Michael ‘Venom’ Page vs Kevin Holland UFC 299 Live Updates Blog

MVP vs Kevin Holland UFC 299
Credits – UFC

Welcome to the live updates blog for Michael “Venom” Page(MVP) vs Kevin Holland welterweight bout at UFC 299 PPV.

MVP makes his UFC debut with this fight after a decorated career in other promotions and Bare Knuckle Fighting. Page comes in hot with just two losses in his entire career with 21 wins. He is being welcomed to UFC by Kevin Holland who is coming off a big loss to Jack Della Maddalena in September last year.

Which one of these flamboyant fighters will come out on the top? Will MVP shine bright in UFC also or will Holland dampen his debut? To find out, tune in below as we post live play by play updates from MVP vs Kevin Holland fight from UFC 299 PPV.


MVP makes his entrance on The Undertaker’s music with a hood on. Holland follows him out shortly afterward. Bruce Buffer introduces the fighters, the judges and the referee Rick Glenn before the action begins.

Round 1: Page starts with a sideways stance with left leg leading. He moves continously and it allows him to catch Holland with leaping punch. Holland covers the distance after a few seconds and pushes MVP against the cage. They waste some time on the cage wall. MVP catches Holland with a good punch. Holland tries to close the distance again but ends up in a clinch. Page lands a body kick and more punches. Holland also slipped in a punch. MVP then pushes Holland to the cage. Holland breaks free after some time. They trade punches. Holland lands a couple of calf kicks. Holland gets into a clinch again. MVP goes for a spinning back elbow, but it does not land correctly.

Round 2: MVP lands a high kick right out of gate. Holland pushes him back to the cage with a big right. They get into a clinch again on the cage wall. MVP breaks free as they both tried to get knees and punches going on the wall. They both wait and watch for 30 seconds. MVP lands a punch. He attempts a spinning back heel kick but Holland back away before jumping on MVP to get him to the ground. Holland goes for a rear naked choke but MVP turns around. Holland instead batters him with punches to the head. We are halfway into the round and Holland has Page on the mat under control. He tries to get into a proper position and lands some punches. MVP slips out. They get up and MVP lands a good punch. Holland pushes him to the cage once again before they get back to wait-and-watch mode once again. Page lands a big right to drop Holland to his knees with 45 seconds to go into the round. Holland attempts high kicks after this. A back elbow from Page in the final seconds before Holland backs him to the cage.

Round 3: MVP jumps and lands a punch to drop Holland to start the round again. He misses an uppercut and Holland quickly gets on his back. Holland pushes him to the cage with a waistlock on. Page took almost a minute to break free of that. MVP lands another big right to drop Holland to the mat again. He attempts a high kick when Holland returns to his feet. A body kick and an elbow land from MVP. They get to the clinch again on the cage for a while. Page lands a straight left before Holland pushes him to the cage again. They return to the middle as the final minute starts. Not much is happening as Holland keeps chasing MVP who is more into show-off mode now. Page lands a punch. Holland lands a punch and a knee before pushing him to the cage as the round ends.

Official Decision: Michael ‘Venom’ Page won via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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