Hangman Page possibly heading to Casino Battle Royal

Adam Page Casino Battle Royal, Adam Page Double or Nothing

In the recent episode of Being the Elite, Hangman Page was told by AEW that he was not allowed to compete at Double Or Nothing. Apparently, Page damaged his knee during the beatdown from PAC after their match at Wrestlegate Pro event in Nottingham last weekend.

The match between PAC and Adam Page at Double or Nothing was canceled due to creative differences between AEW and PAC. Instead, they faced off at Wrestlegate Pro and a video of that match was uploaded on AEW’s Youtube channel. It was mentioned at the time that Page would face a different opponent at Double or Nothing.

However, the recent episode of ‘Being the Elite’ has completely pulled Page out of the event itself. This could be misdirection and a part of the storyline which could lead to Adam Page entering the Casino Battle Royal. Dave Meltzer, on Wrestling Observer Live, commented on the situation where he assured that Page is very much going to be part of the show.

“He’ll be on the show. I don’t know what the creative is for it, but they’re doing a storyline that he won’t be on the show, but he’ll be on the show.”

Casino Battle Royal will take place at ‘Buy In’ pre-show of Double or Nothing this Saturday. The winner of the Battle Royal will be facing the winner of the match between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho to become the first AEW World Champion. To this point, 16 out of 21 participants are announced for the match, leaving a room for surprise entries.

Interestingly, Page’s actual match with PAC was also supposed to have the same stipulation. It would have again lead to either Page or PAC facing the winner between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho at later date for the AEW World Champion match. So, either way, AEW is heading towards the same match via a different route.

Double or Nothing will take place on this Saturday, 25 May at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. For complete information, news and updates regarding Double or Nothing 2019, you can follow this link.

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