AEW Dynamite December 8, 2021: Results, Preview, Card & Tickets

AEW Dynamite 8 December 2021

AEW Dynamite episode of December 8, 2021, is set to mark the return of Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal. Young Bucks will also return inside the ring who hasn’t competed since AEW Full Gear. The event will air live from UBS Arena, Belmont Park, NY- Long Island. 

Along with the Battle Royal, the forthcoming episode will feature Bryan Danielson colliding against John Silver. The Young Bucks will be in action against Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor whereas the #1 contender for AEW Women’s Championship, Riho will face Jamie Hayter. 

Keep on reading to check the complete details on December 8, 2021, episode of AEW Dynamite with results, preview, match card, date, start time, location, tickets details, and more information.

Date – December 8, 2021
Location – UBS Arena, Belmont Park, Long Island, NY, US
Time – 8 PM EST (December 9 – 1 AM GMT)

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal: The contest to win the Dynamite Diamond ring will begin at the upcoming episode of Dynamite with a Battle Royal. The last two-man standing will battle for the Diamond Ring at the Winter is Coming episode. MJF has won the Dynamite ring in the last two tournaments. Will things change this time?

Bryan Danielson vs John Silver: Bryan Danielson is all set to face John Silver in his hometown. This match comes just a week before Bryan challenges AEW World Champion Adam Page. Will it be another easy win for Bryan or will John Silver present a stiff challenge for him?

Young Bucks vs Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor: Former AEW Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks will finally return to the action against the team of Rocky Romero and Chuck Taylor in the next episode of Dynamite. This match is part of the ongoing feud between Best Friends and SuperKliq.

Riho vs Jamie Hayter: Riho, who recently defeated Britt Baker to earn a shot at her AEW Women’s title, will face Jamie Haytor in singles action. She must be determined to send DMD a message whereas Jamie Haytor will try to get back to winning ways. 

Match Card & Results

  • MJF & Dante Martin were last two remaining in Dynamote Diamond Battle Royal.
  • Jurrasic Express & Varsity Blonds defeated The Acclaimed & 2Poin0 in a tag team match via submission.
  • The Young Bucks(Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated Chuck Taylor & Rocky Romero in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Riho defeated Jamie Hayter in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Bryan Danielson defeated John Silver in a singles match via pinfall.

Live Updates

CM Punk Ruins MJF’s Homecoming

CM Punk trolls everyone by coming out on MJF’s music. The fans from MJF’s hometown are booing Punk hard. Punk enters the ring and takes the mic. Punk says Chicago is much louder and takes shots at their sports team. Punk adds that they don’t disappoint like MJF does. He reveals a new four pillar shirt for AEW where MJF is replaced by Brit Baker. Punk takes shots at MJF and reminds us how MJF ran away from the fight in Chicago.

Punk says he wants to go after World title and MJF might also want to do the same. Punk says they should settle and have a match between them before they both go after the World title. He says MJF should deal with him alone, without Wardlow, FTR and Shawn Spears. Punk continues to batter MJF for a while before going back. The boos had continued throughout.

A video for MJF which starts by saying that the difference between a hero and a villian is perspective. MJF comes out from a ferrari. The video enlists MJF’s accomplishments as he walks around. MJF makes his entrance and is a bit emotional for a bit.

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal

Lee Moriarty was about to eliminate MJF but Wardlow saves him. MJF gets saved by Shawn Spears now. Wardlow eliminates Lee Moriarty. Bunny hands Matt Hardy a knuckle and he takes a shot at Jay Lethal. Hardy throws Lethal over the top to eliminate him. Dante Martin eliminates Hardy. Wardlow and Powerhouse Hobbs face-off in the middle of the ring. They no-sell each other’s tackles. Hobbs is sent to the apron but he fights back. Rush hits a kick at Hobbs to eliminate him. We cut to a break.

