Rusev vs Lashley Announced for WWE TLC 2019

Bobby Lashley vs Rusev TLC 2019
Bobby Lashley vs Rusev TLC 2019

Rusev and Bobby Lashley will face-off in a long-awaited clash at WWE TLC 2019 in a Tables match.

After more than two months of storyline between Rusev, his wife Lana and Bobby Lashley, Rusev and Lana opened RAW this week for the signing of divorce papers. After a shouting match and some more quarreling over who will get their pet dog, Rusev agreed to sign the papers on the condition that he gets a match against Bobby Lashley.

This brought Bobby Lashley out and he agreed to the match and even announced that he will propose Lana to marry him as soon as her divorce gets finalized. Rusev went on to sign the papers and Lashley took the opportunity to slam his head on the table. However, Rusev turned things around and went on to slam Lashley through the table with a belly to belly suplex.

Later, their match was announced during a new segment called “Monday after the Weekend Updates” by the Street Profits. (Video Below).

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