AEW Full Gear 2021 Results: Omega vs Page Live Updates, Winners

Credit: AEW

Welcome to the live blog for AEW Full Gear 2021 PPV with results and play-by-play updates for the show airing on November 13, 2021.

The last PPV of AEW for this year has the most highly anticipated main event match until now as Kenny Omega defends AEW World Championship against “Hangman” Adam Page. Britt Baker defends Women’s title against Tay Conti, Lucha Bros defend Tag Team titles against FTR. Miro and Bryan Danielson clash in the final of AEW World Title Elimination Final.

CM Punk will in action against Eddie Kingston while MJF vs Darby Allin will be the only other singles matches. Cody Rhodes and PAC will team up against Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black. Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Christian Cage will take on Superkliq(Adam Cole & Young Bucks) in another grudge tag team match. Inner Circle will face Men of the Year and American Top Team in a Minneapolis Street Fight.

Join us as we bring you the live results and updates from AEW Full Gear 2021 PPV along with winners, highlights and video from the event.

AEW Full Gear 2021 Results

  • Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose & Jammie Hayter in a tag team match via pinfall(on preshow).
  • MJF defeated Darby Allin in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Lucha Bros(Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr.)(c) defeated FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dash Harwood) via pinfall to retain AEW World Tag Team Championship.
  • Bryan Danielson defeated Miro via submission to win AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament
  • Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Christian Cage defeated Superkliq(Adam Cole, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) via pinfall in Falls Count Anywhere match.
  • Cody Rhodes & PAC defeated Malakai Black & Andrade El Idolo in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (c) (with Jamie Hayter and Rebel) defeated Tay Conti via pinfall to retain AEW Women’s World Championship.
  • CM Punk defeated Eddie Kingston in a singles match via pinfall.
  • The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara & Santana and Ortiz) defeated Men Of The Year (Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky) & American Top Team(Dan Lambert, Junior Dos Santos & Andre Arlovski) in Minneapolis Street Fight via pinfall.
  • “Hangman” Adam Page defeated Kenny Omega(c) via pinfall to become the new AEW World Champion.

Live Updates

The pre-show is on with the recap of countdown to AEW Full Gear. The pre-show match will start around 7:30 PM ET.

Hometown hero Dante Martin is in the ring with Tony Schiavone to give reply on the offer by Team Taz. Before he could answer though, The Acclaimed come out and offer Martin to come in their team. Bowens get overboard with the insults though. Dante drops him from the apron with a punch and then hits them with a suicide dive.

We get another look at the hype video for MJF vs Darby Allin match.

Nyla Rose & Jammie Hayter vs Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida

Rosa and Nyla start. Rosa throws a kick at Nyla and Nyla threatens her a big kick. Nyla hits a big shoulder tackle. Rosa avoids the Samoan drop and brings Nyla down with sunset flip, followed by a dropkick. Shida tags in and helps Rosa in the quick attacks in the corner. Nyla hits double suplex and double dropkick before tagging in Hayter.

Hayter takes Rosa to the corner and stomps on her. Hayter continues to beat Rosa for a while. Rosa avoids an attack in the corner and skips away to tag in Shida. Shida rocks Hayter with clotheslines and a big sidekick. Nyla lower the ropes from the outside and Shida falls on the floor. Nyla tags in and drops Shida with a clothesline on the outside.

Shida tries to fight back with forearm strikes but Hayter drives her face-first into the mat. Hayter keeps Shida in control for the next minute or so before Nyla comes in and hits her with a suplex. Rosa takes shots at her ribs. They hit double chokeslam on Shida next.

Shida hits a back body drop on Hayter but Hayter soon replies with a chokeslam backbreaker. Rosa comes in and breaks the pin. Shida stops a lariat but Hayter hits her with a German suplex. Both women are down in the ring. Rosa and Nyla come in with hot tags. Rosa unloads with forearms. A clothesline and dropdown knees follows this. Hayter is dropped with a dropkick before Rosa hits a dropkick in the corner. Shida comes in to join her partner for stereo running knee strikes to send them out to the floor. Both women hits them with crossbody on the floor.

