WWE SmackDown Results from July 15, 2022, Live Updates

Liv Morgan vs Natalya WWE SmackDown July 15, 2022
Image Credits- WWE

Welcome to the live coverage for WWE SmackDown Results from July 15, 2022 episode as the show returns to Amway Center in Orlando, FL.

WWE has announced two matches for the show so far. First one is a SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender match between Liv Morgan and Natalya. Second is a battle of two young guns in Theory vs Madcap Moss.

Build up towards Summerslam 2022 event will be the theme of the show overall with the feuds like Drew McIntyre-Sheamus, Pat McAfee-Happy Corbin, and others expected to be extended. We might also get to know who will get the special guest referee in the match between The Usos and The Street Profits. Keep tuned in as we bring results from WWE SmackDown July 15, 2022 episode along with live updates, winners, highlights, videos and more.


  • Liv Morgan defeated Natalya in SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender’s Match via pinfall.
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Ridge Holland in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Madcap Moss defeated Theory in a singles match via disqualification.
  • Angelo Dawkins defeated Jimmy Uso in a singles match via pinfall.

Live Updates

We will start posting live updates from 8 PM EST onwards. Keep tuned in.

Pat McAfee’s Promo!

Michael Cole is in the ring to open the show. He brings out Pat McAfee and highlights that he has signed a multi-year extension recently. McAfee takes the mic in the center of the ring before Cole leaves the ring. McAfee starts talking and he wants to apologize to WWE Universe because his absence led to them hearing Corey Graves for two hours. He takes us to a replay of Corbin attacking him at Money in the Bank.

McAfee says his neck was merely bruised. He reveals that he and Corbin were roommates during their Football days and he was a good, hardworking man with just one tattoo. He promises that he will beat the hell out of him and make him a humble man. McAfee continues to talk and talk until Corbin interrupts him from the big screen. Corbin tells him to stay in his lane and do commentary. Corbin says he wanted to come out, but he contracted something sitting in his chair. He shows some red spots on his body. Corbin says he stays away for now and will see him at Summerslam.

McAfee hypes the crowd a bit more before introducing Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan. Liv makes her way out.

Liv Morgan vs Natalya – Championship Contender Match

Natalya starts with a kick to midsection and unloads in the corner. The referee breaks them. Liv tries to attack but Natalya takes her down in a headlock. Liv returns the favor. Natalya puts her in a headscissors. They run the ropes before Liv hits a big dropkick. Liv gets a couple of pin attempts before hitting another dropkick. Natalya hits a slingshot slam before hitting a kick to the back of her head. Liv hits back with a kick to the face when she lands on the apron. She blocks Oblivion on the apron and catapults Liv into the ring post. We cut to a break.

Morgan hits a step-up enzuigiri and another dropkick as we return. She blocks a discuss clothesline before hitting a backbreaker. A corner splash follows. Natalya catches her in second splash and hits a German suplex to get a two-count. Natalya puts her on top in the corner. Liv holds onto the top rope and slips out. Natalya hits her with a sit-out powerbomb to get a two-count. Natalya then puts on an ankle lock. Liv kicks sends her into the turnbuckle. Liv hits Oblivion to get the pin.

Winner – Liv Morgan

Kayla Braxton gets into the ring and asks her that her win over Natalya is not as dominant as Ronda Rousey last week. Liv accepts that she is entering Summerslam as an underdog, which has been the case throughout her career. She claims that we will still call her the SmackDown Women’s Champion after Summerslam.

Theory is interviewed backstage. He says, “With great powers, comes great responsibilities”, and he has so many enemies on RAW and SmackDown. Paul Heyman interrupts them and tells Theory that he was responsible for his breakout moment. Heyman tries to convince Theory for a scheduled cash-in. He offers his services to Theory to work with him and get a spotlight on him. Theory stands his ground though. Theory says maybe he would need special counsel when he becomes a champion.

The New Raid!

New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods come out dressed as the Viking Raiders. We cut to a break.

After the break, Woods and Kingston start to mimic The Viking Raiders for a while. They get interrupted by the original Viking Raiders soon. New Day scream imposters at the Viking. Erik and Ivar take the mic and say they are more vicious and once they come to the ring, they will annihilate them. Kofi and Woods ask them if they do not know anymore words and call them ugly. Jinder Mahal and Shanky attack The Viking Raiders as they were coming down the ring. New Day join them in the attack and force Viking to retreat. New Day and Shanky dance in the ring for a while while Jinder just stands in the centre.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Intercontinental Champion Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser. She asks Gunther why did he beat Kaiser last week after he lost to Shinsuke Nakamura. Gunther replies that there is no room for failure and they will never lose. He says losing has consequences. Kayla tells them there is a rematch between Kaiser and Nakamura next week. Gunther gets angrier when Kaiser tries to argue with him. Gunther tells him to remove his zipper and hits him with a big chop.

Aliyah vs Lacey Evans

We see a recap of Lacey Evans recent promos highlighting her struggles and how she turned heel last week when she was not getting a response from the crowd. Evans makes her way out for the match. The crowd boos her more. She asks the music to cut off and start again as she gets into the ring. Evans takes the mic and says she may not be better than anyone in this arena, but nobody is better than her also.

