WWE SmackDown Results from July 22, 2022 & Live Updates

Brock Lesnar SmackDown
Credits – WWE

This is a live coverage blog for WWE SmackDown Results from July 22, 2022 episode from TD Garden Arena in Boston, MA.

The show will feature the return of Brock Lesnar as he comes to SmackDown to hype his match against Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Summerslam 2022. More build-up for Summerslam is expected to continue as Ronda Rousey comes face to face with SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan.

Ludwig Kaiser gets a shot at redemption as he faces Shinsuke Nakamura in a rematch while Maxinne Dupri will debut with Maximum Male Models. Tune in as we post all the results from WWE SmackDown July 22, 2022 episode along with live updates, winners, videos and highlights.


  • Ludwig Kaiser defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in a singles match via pinfall.
  • The Viking Raiders(Erik & Ivar) defeated Shanky & Jinder Mahal in a tag team match via count-out.
  • Raquel Rodriguez defeated Sonya Deville in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Madcap Moss, Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford defeated Austin Theory, Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso in a tag team match via disqualification.

Live Updates

Update before the show: Stephaine McMahon will be opening the show.

Thank You Vince!

The first show without Vince McMahon opens with Stephaine McMahon in the middle of the ring. Steph enthusiastically welcomes everyone to the show. She gets emotional as she starts to talk about Vince McMahon retiring. Some boos from the crowd before the chants of “Thank You, Vince”. Steph says Vince has thanked everyone from the fans to every staff member. Steph then says this is also a moment for us to thank Vince. She gets the chants started “Thank You, Vince!”

The Profits, Theory & The Usos!

The Street Profits music hits and they come out from the crowd. The commentators take over as they head to the ring. Profits take the mic and says, at Summerslam, we will be looking at the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Austin Theory comes out with his MITB breifcase amid boos from the crowd. Theory says no one cares what Profits will be doing at Summerslam, but they care about what he will be doing at Summerslam. Theory says he will win the US title from Lashley and then, he will either from Roman or Brock.

The Usos’ music hits. They say people don’t know keeping The Tribal Cheif’s name out of their mouth. Theory gets into the ring and The Usos follow. Theory mocks Ford saying nor he neither his wife is leaving Summerslam with a title. Profits go to attack Theory but he ducks and they end up hitting The Usos. A brawl starts. Theory ends up helping The Usos. Madcap Moss runs out and help out The Profits. The Usos and Theory are sent to the floor. Dawkins hits them with a suicide dive.

We get a brief recap of the Gunther & Ludwig Kaiser vs Shinsuke Nakamura storyline. Nakamura makes his entrance for his match and sends Pat McAfee into an org**sm.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ludwig Kaiser

Ludwig Kaiser enters for his match with Gunther leading the way. Gunther orders Kaiser to enter the ring for the match. The bell rings and Kaiser attacks Naka in the corner. He slams Naka’s head to the corner and stomps on him for a while. Kaiser hits a snapmare and an uppercut. Kaiser continues to attack Naka with punches and elbows on the face. Nakamura counters a whip and hits an enzuigiri. Naka hits sidekicks in the corner before hitting a leg drop to get a two-count. Nakamura boots him in the corner.

Kaiser catches his leg and hits a chop and a suplex. A running knee gets Kaiser a two-count. Kaiser attempts another pin attempt. Gunther is firing some instructions from the floor. Kaiser hits another suplex for another unsuccessful pin attempt. Kaiser is getting frustrated. Nakamura avoids an attack in the corner, drops Kaiser on the top turnbuckle and nails him with a knee. Nakamura gets to the apron and Kaiser brings him down. Kaiser sends Nakamura into the steel steps to take us to a break.

Kaiser has a chinlock on Nakamura as we return. Nakamura blocks a suplex and hits an enzuigiri. Gunther shouting at Kaiser as Nakamura nails kicks and a sliding knee. Nakamura hits his signature sliding German suplex to get a two-count. Kaiser hits an elbow to stop a German suplex. Nakamura hits an elbow and a single-leg dropkick. Gunther gets in front of Nakamura when he comes to the floor to fetch Kaiser. Kaiser takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Nakamura up in a cradle to get a two-count. Nakamura hits a spinning heel kick. Gunther gets to the steps to cause another distraction. Gunther ends up taking a cheap shot on Nakamura. Kaiser hits a DDT to get the pin.

Winner – Ludwig Kaiser

After the match, Gunther takes Kaiser with him to the stage. Gunther is not satisfied with Kaiser’s efforts and tells him to put down his hands. Kaiser is afraid. Gunther changes his expressions and pats him on his back. Kaiser goes to pose with his hands on the back and Gunther nails him with a chop to put him down.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey are getting their mics put on backstage as we cut to a break.

Liv & Ronda – Face to Face!

Liv and Ronda are introduced by Kayla Braxton as they enter the frame. Ronda removes Kayla from the frame and tells Liv that she does not have any complaints as Liv seized on the moment. Ronda says she would want Liv to be shaking her hands in the same way she did at MITB. Liv stares at Ronda intensely as she replies that she might not be better than Ronda but she is here as the champ because she wants this more than her. And that’s why she would beat Ronda again at Summerslam. Liv asks Ronda to shake her hands once again with the same spirit at MITB. Ronda pats her back and says, “That’s why everyone loves you, Liv!” Ronda leaves and Liv keeps staring down in her direction.

