WWE SmackDown September 1, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Winners

John Cena SmackDown
Credits: WWE

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE SmackDown September 1, 2023 episode which was the go-home show for Payback 2023 event.

The show featured the return of John Cena as he embarks on 2 months run with the blue brand. Talking about Waller and Theory, they were set to face Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar of LWO in a tag team match. Jimmy Uso was also set to return after three weeks. The build for Payback also continued.

Tune in below as we post results from WWE Friday Night SmackDown September 1, 2023, with live updates, winners, and highlights.


  • Austin Theory & Grayson Waller defeated LWO(Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens defeated LWO(Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Shotzi defeated Bayley in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Solo Sikoa defeated AJ Styles in singles match via pinfall.


The show opens with a recap of how Jey Uso superkicked Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso before declaring he is out of WWE and The Bloodline.

The Champ is Here!

John Cena makes his entrance. Cena says the fans have given him 20 years of moments tonight, and it never gets old. That’s why he come back here every chance he gets. The fans have given him a chance to return tonight. He will achieve his dream of travelling to India and have his first match there next week. And just before he was walking out, he was told he will be the host tomorrow at Payback. Tonight, because of the electricity and noise….. Jimmy Uso’s music hits and he comes out.

Heavy Boos for Jimmy as he gets into the ring and stared down Cena. The crowd chants, “We want Jey”. Jimmy asks Cena why is he here as the fans are here to see him and ask him why. Jimmy says he saved Jey from getting corrupt like Roman Reigns and Cena. He mocks Cena for his outfit and says Cena and Roman are exactly the same as they just take and take. The only difference between them is that Cena does it with a smile. Cena says he wanted to say this thing for the 3 years and will say that to his face, “The Wrong Uso quit.” Jimmy tries to hit a superkick but Cena catches his leg and hits him with Attitude Adjustment.

Backstage, Grayson Waller and Austin Theory are interviewed and are asked about Cena being the host of Payback. They laugh at it. Theory says he beat Cena at WrestleMania. Waller says he will be hosting Cody Rhodes at Payback which will be make more headlines.

Jimmy Uso is walking backstage in anger. He vent some frustration on a crew member who accidentally puts a crate in front of him.

LWO(Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar) vs Austin Theory & Grayson Waller

Escobar catches Waller’s leg but Waller hits a punch. Escobar hits a dropkick to get a two-count. Rey kicks at his arm after the tag. Waller decks him with a punch. Rey hits a big boot on Waller, and a forearm on Theory. Rey sends Waller to the floor and does the same to Theory as he gets into the ring. Escobar sends Rey into the air as he dives on Waller and Theory on the floor.

Waller hits a suplex on Rey as we return from the break. Theory hits a forearm in the corner. We see that Theory tripped Rey from the top rope during the break. Waller picks Escobar’s leg on the apron to keep the referee distracted to double team on Rey. Waller ends up decking Theory of the apron. Waller brings Theory back to the ring and tags in.

Escobar hits a shoulder tackle on Waller, knocks Theory off the apron, hits a couple of flying tackles and a crossbody from the top rope. Escobar hits running double knees in the corner before a hurricanrana from the top rope. Rey comes in and keeps Theory out of the ring. Waller is hit with a dropkick to be sent out. Theory comes in and Escobar pushes Rey away from the tackle which takes out his leg. Rey fights Theory out of the ring. Waller hits a rolling stunner on Escobar to get the pinfall.

Winner – Grayson Waller & Austin Theory

Michin is talking to Adam Pearce when Jimmy Uso interrupts and asks Pearce why he was called in. Pearce says it is exactly for reasons like this that Jimmy is being rude to the crew and heckling them.

After the break, Mia Yim is upset at Jimmy and is telling The Good Brothers about it. AJ Styles come in and says he will take care of it.

Lashley & The Profits

Bobby Lashley makes his entrance before the break. He is in the ring and says he is asked only one thing these days, and that is what is going on with the Street Profits. Lashley says only real recognizes real. The Street Profits make their entrance. They say its a long time since they have had such success. The conversation is now changed from “what was” to “what is”. They says they have got only two words for Lashley, “Thank You”. Lashley says they are putting everyone on notice. They are coming for power, control and championship gold.