Vickie Guerrero hits Shida with a kendo stick to the knee as she gets distracted by Serena Debb. Nyla takes Shida to the ring and hits a splash from the top. Shida kicks out. Rosa takes Hayter away and Shida counters the powerbomb by sending Nyla into the turnbuckles. Shida uses the sunset flip to take Nyla into a jackknife cover to get the win.

Winner – Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida

Orange Cassidy gets interviewed backstage. He will face Matt Hardy in a tag team match on Dynamite this Wednesday. He informs that none of his current stable will be his tag team partner. The partner will be from CHAOS stable from NJPW.

Jim Ross joins the commentary table before the main show. They go through the match card for the evening. MJF vs Darby Allin will start the main card.

MJF vs Darby Allin

MJF is the first one to come out. He is all alone. No sign of Wardlow. MJF pushes the announcer Justin Roberts and as he instructs him. Roberts announces that MJF as the man who can beat Darby Allin with a headlock takeover. We get a video package for Darby’s entrance who takes someone in the card and crashes it. The co-passenger was a dummy with MJF’s mask. Darby puts the car on fire as the video package ends. Darby makes his entrance with Sting. Sting returns from the stage.

The bell rings and Darby asks MJF to come to him. MJF pushes away his head. He takes Darby down with side headlock takeover a few times. Back and forth action between them in quick succession. They both end up on the mat and avoid pin attempts. Darby takes MJF down with head scissors for a pin attempt and MJF counters with a sunset flip for a two-count of his own. They both hit arm drags next before finally coming to a stalemate.

MJF drops Darby with a big shot as the referee asks them to break. MJF hits a clothesline as they go to the floor. Darby hits him with a suicide dive as MJF goes to boast to the crowd. Darby misses Coffin drop on the apron.

MJF puts on a camel stretch as he drives his knees into Darby’s back. Darby gets to his feet but is brought down with a backbreaker. MJF follows with a whip from corner to corner. Darby counters the next whip and sends MJF face first into the turnbuckle. MJF hits him with a backbreaker again before dropping him on the mat. Another backbreaker follows but MJF also seems to have hurt his knee with it.

Darby fights back from the top and hits a stunner from the middle rope. Darby follows with big slaps. He sets up MJF for the coffin drop but MJF gets out of the way before move could start. MJF takes him down the side headlock again. MJF hits a pop up powerbomb on his knees to get a near fall. Darby is hyping up now as he gets up after every punch. MJF rakes his eyes before Darby sweeps his leg.

Darby was going for code red but MJF drops him with a powerbomb. MJF puts on the sharpshooter. Darby grabs his ankle and hits punches to the knee to break the lock. Darby hits MJF with a chop block to the injured knee. More back and forth before Darby takes out MJF’s knee again and puts on the figure four leg lock.

MJF struggles but turns the figure four to his advantage. Darby grabs the ropes quickly. They end up on the apron. MJF stops a suplex and hits piledriver on the apron. MJF is selling his knee as the referee starts to count down. MJF is first to get to the ring but Darby also gets in by 9 count.

Darby plays possum for a pin attempt. This starts a series of pin attempts from both men. They get into a wheel before another pin attempt. Darby counters a powerbomb into code red to get a near fall. Allin goes for the Coffin drop but MJF moves out of the ring. Allin hits the Coffin drop on the floor. He takes MJF back to the ring where MJF gets his knees up on the second Coffin drop. MJF is screaming in pain due to his knee injury.

Shawn Spears was charging into the ring with a chair but Sting attacks him with a baseball bat. Sting fights against Spears and Wardlow. Darby and MJF trade pin attempts in the ring. MJF grabs Darby’s skateboard and hands it to him. He tells Darby to hit him with the skateboard. Darby thinks about it but stops. MJF nails him with Dynamite Daimond ring shot as the referee was putting the skateboard out. MJF brings Darby down with a side headlock takeover into a pin to get the three count.

Winner – MJF

Lucha Bros(Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr.)(c) vs FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dash Harwood) – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

Lucha Bros start with quick attacks on FTR. Dax and Penta remain in the ring. They trade punches and chops. Dax gets two-count in his pin attempts. Rey and Cash come into the ring for a face-off. Both teams regroup. Rey and Cash come into the ring. Cash starts with an uppercut and a chop. Rey hits a springboard armdrag before Penta hits Cash with gamengiri. FTR counters on the floor by sending both Rey and Penta into the barricade.