MJF takes a cheap shot at Dante Martin and runs behind Wardlow’s shield. Wardlow goes after Rush but Rush skips past him and attacks MJF. Rush and Frankie Kararian attack Wardlow. MJF pushes all three of them over the ring. MJF tries to make a sorry face but was aware when Frankie Kazarian attacks him from behind. MJF low-bridges Kararian to eliminate him. Dante Martin eliminates Ricky Starks to turn on team FTW.

Winners – MJF & Dante Martin

After the match, MJF was leaving when Ricky Starks attacks Martin. MJF teases helping him but then joins Starks in attacking Martin. CM Punk comes out to make the save. MJF runs away while Martin hits a dropkick on Starks. Punk hits a GTS on Starks. He invites MJF to come into the ring, but MJF leaves.

The Acclaimed & 2Point0 vs Jurrasic Express & Varsity Blonds

Bowens starts with Jungle Boy. JB goes for a waist lock. Bowens switches to a headlock and drops with a tackle. He hits chops in the corner. Caster comes in and JB fights back with arm drags and hurricarana. He hits double arm drags on 2Point0 to send them to the floor. Varsity Blonds tag in and attack opponents on the floor. Back to the ring, Varsity Blonds double team on Caster. They are keeping Caster in the corner.

Pillman had to drop Bowens from the apron. He comes back and grabs Pillman’s leg. Caster drops Pillman and this starts a period of control for the heels. Pillman hits a backdrop on Parker but Caster comes in quickly to cut off Pillman from tagging out. Pillman is once again stopped by Bowens with a big kick to the face. Pillman breaks through to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus hits tackles on everyone and throws them in the opposite corners for corner splashes. He then hits a chokeslam to sandwich Bowens onto Caster.

Everyone starts hitting big moves one by one. Jungle Boy hits a tornado DDT on Caster. Eddie Kingston attacks 2Point0 on the ringside. Jungle Boy puts on snear trapp on Caster to get the win.

Winner – Jurrasic Express & Varsity Blonds

After the match, Eddie Kingston takes the cameraman with him to backstage. Eddie is joined by Ortiz. 2Point0 & Daniel Garcia attack them to start a brawl. The referees tries to take things under control, but they fail. 2Point0 take cheap shots at Eddie and Ortiz to end the segment.

Tully Blanchard points out how FTR have defeated Lucha Bros thrice till now. FTR say they will become first 2-time tag team champions at Rampage this Friday.

The Young Bucks(Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs Chuck Taylor & Rocky Romero

Romero and Nick start the match. Romero hits a dropkick and then a shoulder tackle. Nick hits a springboard armdrag but Romero hits back and tags in Chuck. Matt takes the bling tag and attacks both opponents. Chuck brings him down and brings in Romero. Young Bucks double team to take out Romero and Taylor one by one. Romero hits a suicide dive on one of the brothers but gets cutt off in the second attempt.

Back to the ring, Young Bucks work on Romero for a while. Romero tries to fight back from the corner. He dodges attack in the corner and tags in Chuck. Chuck hits double DDT as he comes in. He follows with a dive on the floor. Young Bucks back drop him on the floor. They rock Romero with super kicks. Nick hits a kick on Chuck. Matt holds Chuck on the apron and Nick hits a senton on him. They repeat the sequence on the ropes.

Adam Cole drops Orange Cassidy on the floor. Chuck fights back and tags in Romero. Romero hits quick moves on the Young Bucks. He hits Nick with a hurricanrana on the floor and follows with sliced bread on Matt in the ring. Matt hits two Northern Light suplex. Cutler comes in and distracts referee. Cole enters the ring and so does Cassidy. Cassidy with lazy kicks on Cole. Nick hits superkick on Cassidy.

Chuck sends Cole to the floor. Cutler sprays Matt with the cold spray in his eyes. Nick breaks the pin. More back and forth action until Young Bucks hits Metlzer driver on Romero for the pin.

