here to annihilate Hook who is wandering without any care of repercussions. He calls out Hook. Hook enters and makes his way to the ring. Danhausen is intimidated by Hook and says they should do it some other time. Hook replies that they will do it right away.

Mark Sterling comes out. The distraction allows Tony Nese to drop Hook from behind. He drops Danhausen also. Sterling gets into the ring. Hook drops Nese a couple of times. Danhausen goes to curse Nese but Sterling pulls him out of the ring. Danhausen offers his hands to Hook. Hook pushes him and get out of the ring.

Samoa Joe(c) vs Trent Baretta – ROH Television Championship

Joe brings him down with an arm wrench. Baretta puts on a side headlock. Joe hits a shoulder tackle. He hits some jabs before a big chop. Joe nails an enziguiri in the other corner. Trent rolls out to the floor. Joe goes to hit him with a dive Trent move away and hits knee strike from the apron. He hits a moonsault before sending Joe back. Joe comes out again and hits a big boot to take us to the break.

Joe is still in control as we return. Trent hits back with a dropkick to send Joe to the floor. Trent goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody on the floor. Trent has tweaked his knee. Back to the ring, they trade chops. Trent gets the better of Joe and then hits a tornado DDT. Joe counters with a powerbomb. He transitions into a crossface. Trent gets his leg to the ropes to break it.

Trent slaps Joe and gets leveled with a clothesline in reply. Joe goes for the Muscle buster but Baretta slips out and hits a knee. Joe hits an Urinage. He puts on the Coquina clutch to get the submission.

Winner – Samoa Joe

Joe gets interviewed by Tony Schiavone but gets interrupted by Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh. Oranga Cassidy cuts them off and hits lazy kicks on Satnam. Rocky Romero and Trent attack Satnam. Lethal gets into the ring and brawls with Joe in the corner. The crew separates them as the show goes off the air.


  • Darby Allin defeated Shane “Swerve” Strickland
  • The Baddies (Jade, Red Velvet & Keira Hogan) defeated Willow Nightingale, Trish Adora & Skye Blue
  • Keith Lee defeated Colten Gunn
  • A Segment played out between hook and Danhausen where Hook sent an interrupting Tony Nese packing. Later he refused to be Danhausen’s friend.
  • Samoa Joe defeated Trent Barreta

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