Dax puts on the octopus stretch. Rey gets his boot up in the corner and follows with dropkick. Penta comes in and hits slingblade to both opponents. Lucha Bros continue with a flurry of offense and puts on stereo submission attempts. The referee asks one member of each team to go out. Penta was unloading in the corner when Cash helps Dax to drop him on the ropes. The referee gets distracted by Rey and Dax while Cash ties Penta’s mask into the ropes. Dax takes free shots at Penta while the referee unties his mask.

FTR now keep control with quick attacks and cut the ring in half with quick tags. Penta and Dax both drop each other with clotheslines. Penta drops Dax with a piledriver. The referee does not see his tag to Rey. Penta hits FTR with DDT and tags in Rey. Rey comes in with jumping knee strikes. He hits double cutter. Rey walks on the ropes to hit a big kick to Dax’s face.

Dax drives Rey into the title belt and follows with a jackhammer. Rey kicks out of the pin though. Cash and Dax hit double team backdrop for another near fall. Rey drops Cash with headscissors while Penta tags in. Penta gets distracted by Tully Blanchard now. Dash goes for the three amigos but Penta stops the third suplex. Penta goes on to hit three amigos. Rey hits Dash with a splash but Dash kicks out.

Cash trips Rey on the top ropes and FTR hit spiked/stuffed piledriver. Penta stops FTR from hitting Magic Filler. Lot of action follows before Lucha Bros hit their finisher on Cash to retain the title.

Winner – Lucha Bros(retain AEW Tag Team Titles)

Miro vs Bryan Danielson – AEW World Title Tournament Eliminator Final

Bryan offers a handshake as the bell rings but Miro does not take it. Miro pushes Bryan after they lock up. Bryan hits kicks at his leg. Miro tosses him across the ring. They stare each other down for a while before Miro again asks Bryan to lock up. Bryan hits chops and kicks to the knee. Bryan follows with quick uppercuts and chops before Miro kicks at his knee and throws him out of the ring.

Bryan hits sidekicks as he return to the ring. Miro runs him over with a tackle. Bryan runs the ropes to drop Miro. Miro gets to the floor and cuts off suicide dive from Bryan. Miro with a suplex on the floor as he beats up Bryan. Back to Back suplexes from Miro as Bryan return to the ring. Miro keeps Bryan grounded for a while.

Miro whips him hard from corner to corner. Bryan turns it around in the corner with sidekicks and chops. Bryan hits running double knees before Miro catches him with a Samoan drop on the attempt. Miro throws Bryan into the turnbuckle and to the floor. Bryan counters on the floor to send Miro into the ringpost. Bryan follows with a knee drop to the face from the apron. Bryan hits missile dropkick as they get back to the ring.

Bryan puts on a knee bar. Miro powers up to get to his feet and hit a gutwrench suplex. Miro follows with a release German suplex. Bryan hits a sidekick to the face. He takes Miro into the front face lock and hits him with knee strikes to the face. Bryan follows with signature stomps to the face. Miro counters the running knee into a powerbomb for a near fall.

Miro signals for the camel clutch. Bryan makes it tough for him to put the move on. Miro somehow manages to put on the camel clutch. Bryan struggles but manages to get to the ropes. Miro lines him up again with stomps on the back. Bryan rolls over from the camel clutch into a pin attempt. Bryan puts on the Labell lock. Miro grabs on Bryan’s palm and breaks the lock. Bryan puts on the triangle choke and Miro rakes his eyes to break that hold.

Bryan hits big uppercuts but Miro no-sells them. Miro hits a sidekick of his own. Miro takes Bryan to the top. Bryan fights back with forearm strikes. Bryan hits tornado DDT and transitions into gullitone choke to put Miro to sleep.