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs LWO(Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro)

Sami starts against Wilde with a side headlock. He hits a shoulder tackle before sending Wilde to the apron. Wilde hits a running forearm and a leg drop. Sami hits him with a Clothesline. Owens tags in and hits a Swanton bomb for a two-count. Owens hits a chop in the corner. Wilde hits a dropkick and tags in Del Toro who unloads in the corner. Toro knocks off Sami. He hits a back heel kick on Owens also. Owens catches him as he was coming back in. Sami tags in and hits a Helluva kick to knock off Wilde. He hits another one on Del Toro in the ring. Owens hits a stunner on Del Toro to get the pinfall.

Winner – Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

AJ Styles confronts Jimmy Uso as he is walking out. Styles tells him that he can’t disrespect Michin. Jimmy argues. Solo Sikoa hits Styles from behind to drop him. Solo tells Jimmy that he is out of the Bloodline when they say he is out of the Bloodline.

Miz & LA Knight

The Miz says LA Knight is not on his level and he showed us on Monday how easy it is to be Knight. He claims he was better than Knight 10 years ago. Knight makes his entrance. Knight says Miz is here with another one of his infamous cosplay. Knight reminds us of Miz’s cosplays – he has done The Rock, John Cena and LA Knight. Knight says the common thing between these 3 is that Miz wants to be like them but he just can’t.

Knight goes on to talk about his struggles and how it took him 20 years to get at this position. Miz counters by counting down his shows and movies. Knight mocks them all. Knight wants to send his regards to Miz’s wife Mariz before sending Miz broken because one phone call with him can lift her spirits. The argument continues for a while. Miz takes a shot at his midsection. Miz exits the ring. Knight runs after him and unloads on him. Crew breaks them up.

Bayley vs Shotzi

Back and forth start. Shotzi hits a big boot. She puts on an armbar on the ropes until he gets a 5-count from the referee. Bayley counters when Shotzi comes back in. Shoves from Bayley to disrespect Shotzi. Shotzi turns it around and throws Bayley on the floor a couple of times. Shotzi hits a senton to take us to a break.

Shotzi hits jawbreakers as we return. Bayley hits a big boot before hitting an elbow drop for the second rope. She goes for another elbow drop but Shotzi gets her knees up. Shotzi hits a suicide dive before bringing Bayley back to hit some kicks. Bayley hammers at her in the corner. She hits a springboard elbow drop in the corner.

Shotzi blocks belly-to-belly and hits a suplex to send Bayley into the corner. Shotzi gets to the top rope but Bayley brings her down. Bayley asks Iyo to hand her the women’s title. Charlotte Flair’s music hits and she runs out to kick Iyo. The referee catches Dakota Kai while she tries to take a shot at Shotzi. Charlotte hits Bayley with a boot from the outside. Shotzi hits Bayley with a twisting neckbreaker to get the pinfall.

Winner – Shotzi

We get a video package for Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura match at Payback.

AJ Styles vs Solo Sikoa

AJ fires punches and Solo to start. This pushes Solo to corner. Solo hits back with a clothesline. He hits some headbuts. Solo goes for a diving headbutt but AJ counters it. A flying forearm drops Solo. Solo proves to be too big when AJ for a body slam. Solo hits a chop. AJ ducks shot and hits a dropkick. Paul Heyman walks out and this distracts AJ. Solo hits him from behind. AJ uses a low bridge to send Solo to the floor. He hits a sliding knee from the apron. A flying forearm drops Solo on the floor. We cut to a break.

AJ hits a boot from the corner. Solo hits him with an uppercut as he jumps off the top. Solo throws AJ into the ringpost. He slams AJ’s face into the announce table a few times. Solo hits a belly-to-belly suplex next to get a two-count. AJ fires back with punches. Solo hits a knee to midsection before hitting a back body drop. Solo looks for The Samoan Spike. AJ blocks it with a kick. He hits an enzuigiri to the face and a Pele kick. AJ hits more punches after ducking Solo’s swing. AJ hits a low dropkick to trip Solo. He hits a running forearm in the corner.

Solo hits a Samoan drop to get a near fall. AJ avoids a corner splash and hits a clothesline. He hits an Asai Moonsault to get a near fall. He looks for The Styles Clash but Solo picks him up. AJ grabs the ropes and slips to the apron. AJ nails a punch and looks for the phenomenal forearm. Heyman distracts the referee. Jimmy trips AJ on the ropes as he goes for the Phenomenal Forearm. Solo hits the Samoan Spike to get the pinfall.

Winner – Solo Sikoa

After the match, Jimmy comes and hugs Solo. Solo goes to hit a Samoan Spike but Heyman stops him. Jimmy hits a superkick on AJ before an Usos splash. Jimmy throws the One in the air as Solo and Heyman stare him down. The show goes off the air.

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