UFC 277: Julianna Pena vs Amanda Nunes 2 Live Blog

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Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes will be colliding in a rematch for UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship at UFC 277 on July 30, 2022.

We will be here with the live updates from Pena vs Nunes 2 from UFC 277 with round-by-round and play-by-play updates.

Pena caused one of the biggest upsets in UFC when she did the unthinkable by defeating Nunes at UFC 269 PPV last year. She forced a loss on Nunes after 12 matches and 7 years, during which Nunes was able to successfully defend the two different titles for 8 times.

Will Nunes be able to turn around the loss into a win this time around? Or will Pena prove that her win last time around was not a fluke? Find out as we provide you with all the latest updates from Pena vs Nunes 2 match at UFC 277.

Julianna Pena vs Amanda Nunes 2 Live Updates

We are ready for the match with both the entrance now complete.

Round 1: Both women are cautious to engage. Nunes for a high kick after 30 seconds. They are stiill not engaging as the first minute goes by. Nunes goes for a front kick. Pena rushes her with a right. Nunes goes for a combo and Pena counters with a jab. Nunes lands an uppercut. Nunes then counters a left hook. Some action continue but they fail to connect something significant. Nunes lands a right hook as Pena slips. Nunes touches her again and trips her with an inside low kick. Pena is now keeping a distance. She connects a double jab. Nunes avoids a combo. Pnea then lands a combo. They get into a clinch and Pnea breaks with a knee. She lands another punch. Nunes stuns him with a left as we close the round.

Round 2: Nunes goes for a high kick now. She almost lands a knee to face. Pena comes in with a punch and Nunes drops her with a big right. Pena gets her legs up to avoid follow up attack from Nunes. She gets back to her feet. They get to the center again. Pena tries to force the issue and Nunes drops her with another right. Pena once again manages to avoid any more attack while she was on the ground. Nunes goes for a front kick. Pena lands a good combo. They keep distance again. Pena goes for a high kick. Nunes lands one on the temple as Pena tries to reach out. Nunes drops her again when she goes for a combo. Nunes is not going to the ground. Nunes is controlling the fight for now. They get into a clinch to end the round.

Round 3: Both women are testing their jab. Nunes lands a back elbow. Pena gets into a clinch but Nunes comes out of it easily. She lands a hook. Pena charge in and Nunes counters her. Pena lands a right hand and Nunes powers her down to the mat. Pena throws shots at her. Nunes now in guard and lands a good elbow. Nunes is on top but she is trying her best to not get caught. Pena goes for an arm triangle while Nunes tries to keep the half guard on. Nunes lands a few elbows to her head. Pena is bleeding near her hairline. Pena catches her arm in a lock but Nunes counters it after a few seconds. Nunes lands more shots as the round comes to a close.

Round 4: Nunes brings down Pena again. They continue to tussle on the mat. Nunes lands her shots from the top. Pena puts on an arm triangle again. Nunes breaks it quickly. Pena has Nunes in trouble again but Nunes somehow manages to break her lock. Nunes lands more shots as she is on top. Pena goes for another arm triangle and Nunes has to get up to avoid it. They trade shots in the middle now. Nunes completes a takedown again, but fails to do much. Nunes gets back to her feet now. The referee asks Pena to get up. Pena manages to stun Nunes with a right but she manages to be on top of Pena to close the round.

Round 5: Nunes goes for calf kicks early. Pena lands a shot and Nunes goes for a takedown again. Pena is trying to work again with her back pinned to the ground again. Pena goes for a triangle again and almost had it. Nunes puts him in a front lock. They return to the middle. Nunes gets another takedown. Nunes controls Pena on the mat. Pena continues to fight her hard on the mat. Nunes keeps pinning her with elbows and fists. Nunes gets back to her feet. She nails a big punch and then tries to go for a crucifix. Pena defends again. Nunes manages to put on rear naked choke in the last minute. Pena also manages to comes out of it. Nunes controls the final few seconds to close the fight.

Official Decision: Amanda Nunes won via unanimous decision(50-45, 50-44, 50-43) to win UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship.

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