Winner – Bryan Danielson(wins AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament)

Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Christian Cage vs Superkliq(Adam Cole, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) – Falls Count Anywhere

Jungle Boy, Christian and Luchasaurus start strong. Bucks run him over with double clothesline. Luchasaurus breaks the double clothesline but Adam Cole slams him with a chair and hits him with a pump kick. JB picks up the steel chair and slams it to Cole’s face. He was looking for a powerbomb through the chair but Bucks stop him. JB sits on the chair after taking care of the Bucks. Cole runs him over with last shot.

Christian drops him with killswitch on the chair. Bucks break the pin and drop Cage with a bulldog. Luchasaurus hits Bucks with German suplex. Cole nails Luchasaurus with trash can. JB hits Cole with German suplex to send him to the floor. JB follows with suicide dives. Bucks cut him off with a trash can. Luchasaurus hits a big boot on Matt against a trash can to get a near fall. Luchasaurus sets a chair and JB joins him to drop Cole on that chair.

They bring out a table and Christian brings out some chairs. Christian is looking for con-chair-to but Bucks interwenes. Luchasaurus goes to throws Cole into the table but he counters with a superkick. This starts a superkick party from JB and Bucks. JB sends Cole through the table with headscissors. Matt hits elbow drop on Luchasaurus through the table. Christian and Nick are brawling in the crowd. Christian takes out Nick, Cutler and Nakazawa with a crossbody from upper tier. Nick is running back to the ring and rakes Christian’ eyes.

Matt whips Christian into the steel steps. Cole drops JB into the apron with a German suplex. Cole brings out thumbtacks. Bucks put them in JB’s mouth. They go their kissing Cole bit and then rock JB with superkicks. Christian breaks the pin. A ladder is brought out now. Christian fights back and lands on the ladder with one of the Bucks.

Luchasaurus returns and runs over all three opponents. He stops Panama Sunrise and drops Cole on the ladder. He kicks at Bucks against the steel chairs they were holding. Matt Jackson hits him with trash can. Matt hits a superkick but Luchasaurus no-sells it. Matt runs away to the ramp and JB puts him in the snear trap. Cole breaks the hold. Christian also follows. He eats a superkick from Matt. Luchasaurus was going for the double chokeslam but Cole hits him with a low blow. They are giving us spot after spot on the stage.

Cole climbs to pillar and hits JB with a Panama Sunrise. Christian breaks the pin. Luchasaurus and Christian eat 3 on 1 superkicks. Cole brings out a thumbtack knee pad for all three members of his team for BTE triggers. They nail three way BTE trigger on Luchasaurus with thumbtack knee pads. JB breaks the pin. JB drops Matt with a German suplex. Christian hits a spear on Nick. Luchasaurus drops Cole with a chokeslam down from the ramp and into Nick.

Luchasaurus hits a shooting star press from the stage into Cole, Nick and Nakazawa. Christian sets up for con-chair-to on Matt but JB takes the chair from him and hits con-chair-to himself. JB gets the pin on Matt for the win.

Winner – Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Christian Cage

Cody Rhodes & PAC vs Malakai Black & Andrade El Idolo

Cody wants to start against Andrade but PAC tags in. A quick sequence to start between PAC and Andrade. Andrade with a takedown and tags in Black. Cody tags in after PAC avoids an attack from Black. Andrade tags back and they end up on the apron. Andrade’s assistant grabs Cody’s leg and Andrade runs him over with a kick. Cody takes out the assistant with a suicide dive and hits a powerslam on Andrade.

PAC tags in and Cody is not happy with this. Black tags in from the other side. Black and Andrade corner PAC and keep up with attack. Some tension between Black and Andrade also. PAC avoids a suplex and Cody tags in. Cody with a clothesline and cody cutter. He goes for crossroads but Black avoids it. PAC tags in while Black hits Cody with Black Mass. PAC takes out Andrade and Black with a moonsault. Arn Anderson and Jose get into a fight. Arn beat up Jose with punches.

Andrade pushes PAC into a big boot from Black. Andrade hits springboard corkscrew plancha on PAC. He drops PAC on the barricade. Black tags in and keeps control over PAC with kicks to the chest. PAC fights back against Andrade but Cody is not in his corner. Andrade hits him with pendulam DDT on the apron. Black tags in after Andrade fails to get the pin. PAC hits a superkick on Black. Cody is back in the corner and asking for a tag.

