WWE SmackDown Results October 20, 2023, Live Updates, Winners

Who won Women’s Championship bout between Iyo Sky & Charlotte Flair? What did Logan Paul do on the show? Check below!

Iyo Sky vs Charlotte Flair WWE Women's title bout October 20 SmackDown
Credits- WWE

Welcome to the ITNWWE’s live coverage of WWE SmackDown October 20, 2023, with complete results as the show airs from Frost Bank Center in San Antonio, TX.

LA Knight vs Roman Reigns is confirmed for Crown Jewel now. Knight and John Cena are expected to continue the rivalry against The Bloodline. Logan Paul is advertised to confront WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio, likely to set up a match at Crown Jewel 2023 PLE.

Iyo Sky has a monumental task in front of her as she defends WWE Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair. Do we have another shock title change in plan? Mysterio’s stablemate Santos Escobar is set to take on Montez Ford in a singles match.

Kevin Owens and new General Manager Nick Aldis arrived at SmackDown last week. What will we see them do? Tune in below for the complete results and updates.

The show starts with a recap of what happened between Roman Reigns, John Cena and LA Knight.

Paul Heyman & LA Knight

Paul Heyman is in the ring and asks us if we have seen what Jimmy Uso did on RAW this week- cost Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes tag team championship. Then, he asks if we have heard the other news that Roman Reigns will defend Universal title against LA Knight. Heyman says the thing common between the fans and him is that he is also a fan of LA Knight. But, if we are fans of LA Knight, we must watch Crown Jewel because it will be the last time we will see LA Knight inside the ring as he is going to get smashed by Roman. Knight’s music hits and he comes out.

Knight says if Heyman wants to talk, he can talk, but he wants Roman Reigns’ a## out here. He stops Heyman from leaving because he has heard some idle threats against him. Heyman tries to divert his attention and slip away but Knight tells him to be in the middle. He asks Heyman if he was saying that Roman’s spear last week was a warning shot. Knight says he does not hit warning shots, but he will keep hitting until he becomes Universal Champion. Knight then says they will have a contract signing next week, and Heyman should tell Roman whose game is this. And when Roman seems confused, they Heyman should tell him the Undisputed truth… Yeah….

Backstage, we see Montez Ford warming up. Bobby Lashley asks him if he needs to motivate him. Ford says no, but Lashley hypes him up anyway.

Montez Ford vs Santos Escobar

Escobar corners Ford quickly. Ford hits back with some shots before dropping him with a back elbow. Escobar runs around but Ford cuts him off with a dropkick to get a two-count. Ford hits a running kick and standing splash to get a two-count. Escobar tries to rally but Ford hits him with an enzuigiri when he goes to the top rope. Escobar falls to the outside. We cut to a break.

Ford throws Escobar to the corner before hitting a snapmare to get a two-count. Escobar hits a big punch before Ford hits a back elbow and moonsault from the second rope. Escobar comes back with flying shoulder tackles and a superkick. He hits double knees in the corner. Ford gets to the apron and hits an enzuigiri. Escobar cuts him off on the top rope and hits an avalanche hurricanrana. Angelo Dawkins pulls out Ford but Escobar hits a double ax handle. Dawkins sends Escobar into the ring post. Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde try to attack him but Dawkins sends them into the barricade. Escobar runs over Dawkins from behind. Ford rolls up Escobar as he gets into the ring and hands onto the tights to get the pinfall.

Winner – Montez Ford

After the bell, Dawkins joins Ford into attacking Escobar. Carlito runs out with a steel chair to force them to run off.

We see Bayley and Dakota Kai motivating Iyo Sky as she warms up for her match against Flair.

Rey Mysterio joins Carlito, Escobar and others from LWO backstage. He thanks Carlito for helping out Escobar. He then says Logan Paul is getting ready to call him out, so, he will confront him. Zelina asks him if he needs them. Mysterio says he wants to deal with him alone.

We see a video package with Pretty Deadly getting a relaxing massage. They talk about their win last week over the Brawling Brutes and how they had disappeared after that match. Butch and Ridge Holland attack them. After beating them up for a while, they leave to have a pint.

Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa are in The Bloodline’s locker room. Jimmy Uso comes in and hypes how he cost Jey and Cody with the titles. Heyman tries to intervene but Jimmy is too hyped. Heyman then points to the screen as John Cena is walking backstage.

GOAT is Without a Win!

John Cena makes his entrance and hypes up the fans. “Thank You, Cena” chants take over the arena. Cena himself gets down a bit and says he got hit with a harsh truth today. Last week, he talked about Roman’s streak with more than 1000 days as the champion. Today, he found out about a streak of his own. It has been 2002 days since he won a televised singles match which was in 2018. Cena says he was thinking about retirement. “You still got it” chants start now. Cena says he believes in himself, believes in the fans and believes he has it in himself. So, it is going to be a bad night for anyone who comes out next.