Winners – The Young Bucks

After the match, Superkliq continues to attack Best Friends. Wheeler Yuta comes out but gets dropped. Trent’s mom drives in with her van Trent comes out from the back and attacks Superkliq. He takes everyone out one by one on the floor. Best Friends reunite in the ring. Kris Statlander and Trent’s mom also come into the ring to celebrate.

Bunny and Penelope Ford are backstage with Ruby Soho and tells her that Nyla will give them a title shot when she becomes TBS Champion. They announce a 6-woman tag team match for Rampage. Ruby attacks them when they ask her if she has friends. Nyla Rose attacks Ruby. Anna Jay and Tay Conti come to save Ruby.

Sammy Guevara is out on the stage with Tony Schiavone. Cody interrupts him and tells Guevara that Sammy will defend the title against him on Christmas night. Men of the Year are in the crowd and Ethan Page takes shot at Cody for getting a title match so easily. They announce that Dan Lambert is coming back. Scorpio Sky also chimes in and asks Guevara to prove that he is really a champion. Guevara asks them to come down.

Riho vs Jamie Hayter

Hayter takes Riho to the corner as the match starts. Referee separates them. Riho hits forearms. Hayter no-sells her tackle. Hayter with a scoop and slam. Hayter no-sells more moves. She hits a backbreaker next. Hayter distracts the referee and Britt takes cheap shots at Riho. Riho with some quick moves and takes down Hayter with a crossbody off the top. Hayter catches the crossbody on the floor and drives Riho into the ring post. Hayter in control as we cut to a break.

Riho tries to counter a suplex but Hayter manages to drops her. Riho fights back with hammerthrows. Hayter hits a backbreaker. Riho rolls her up and hits a stomp. Back and forth action continues. Riho hits a snap dragon suplex for a near fall. Hayter hits a brainbuster for a near fall. She hits a chokeslam backbreaker for another near fall. Hayter puts on the single leg crab. Riho rolls up to break the move.

Riho hits a leaping knee and hits code red for a near fall. Riho goes to the top and hits diving foot stomp for another near fall. Riho on the top again and Hayter rocks him with big shots. Riho stops superplex and drops Hayter with hammer fists. Baker grabs her leg and Hayter comes back to the top to hit her with big shots. Riho hits the avalanche crucifix bomb and then the running knee to get the pin.

Winner – Riho

Britt Baker and Rebel attack Riho after the match.

A bunch of announcements. AEW Revolution 2022 is announced for March 6 in Orlando, FL.

Bryan Danielson vs John Silver

They lock up and trade arm twists. Bryan hits a shoulder tackle. Silver returns the favour. He sweeps his leg for another takedown. Bryan hits sidekicks and uppercut. Silver hits back with a roundhouse kick. More kicks from Silver. Bryan drags him to the apron and hits slams his leg on the apron. Bryan hits a leg drop to the back of the neck on the apron. We cut to a break.

Silver counters with a dropkick as Bryan charges. Bryan hits sidekicks. Silver kicks back at him. Silver puts on a knee bar. Bryan tries to get out of it with kicks to the face, but Silver no-sells them. Bryan gets to the ropes. Silver hits a senton on the floor. Silver with more kicks and a German suplex as we return to the ring. Bryan cuts off a move but misses running knee. Silver trips him to the ropes and hits a running kick. He bridges a German suplex for a near fall.

Bryan gouges his eyes as Silver goes for the spin doctor. Bryan rocks him with elbows. He hits a gotch piledriver and puts on a submission to put Silver to sleep.

Winner – Bryan Danielson

Daniel Bryan takes the mic after the match and says he has kicked out 4 members of Dard Order in 4 weeks just like he promised. Now, he promises to kick Adam Page’s head. Bryan goes to attack Silver again. Page runs out to make the save. Bryan leaves the ring and Page takes the mic to say he will stomp the s*** out of him at Winter is Coming.

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