Hot tag to Cody and he unloads on Andrade with jabs. He drops Black from the apron with a disaster kick. Cody trips Andrade on the top turnbuckle. He hits an avalanche inverted suplex to get a two-count. Cody runs over Black on the floor. Andrade drops him with hammerblow to the chest. Cody puts on the figure four. PAC tags himself in while Cody already had Andrade in the lock.

PAC hits Black Arrow to get a near fall. Black tags in and had to escape after eating a kick. Black pushes Cody into PAC’s suicide dive. Black bridges in German suplex but Cody breaks the pin. Cody and Black end up in the crowd as Black runs him over with a big boot. PAC with German suplex into the turnbuckle to Andrade and follows with poisonrana. He hits Black Arrow on Andrade to get the pin.

Winners – PAC & Cody Rhodes

FTR attack PAC after the match.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (c) (with Jamie Hayter and Rebel) vs Tay Conti – AEW Women’s World Championship

Baker starts with a roll up. Baker takes Conti down with a side headlock.Conti rocks her with big forearm strikes. Baker goes for lockjaw but Conti defends. They lock up again and Conti takes Britt down with armdrags. Tay gets her boot up as Britt charges to the corner. Britt hits her with butterfly suplex after Rebel trips Conti from the ropes. Britt follows with knee strikes to the face. Conti is down on her knees.

She tries to match Baker strike to strike but Baker drops her again. Baker hits a swinging neckbreaker before Conti stops lockjaw again. Conti hits a running knee. She nails a trio of running boot in the corner and then hits a crossbody for a two-count. Conti keeps up with the attack and hits a leaping sidekick to get another two-count. Back and forth action before Baker hits the curbstomp to get a near fall. Baker puts on the glove for lockjaw. Conti hits her with a neckbreaker.

They fight on the apron now. Conti goes for the piledriver but Baker drops her with Air Raid crash. Conti stops lockjaw attempt again before Baker gets a two-count with a backslide. Conti hits TayKO for a near fall. Baker hits her with a superkick. Tay also hits the superkick and then a piledriver for another near fall. Hayter sends Conti into the steel steps as the referee gets distracted by Rebel. Baker hits the curbstomp on the steel steps and then another one in the ring. Baker puts on the lockjaw.

Conti rolls herself up onto the ropes. Baker goes for another stomp on the apron but Conti avoids it and nails her with a pump kick. Conti goes to take out Hayter and Rebel with a moonsault. Conti drops Baker on the outside with a DDT. Back to the ring, Conti hits DDTay but Baker kicks out. Baker gets the pin after a roll up by countering a hammerlock DDT.

Winner – Britt Baker(retains AEW Women’s Championship)

CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston

Kingston rocks Punk with a big knee strike before the bell rings. Punk is down and the referee checks on him. Punk shows a middle finger to Kingston. They brawl on the floor. Punk hits Eddie with a running knee as they return to the ring. Kingston drops him with a suplex before firing shots in the corner. Punk nails a knee from the second rope. Punk rains down with blows on Kingston. Eddie asks for it as Punk hits kicks across his chest.

Eddie drops Punk on the apron and Punk is buster open. Eddie removes the protective padding on the floor but Punk ends up dropping him on the floor. Back to the ring, Punk almost gives a tribute to John Cena with flying shoulder tackles, bulldog, and a side suplex. He signals for “You Can’t See Me!” and then shows middle finger to Eddie. Punk hits three amigos.

Punk goes to the top and Eddie also climbs up to hit superplex. Both men are down and stare down from opposite corners. They trade strikes before Kingston hits a big boot and enziguiri. Punk hits GTS but could not move over for the pin. Punk hits knee strikes to his face and then hits another GTS to get the pin this time.

Winner – CM Punk

The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara & Santana and Ortiz) vs Men Of The Year (Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky) & American Top Team(Dan Lambert, Junior Dos Santos & Andre Arlovski) – Minneapolis Street Fight

Sammy hits chops to start. Sky corners him but Guevara nails with a heel kick. He botches an armdrag before a two-count. Santa and Ortiz double team on Sky and hits a splash to get a two-count. Santana and Ortiz with a double suplex now. Santana hits a vertical suplex before Hager tags in. Arlovski comes in from the other side and they start a bit of MMA styles exchange. Arlovski hits a Samoan Drop. JDS comes in to drop Hager with a shoulder tackle. Jericho tags in and hits JDS with punches. JDS catches him for a powerslam.

