Dustin Poirier vs Benoît Saint Denis UFC 299 Live Updates Blog

Dustin Poirier vs Benoît Saint Denis UFC 299

Dustin Poirier clashes with Benoît Saint Denis in the co-main event of UFC 299 PPV and we will be here to bring you live updates from the bout.

Dustin Poirier is coming off a shocking loss to Justin Gaethje in the headliner of UFC 291, which was his second loss in his last three fights. Still, Poirier remains one of the biggest names in the UFC lightweight division. Benoît Saint Denis is one of the rising names in the competitive division with a 5-fight winning streak behind him.

Will Saint Denis be able to stand on his massive hype in a 5-round bout here? Or will Poirier’s ability shine hard? Find out below as we post live play by play updates from Dustin Poirier vs Benoît Saint Denis lightweight bout from UFC 299 PPV.


High Octane energy in the arena as both fighters made their way to the octagon. We are ready to go.

Round 1: Poirier starts with a leg kick. Denis goes for a single leg takedown but Poirier turns it into a guillotine. Denis rolled over but Poirier kept the lock on. Denis slips and gets Poirier’s leg. Denis is on Poirier’s back now and has his arms locked across his chest. Poirier works well to get Denis off his back but Denis pushes him to the cage. Poirier puts on guillotine again but in standing position this time. Denis breaks free and lands a left. Denis lands more shots on Poirier who is trying to get out of his range, but has failed to do so. Denis lands more punches. Poirier lands a right and Denis is cut. Denis lands more punches. Poirier goes for guillotine again. Denis gets out of it quickly and gets on Poirier’s back quickly. He puts on body triangle from behind as the final minute of the fight starts. Poirier defends it well but Denis keeps working on him. Denis goes for the armbar in the final seconds.

Round 2: Denis pushes him Poirier to the cage and lands a big shot. Poirier immediately goes for a guillotine and goes on the ground. Denis breaks it and goes on his back for a body triangle. Poirier also gets out of it. Denis lands an elbow to keep Poirier in the corner. Poirier is exhausted already, but is able to get away from the cage. Poirier lands some good shots but Denis keeps punching back. Poirier then drops him with a big right and finishes him with a big hammerfist.

Official Decision: Dustin Poirier won via knockout at 2:32 in round 2.

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