Sean Strickland vs Paulo Costa UFC 302 Live Blog Play by Play

Sean Strickland vs Paulo Costa UFC 302

Welcome to the live blog for Sean Strickland vs Paulo Costa special non-title 5 rounds middleweight bout in the co-main event of UFC 302 PPV.

Strickland is looking to bounce back from losing UFC Middleweight Championship to Dricus Du Plessis earlier this year at UFC 297. Prior to that, Strickland had an impressive 2023 where he was arguably the Fighter of the Year with three big wins. Costa, on the other hand, only has 1 win in his last 4 bouts which came against Luke Rockhold.

Will Costa be able to bounce back and get a big win against one of the top fighters in the division in Strickland? Tune in below as we post play-by-play and round-by-round updates from Sean Strickland vs Paulo Costa bout at UFC 302.


Round 1: Costa throws some outside calf kicks to start. Strickland starts with front kicks but does not connect. Costa connects another calf kick. Strickland attempts more front kicks, but he is moving slow after the calf kicks. Costa catches him with a hook. Costa blocks a front kick. A lots of feints from Strickland from front kicks but does not connect anything to hurt. Costa has been backtracking to avoid the kicks. Costa hits more calf kicks. He lands some shots at the body also. Sean checks a calf kicks and continues to attempt front kicks. Costa hits more calf kicks before connecting a jab. Sean catches the leg on a body kick and connects a couple of punches as Costa trips. Costa continues to walk back as the round comes to an end.

Round 2: Sean blocks a high kick. He continues to hit front kicks to the gut. Costa lands a calf kick. Sean pushes him towards the cage. They return to the middle and Costa lands some good calf kicks. Costa has cut down on backtracking a bit. Sean continues to target his body. Costa lands another low kick. Sean lands a good couple of jabs. Costa goes for a sequence but Sean is out of his range. Sean keeps him at distance with more front kicks. He checks a calf kick as the fourth minute starts. Sean keeps pushing Costa back with jabs and front kicks. Costa jabs back at him. Costa lands a low kick before hitting spinning wheel kick to Sean’s head. Sean pushes him back with punches. Costa goes for a calf kick but Sean lands his left. Sean keeps the pressure up for the last 20 seconds.

Round 3: Costa is breathing heavy while Sean is easy peasy. Sean blocks a punch to his head. Costa attempts body punches while Sean continues to attempt front kicks. Costa lands a couple of punches to the body and mixes it up with calf kicks. Sean connects with quick jabs to push him back to the cage. Costa connects with body kicks. Sean checks a calf kick which hurts Costa. Sean lands a quick combo of jabs. He connects with more jabs. Costa goes for a clinch as the pressure mounts. Costa lands some calf kicks. Sean keeps up with his jabs and front kicks. Sean lands more jabs as the final starts. Costa lands his jabs. Sean lands a body and head combo after Costa lands a right hook. Sean keeps pushing him back and lands an uppercut to end the round.

Round 4: Sean continues to touch Costa’s leg for the first 30 seconds. Costa lands a left hook. He goes for some body shots. Jabs from both sides. Costa lands a calf kick. Sean keeps the pressure on with front kicks and jabs. Costa attempts an uppercut. Sean lands a right hook. He follows up with more jabs. Costa tries to push him back with a few jabs. He lands a right over the top. Sean keeps up with his strategy. Costa is trying several things. He lands some punches and a kick to the body. Costa hits an uppercut but Sean also catches him with a jab. Costa immediately lands a calf kick. More good kicks from Costa. Costa lands a body kicks. Sean fakes a kick and goes for some quick punches. Costa misses a calf kick as the round ends.

Round 5: Costa starts with a jab to the body. Sean blocks a calf kick. He continues to attempt jabs. Costa catches him with jabs on the shoulder and ribs. He lands a calf kick. Sean avoids a big right by moving his head. Costa lands a combo. Sean catches his leg to block a body kick. He lands his jabs. Muted butt good action from both men for the next minute. Costa lands a couple more on the body. Sean keeps pushing him back with jabs. Sean blocks a body kick and hits one of his own. Sean lands a good jab with two minutes left on the clock. Costa lands a couple of jabs on the body. Sean counters with punches while faking kicks. Costa lands more jabs before the final minute. Sean lands a good jab to counter Costa’s left. Costa goes for a spinning back fist which gets counterd with a punch. Sean lands a head kick which drops Costa to his knees. Sean keeps lands shots on Costa after this until the end of the round.

Official Decision: Sean Strickland won via split decision(49-46, 50-45, 46-49).

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