JDS hits standing moonsault press to get a near fall. Dan Lambert tags in and slaps Jericho. Jericho gets on his feet and thsi starts a mele. Inner Circle sends everyone out and only Lambert is left in the ring. Lambert runs around the ring. Jericho runs into a hockey stick shot from Page. Brawling continues on the floor until Hager takes everyone out with a dive.

Hager hits Arlovski with a trash can. Jericho was about to hit Lambert with a spiked racquet when Sky and Page attack him from behind. Page wraps a chair around Ortiz and slams him into the ringpost. Arlovski is unloading on Hager on the floor. Sky and Page beat up Santana in the ring. Ortiz comes back to double team against them. They put trash can on Page and kicks at him. Ortiz puts Page in a single leg Boston Crab. Santana and Ortiz get Page and Sky in stereo submissions. Sammy comes in and slams a rugby ball on Sky.

Page runs over Santana and Ortiz before Arlovski comes to join the attack. Hager brings in a toster to attack After more 5 more minutes of action, Chris Jericho hits a frog splash on Dan Lambert to get the pin.

Winners – Inner Circle

Kenny Omega(c) vs “Hangman” Adam Page- AEW World Championship Match

They face off in the ring before back and forth action to get us going. Callis pulls him to the ropes with his hair as Omega engages the referee. Omega with hammerblows to his head. Page hits Omega with a springboard clothesline on the apron. Page threatens Callis on the floor. This gives Omega time to recover and slam Page into barricade and the apron. Page counters with a suplex on the floor. He hits a crossbody as they return to the ring.

Omega flicks in his eyes and then hits a slingblade. Omega with more attack in the corner before he throws Page to the floor. Omega engages the referee once again and Callis stomps on Page on the floor. Omega slams Page’s face in the steel steps. Page nails him with elbow and punches as they return to the ring. Omega sends him to the floor with hurricanrana. Omega hits the terminator dive on the outside.

Back to the ring, Omega rolls through with a driver and Page gets his feet up on the follow up. Page runs over Kenny with a big boot. Page hits a fallaway slam which takes Omega to the floor again. Page hits a crossbody on the floor.

Omega hits springboard liger bomb. He follows with snap dragon suplex. Page swings and misses and Omega once again hits snap dragon suplex. Omega then hits dragon suplex on the apron. Omega nails the V-Trigger but Page fights counters one-winged angel with a pin attempt. Page hits a German suplex. Omega counters dead eye into Triger Driver 98 for a near fall.

Omega goes to the top and Page trips him and bites him on the head. Page hits avalanche blockbuster to get a near fall. Page hits a lariat from the top rope which takes Omega through a table in the timekeeper area. Back to the ring, Page was looking for the buckshot lariat but then decides to nail Omega with a V-Trigger. Omega avoids V-Trigger but Page lands on his feet on German suplex. He nails V-Trigger and was going for buckshot lariat.

Omega pulls the referee into buckshot lariat. Callis comes into the ring with the title belt and Page drops him. Page hits dead eye on Omega, but a lot of time went away until the new referee Audrey Edwards runs out. They trade strikes in the ring. Omega hits V-Trigger. Page fires back with rolling elbow strikes. Omega hits Koala kicks to the face and Page hypes up to nail him with a lariat. The Youn Bucks come out to the ramp now. Omega hits Page with a headbutt and drops Page with a backdrop driver. Page drops him with the same move.

Page goes for the buckshot lariat but Omega hits him with V-Trigger. Page hits One-winged angel on Kenny. Kenny kicks out somehow. Page hits a buckshot lariat on the back of Omega’s head. Omega keeps his footing. Page was on the apron once again and The Young Bucks nods at him to finish off Kenny. Page hits buckshot lariat and gets the pin.

Winner- Adam Page(new AEW World Champion)