Lacey says she overcame the obstacles that would crush an average American. She says she can add a few accolades to all the listed accomplishments. She admits that she might have offended a few in the crowd, and she apologizes for it. The crowd boos her some more. When she realizes that the crowd will not respect her, she tells them to go to hell. Evans does not compete in the match again and goes back.

Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus Ridge Holland

We get a recap of Sheamus avoided facing Drew McIntyre last week and Butch lost to Drew instead. Drew makes his entrance to take us to a break.

Sheamus comes out with Butch and Ridge Holland. The announces announces Ridge Holland’s name for the match. They are once again trying to contain Butch from getting involved. Butch gets the timekeeper’s bell and ring it to start the match.

Butch rings the bell and Drew hits Holland with a clothesline. Drew keeps the upperhand and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. He hits Sheamus’ 10 chest blows on the apron on Holland. Butch tries to attack Drew when he goes to the floor. Holland takes advantage of the distraction and attacks Drew from behind. Holland sends him to the corner before hitting a body slam. Holland puts on a chinlock. Drew gets back to his feet and hits clotheslines. He beats Holland for a while. Holland hits a headbutt. He goes for a powerslam but Drew slips out and hits a headbutt himself. Drew hits White Noise. He sets up for Claymore kick and hits it to get the pin.

Winner – Drew McIntyre

McIntyre gets his sword after the match. Butch tries to attack Drew but Sheamus pulls him back. Drew celebrates for a while.

We get a video package of recap from RAW when Brock Lesnar returned and had beat down on Alpha Academy.

McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing Madcap Moss backstage. Moss says that he is planning to flatten Theory’s big head. Paul Heyman comes in and offers Moss a shot at Universal title if he takes out Theory before Summersla. Moss quips by saying that Heyman is really worried about Theory cashing in MITB at Summerslam. Moss makes his entrance for the match.

Theory vs Madcap Moss

They lock up as the bell rings. Moss pushes Theory to the corner and the referee calls for a break. They lock up again and Theory turns Moss around to send him to the corner. Moss gets a couple of waistlock takedowns. Theory hits a back elbow and puts on a side headlock. Theory hits a shoulder tackle. Moss picks him up but Theory slips out. Moss hits a shoulder tackle himself. He catches Theory to hit a fallaway slam.

Theory puts on a chinlock now. Moss hits elbows to midsection. Theory slams his head to turnbuckles a few times. Moss returns the favor by slamming Theory into the turnbuckles before sending him to the floor with a clothesline. Theory leapfrogs as Moss charges and crashes into the steel steps. We cut to a break.

Theory hits a roll-in dropkick. He puts on a chinlock. Theory nails many punches on the head as Moss is down on his knees. He explodes out of the ropes with a big tackle to send Theory flying. They trade shots before Moss nails a big lariat. He hits tackles in the corner. Theory ducks out but runs in a spinebuster from Moss for a two-count. Theory goes to pick his leg and just stomps at it. Theory hits a side slam to get a two-count.

Moss avoids ATL. Theory drops Moss on the ropes. Moss takes a running start and hits a tackle. He knocks Theory to the floor. Theory goes to the timekeeper’s area. He picks up the MITB briefcase as Moss gets behind him. Theory nails Moss with the briefcase to cause a DQ.

Winner – Madcap Moss

Theory goes to the stage as Moss is announced as the winner. Theory takes the mic and says no one cares about it, as he is still a MITB winner and soon to be the Universal Champion. Sami Zayn comes out with a hand in a sling and asks him if he said he will be the next Universal Champion. Sami says he is disrespecting The Tribal Cheif and it has consequences. He is the Bloodline member and an honorary Uce and therefore asks him to apologize. Theory asks him what is he gonna do with one hand. The Usos make their entrance. Theory retreat back to ringside. Moss attacks Theory and sends him into the ringpost.

Jimmy Uso vs Angelo Dawkins

Sami Zayn is now on the commentary. Dawkins pushes Jimmy to the corner and the referee calls for a break. Dawkins hits a spinebuster. He gets a waistlock on in a hurry. Jimmy nails him with a back elbow. He follows up with a Samoan Drop. Jimmy sends Dawkins to the apron and sends Dawkins down with an enzuigiri. Dawkins nails him with an elbow to cut off his suicide dive. Dawkins tackles Jimmy to the floor and then tackles him into the timekeeper’s area to take us to a break.

Jimmy is in control as we return from the break. Jimmy hits a hip attack in the corner. Dawkins nails him with a big punch. Dawkins hits a couple of quick clotheslines. He hits a corkscrew tackle to get a two-count. Dawkins hits a corner splash. He knocks off Jey from the apron. Jimmy takes out the referee. Dawkins rolls up Jey but the referee is down. Jimmy nails Dawkins with a superkick because the referee is down once again. Dawkins hits a sitout spinebuster and the referee gingerly counts the pin.

Winner – Angelo Dawkins

Jimmy’s right shoulder was up all along the three counts, but the referee was on the other side and could not watch it. The Street Profits and The Usos are arguing in the ring. Adam Pearce comes out to reveal the special guest referee for their match at Summerslam. It is Jeff Jarrett. We get a video package for Jerrett. Profits and Usos are brawling in the ring as we cut back to the ring. Several referees come out to attempt to break it. The show goes off the air with McAfee and Zayn screaming in the mic.

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