Robert Whittaker vs Dracius Du Plessis UFC 290 Live Blog

Robert-Whittaker vs Dricus Du Plessis UFC 290

Check out our live blog as Robert Whittaker and Dracius Du Plessis clash on the main card of UFC 290 PPV in a bout to decide the next middleweight title challenger to face Israel Adesnaya.

Former champion Robert Whittaker had not lost to anyone not named Israel Adesnaya in the last 9 years. He lost to Adesnaya for the second time at UFC 270 last year. He had since beaten Marvin Vettori at UFC Paris to show that he was still a top fighter in the division.

Dracius Du Plessis’ pedigree can be gauged with the simple fact that he was on the International Fight Week PPV event for the third year in a row. Heading into this fight, he was on a 7-fight winning streak overall and a 5-fight winning streak under UFC. Was he able to secure a title shot with a win here?

Tune in below for live blog for Robert Whittaker vs Dracius Du Plessis middleweight bout from UFC 290 with live play-by-play and round-by-round updates.

Live Updates

Pre-Fight: The pre-fight video package is airing with Dracius Du Plessis talking about his duty for South African MMA. Whittaker says his target is to get another shot at Izzy for the title. Du Plessis walks out first. Whittaker follows him out shortly.

Round 1: Kicks from both men to start. Robert charges with a punch but Dracius does not left him land. Robert lands a jab combo. He lands a straight jab after avoiding attack from Du Plessis. He blocks a knee. Whittaker goes for a double leg but Dracius turns it into a guillotine. Whittaker gets out of it quickly though. Du Plessis lands an uppercut into the body but Whittaker lands a right jab in response. DDP hits a thigh kick and a couple of hooks. DDP lands a low kick and a jab. Whittaker lands a left jab. DDP gets a takedown with a trip. He lands a big elbow on the mat before getting into a half guard. Whittaker is cut open on his eyebrows. DDP works with elbow shots ans punches. He ends the round in a strong position.

Round 2: Whittaker is the aggressor to start the round. He lands a good combo before a high kick and a jab. DDP fires back with a hook and a straight punch. Another good jab from DDP from southpaw position. Whittaker lands another high kick. DDP fires one on the midsection. A jab from DDP leads to Whittaker slipping up. From there, DDP lands his punches at will and gets Whittaker down to his knee and cornered. The referee has no choice but to stop the fight.

Official Decision: Dracuis Du Plessis won via TKO at 2:23 in round 2.

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