Cena gets ready for a match. Solo Sikoa comes out. Solo gets into the ring and stands opposite Cena. They start a brawl. Cena gets the upper hand. Jimmy Uso runs out to attack Cena. A masked man pulls Jimmy out of the ring. It is Jey Uso. He beats up Jimmy for a while before security intervenes. Cena and Solo are fighting in the ring. Solo goes for the Samoan Spike but Cena ducks and hits AA on Solo. Solo slips out and goes back.

We see a recap of Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis boxing match. Logan arrives on SmackDown.

We get a video featuring Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn.

Security has taken Jey Uso to Nick Aldis who is livid at Jey for gatecrashing SmackDown. RAW General Manager Adam Pearce comes in when Aldis says he would fine Jey with $10,000. Pearce says he will also have to find Jimmy to take things under contol. Aldis then tells security to escort both Jey and Pearce out of the building. They tease some tension(may be brands war is back at Survivor Series).

Paul & Mysterio

Logan Paul makes his way out. He talks about his win over Dillon Danis, but that it was a pathetic fight. He should just have another WWE match if he wanted good competition. He moves on to start talking about Rey Mysterio who has something he wanted. He says he has already beat Mysterio before. Last time he wrestled Mysterio, he was still with Dominik who used to come to wrestle, LA Knight still did not have a job. He is not here for Rey Mysterio, but for something else. Rey has his legacy and he has his own legacy to make.

Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he comes out. He stands opposite Logan and tells him that he reminds him a lot about Dominik. Rey says Logan needs some humbling. He says he was holding a bit back last time he took on Dominik, but he won’t hold back against Logan. Rey asks if Logan wants his title. Logan says badly. Rey then announces the match for Crown Jewel. Logan agrees and offers a handshake. Rey thinks a lot about it before finally shaking hands.

Dragon Lee & Cameron Grimes vs Austin Theory & Grayson Waller

Theory starts with a shoulder tackle. He hits an armdrag next after Waller takes a blind tag. Waller tackles Lee before Lee fights back with quick shots. Grimes comes in a for quick double team work. They hit Waller with a drop toe hold and running knee combo. Running kicks, suicides dives and more on the opponent. They throw both Waller and Theory into the barricade on the floor. They stand tall in the ring to take us to a break.

Waller and Theory are in control off the match against Lee. Lee hits a DDT on Theory and kicks away Waller. He tags in Grimes. Grimes hits quick crossbody splashes before some tackles and other moves. Lee clears the ring of Waller. Grimes hits Theory with a standing Spanish Fly for a near fall. Waller throws Lee over the barricade in the timekeeper’s area. Waller comes in to distract Grimes. Grimes drops him but Theory catches him with a cutter. Theory hits a A-Town Down on Grimes to get the pinfall.

Winner – Austin Theory & Grayson Waller

We see how Nick Aldis was announced as the manager last week and Kevin Owens was introduced as the newest SmackDown star before he hit a stunner on Dominik Mysterio.

Cathy Kelley interviewed Kevin Owens earlier today. Kelley asks how is Owens feeling leaving Sami Zayn behind. Owens says it is bittersweet as they have had a great year earlier, winning tag team titles and much more, but he is here to start with cleanslate. Owens talks about all new matches and new faces to punch. He talks about not having a singles match against Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, having teams like LWO to meddle with.

Iyo Sky(c) vs Charlotte Flair – WWE Women’s Championship

Both women make their entrance. Bayley and Dakota are in Iyo’s corner. Flair takes a quick start and throws Iyo out of the ring to take us to a break.

Flair is in control as the show returns. Flair hits headscissor takedowns. Flair is sent to the apron but she lands on her feet and punches Sky away. Bayley puls her leg. Iyo hits her with a dropkick to knock her to the floor. Iyo hits a suicide dive next. A missile dropkick from Iyo before she puts on a chinlock. Flair hits back suplex to break free. She hits a rising knee strike. Iyo dodges a corner splash ad hits a kick at the knee. Flair puts her on the ropes. Iyo hits a hurricanrana to send her to the floor. Flair blocks a diving hurricanrana and drops Iyo on the apron with a powerbomb. We cut to another break.

Iyo hits a sunset flip powerbomb as we return. Iyo hits running double knees in the corner. Iyo gets her in a crossface next. Flair breaks free and hits a deadlift German suplex. Flair hits several chops before catching her crossbody to hit a fallaway slam. An exploder suplex follows this. Flair keeps up with the attack and hits a Samoan Drop from the second rope. Iyo goes for a missile dropkick but Flair counters and puts her in Boston Crab.

Iyo goes for a moonsault but Flair gets her knees up. Flair quickly hits a spear but Iyo is close to the ropes and Bayley puts her leg on the ropes. Flair is livid and attacks Bayley and Dakota on the floor. She gets into the ring for another spear but Iyo has hidden her title belt on her to counter the spear with it. Iyo gets the pinfall.

Winner – Iyo Sky

After the match, Bayley and Iyo attack Fliar. Bianca Belair makes his return to make the save.

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