Islam Makhachev vs Dustin Poirier UFC 302 Live Blog Play by Play

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Welcome to the live blog for Islam Makhachev vs Dustin Poirier UFC Lightweight Championship bout in the comain event of UFC 302 PPV.

Islam Makhachev is the favorite to win this fight as he looks to continue his 13-fight winning streak. He is coming off beating Alexander Volkanovski in back-to-back bouts last year. Poirier has trade wins and losses since his last title bout back in 2021. He defeated Benoit Saint-Denis at UFC 299 just 3 months back. Will he be able to continue with the momentum and become the champion finally?

Tune in below as we post play-by-play and round-by-round updates from Islam Makhachev vs Dustin Poirier bout at UFC 302.


Round 1: Poirier attempts a calk kick but misses. No punches thrown for the first 26 seconds. Makhachev attempts a high kick. Poirier lands a punch to his head but Makhachev easily lands some punches to get him to the cage and then gets a takedown. Makhachev is over Poirier’s body and looks to lands shots while attempting to get Poirier under control. Makhachev goes for the Kimura lock but Poirier rolls out of it. He only gets locked into a body lock though with three minutes to go into the round. Makhachev keeps looking for ways to get a choke on but Poirier is not giving him a perfect opportunity. Makhachev lands shot on him in between. Makhachev changes strategy and attempt to target the arm as the final minute starts. Poirier is doing everything he can defensively and blocks several submission attempts. Poirier lands a big punch right to the face as the round ends.

Round 2: Poirier attempts a leg kick which Makhachev catches turns into takedown. Poirier quickly gets out of his grip as the crowd gets behind him. They tangle as they both attempt punches. Makhachev sneaks in a knee to the face. Makhachev goes for a single leg but Poirier gets out of it and connects a punch. Makhachev lands a left. Poirier lands a left jab. Makhachev lands a combo. He touches Poirier more times after this. Poirier connects punches. Makhachev goes for a takedown but Poirier gets to the cage to block it. Poirier turns it around and puts Makhachev to the cage and lands some shots. Makhachev also lands shots as they get into a clinch. Poirier lands counter right after Makhachev lands a couple of jabs. Poirier puts pressure with more good shots. Makhachev grabs his head but Poirier lands a good body shot. They get into a brawl with exchanging quick shots. Makhachev gets close and gets a takedown. Makhachev ends the round on top.

Round 3: Caution from both men to start the round again. Both men attempts jabs. Poirier gets closer with a jab but Makhachev lands a knee and a few punches. Poirier is pushed to the back and Makhachev gets a takedown before getting on his back. Makhachev keeps him grounded and puts on a body triangle. Poirier is back to defending against a choke. Makhachev changes position and gets to a full mount. Dustin snucks out and lands some punches on his way out. Two minutes remaining. Poirier lands some punches. Makhachev lands a combo. Dustin lands a straight right. He lands more jabs and a kick. He blocks Makhachev’s jabs. Makhachev gets some jabs through. Dustin sticks more jabs. He is scratching his left eye so much though. Poirier lands more good shots as they get closer.

Round 4: Jabs from both sides to start. Poirier lands a good jab to the head. Both men keeps attempting jabs. Poirier once again lands a good shot on the body. He blocks a takedown. Makhachev counters with a punch. Poirier blocks another takedown before Makhachev gets him into a clinch. Makhachev lands a good right as Poirier lands a combo. Makhachev lands a left and pushes Poirier to the cage. Poirier stands his ground as Makhachev keeps him pushed to the cage. Poirier keeps landing some shots while Makhachev attempts a single leg. Makhachev gets him on his knees and gets on his back. Makhachev keeps control in that position for a while. Poirier then switches the stance and lands several big shots. Poirier lands an elbow to split Makhachev open. He lands several body shots. Makhachev lands a punch. Poirier lands more body shots. Makhachev resorts to a single leg attempt to push Poirier to the cage. Poirier keeps landing some punches though until the round comes to an end.

Round 5: Makhachev starts with quick hands. Poirier replies with jabs. Makhachev pushes him back with counter. Poirier lands a calf kick. He easily blocks a takedown attempt before hitting a counter left. Makhachev tries to get into a clinch but Poirier lands shots all over his face and body. More body shots from Poirier. Makhachev gets close with jabs and attempts a knee. Poirier lands a big left in between a combo. Makhachev goes for another single leg but Poirier blocks it. Makhachev ultimately catches his ankle and gets him down. Makhachev goes for a guillotine and then puts on D’Arce choke to get a submission.

Official Decision: Islam Makhachev won via submission(D’Arce Choke) at 2:42 in round 5.

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