WWE Stomping Grounds 2019 Live Results and Updates

Welcome to the Live Results and Updates Blog for Stomping Grounds 2019.

  • Location: Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington, United States
  • Date: 23 June 2019
  • Time: Kick-off Show: 6 PM EST/10 PM GMT/3:30 AM IST, Main Show: 7 PM EST/11 PM GMT/4:30 AM IST
WWE Stomping Grounds 2019

Stomping Grounds 2019 Kick-Off Show

The pre-show is live now and Charly Caruso, Booker T, and David Otunga are welcomed by Jonathan Coachman. Coach and Caruso repeat the line up for the night before we get the hype video for Kofi vs Ziggler match for WWE Championship match. Caruso and Booker are inside the Steel Cage now at the ring discussing how brutal Steel Cage matches can be.

Xavier Woods and Big E have joined the panel. When Coach asks them how Kofi is preparing for the match, they refuse to spill the beans since Ziggler might also be watching this. Woods also tells them that, at Super ShowDown, Ziggler was the one who kicked him first and he only returned the favor. They are confident that Kofi will be good all by himself inside the cage.

After the hype video for Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin match, we get to see Kayla Braxton asking Corbin about the special referee. Corbin tells that there are many people who have come to him offering to become the referee. But he is not going to tell us yet who is it going to be. Bayley vs Alexa Bliss is discussed next.

Ricochet joins the panel as they start discussing the United States Championship match. Ricochet tells us he is excited about his WWE journey. The opportunity for the US title is huge for him as this will be his first singles title shot. He is aware that Joe can go to any lengths to keep his title. Samoa Joe retorts back at his comment from titantron. Joe tells him that he agrees that he is an incredible athlete but he will beat him. Ricochet tells the panel that he will rather show his work in the ring than commenting on Joe.

Daniel Bryan is ranting backstage about the treatment that the Tag Team gets in WWE and how he is trying to raise the level of the tag team division. Rowan joins him to say that Heavy Machinery just flexes their body and are not serious at all. Next is the hype video for the match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre cuts an intense promo and calls Roman too emotional. Shane tells him that he digs his intensity.

Drew Gulak defeated Akira Tozawa and Tony Nese to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Gulak dropkicks Nese to start the match. Tozawa engages with him and sent out. Nese also sends him out and starts working with Tozawa. Nese hits a German suplex transitioning into a pinning position. Gulak comes in and Nese also takes him to the pin and we get to see the double break. Nese hits the superkick on Gulak on the outside and Tozawa takes him out with a summersault dive. He brings back Nese to the ring to hit the missile dropkick and gets a two-count. Gulak had Tozawa locked in a submission move and Nese comes in to break the hold.