Pat McAfee Returns & Defeats The Miz at WWE WrestleMania 39

Pat McAfee WWE WrestleMania 39

Pat McAfee returns to WWE WrestleMania 39 and defeated the show’s host The Miz in a singles match. 

The Miz tells Snoop Dogg that he posted an open challenge on his social media handles but no one accepted it because everyone is scared of the Miz. 

Pat McAfee showed up and accepted The Miz’s open challenge that he never made. The Miz said he wanted to fight but he couldn’t make matches official. Hence, his co-host Snoop Dogg made this match official for him.

Pat McAfee starts dominating the Miz as soon as the bell rings. He hits the Miz with a spine buster followed by a superkick before the Miz decided to leave the match. 

However, the Miz pushed MmcAfee’s fellow football player Kimmell sitting in the audience. McAfee distracted the official in the ring when Kimmell takes Miz out with a clothesline. 

Pat takes the Miz in the ring and hits him with the punt to get the pinfall. 

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