WWE TLC 2019: Lashley Prevails Against Rusev

Bobby Lashley Defeated Rusev at WWE TLC 2019
Bobby Lashley defeated Rusev at WWE TLC 2019

Bobby Lashley managed to defeat Rusev in a table match at WWE TLC 2019, which will likely continue their feud further.

The storyline started when Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley, all returned from their hiatus on the 30 September episode of Raw. Rusev’s Universal Championship match ended in a no-contest when Lashley appeared and proceeded to make out with Lana. Lashley and Lana continued to torment Rusev with their love affair over the next several weeks.

Lana announced that Rusev had cheated on her first and that he was a sex addict. Divorce papers and restraining orders came into the scene. On the November 25 episode, Rusev violated the restraining order and attacked Lashley. The following week, Rusev once again violated the restraining order and attacked Lashley.

The Police Officers instead arrested Lashley and Lana after Lashley shoved a cop and Lana slapped another one. On the December 9 episode, Lana and Rusev signed their divorce papers under the agreement that Rusev received a match against Lashley at TLC and WWE booked it as a Tables match.

At TLC, Rusev started ferociously but Lashley survived the early onslaught and downed Rusev before bringing in a table to the ring. Midway into the match, both started exchanging strikes, teasing a big table spot. But neither man was able to finish off the match there.

Rusev took the upper hand briefly but Lashley fought back and sent Rusev crashing into the guardrail with a powerbomb. Lashley unloaded on Rusev’s back with a kendo stick when Rusev turned the table once again by using the same stick on Lashley itself.

After Rusev had hit a Machka kick, Lana jumped on his back which gave Lashley time to recover. However, the ending was botched when his spear could not break the table and he had to toss Rusev into the table with an overhead suplex for the win.

The win for Lashley likely suggests that this storyline is set to continue for a bit more. However, there is a chance that WWE booked Rusev to lose since he has not signed a new contract yet.

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