We cut back to the commentators. Happy Corbin attacks Pat McAfee out of nowhere and sends him into the barricade. Corbin leaves to the back. McAfee recovers and chases him to the back. They brawl backstage until we cut to a break.

As we return, we get a quick recap of what happened before the break. Pat McAfee gets into the ring and gets the “Bum A** Corbin” chants going. He warns Corbin that he won’t be able to hide at Summerslam. He takes his place at the commentary once again.

A video package for the rivalry between The Viking Raiders and New Day. Kofi and Woods are on the commentary.

Shanky & Jinder Mahal vs The Viking Raiders(Erik & Ivar)

Both teams make their entrance. Jinder and Erik start the match. Erik hits a tackle to bring Jinder down. Ivar comes in and hits quick blows on Jinder. He works on Jinder in the corner. Jinder hits back with a punch. He charges to the corner and Ivar hits him with a seated senton. Ivar calls out New Day as Jinder goes to the floor. New Day get into an argument with Ivar. Erik joins Ivar to beat up Jinder. Ivar throws Jinder into New Day and gets back to the ring. The referee counts out Jinder.

Winners – The Viking Raiders(via count-out)

The Vikings celebrate their win. New Day recover and get into the ring. But, The Vikings are already on the ramp by then.

Adam Pearce is on call in his office when Sonya Deville walks in to point out what a mess SmackDown has been. Pearce gets irritated and puts Sonya in a match against Raquel Rodriguez.

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

Sheamus is in the ring with Butch and Ridge Holland. Sheamus mocks Boston crowd and Boston Celtics. He says he was going to slash Drew McIntyre’s sword and fix his match at Clash at the Castle. But, Drew has his sword and the match will not happen until Drew’s sword is banned. Sheamus takes us to a replay of Drew choping the top rope a couple of weeks back. Sheamus makes a case of the sword not belonging to this ring. Drew’s music hits and he comes out with his sword. Butch is being held back by Ridge Holland.

Drew enters the ring and the opposing trio circles to the other side of the ring. Sheamus tells Drew that Ridge will take Butch out if he puts his sword away. Both sides follow the deal. Drew takes the mic and asks Sheamus what happened to him and how did he become a bitch? Drew highlights the title situation where Roman Reigns, the champion, coming to WWE only when he wants, and the other guy, Brock Lesnar, being not good either.

Drew says we need a good champion and tells Sheamus to get on with the match. Sheamus replies that the match would take place next week. And it will be some special Irish Stipulation match – no DQ, no count-out, but Drew’s sword will be banned. Instead, they can use chisels. Sheamus asks Adam Pearce to come out and make it official for next week. Pearce comes out and does the same. Drew slashes a chisel that Sheamus was holding with his sword. Sheamus retreats to the floor as the pyro goes off.

The Usos are unhappy that they have to team up with Theory. Paul Heyman comes in and tells them to swallow their dislike of Theory and use Theory to get a win tonight.

Raquel Rodriguez vs Sonya Deville

Raquel pushes Sonya to the corner. The referee calls for a break and Sonya takes advantage by putting her in the corner. Raquel recovers and swings Sonya around. Sonya hits her with a back elbow and rakes her arm to send her to the corner. Sonya slams her face into the corner a few times. She hits a running knee to get a two-count. Sonya puts on a chin lock. Raquel gets up on her feet and hits Sonya with a headbutt. Raquel hits a fallaway slam and a corkscrew elbow from the second rope. Sonya gets her hands to the ropes to break the pin. Sonya goes for a choke but Raquel overpowers her and tosses her away. Raquel misses in the corner. Sonya hits a DDT to get a two-count. Sonya’s arm is hurt. She hits a couple of kicks before Raquel hits a one-handed powerbomb to get the pin.

Winner – Raquel Rodriguez

Aliyah comes out to the ring, hoping for a match against Lacey Evans. Evans enters and starts blasting crowd once again, just like she did in the last two weeks. Aliyah tries to attack her but the referee gets in between. Evans nails Aliyah with The Woman’s Right and leaves.

Jeff Jarrett is interviewed last week and claims that he is made the referee at Summerslam because he refused to be bribed by either team.

Austin Theory, Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs Madcap Moss, Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford

Dawkins rolls up Jimmy to get a two-count. Dawkins nails Jimmy with a dropkick to get a two-count. Jimmy hits a slap and eats a corner splash in return. Ford tags in and nails a dropkick. Jey runs in and gets hit with a double superkick from the Profits. They knock off Theory also from the apron. Ford has Theory’s MITB case and mocks him. We cut to a break.

Theory tags in and beats up Moss as we return. Theory hits a corner tackles and then stomps on him to get a two-count. Theory works on Moss’ arm and shoulder. Jimmy tags in and unloads on Moss in the corner. Jey comes in for some double team. Jey misses in the corner and Dawkins tags in. Dawkins hits a running uppercut, a corner splash and an enzuigiri. Jey hits him with a kick. Ford tags in and hits a crossbody. Ford hits multiple kicks and an enzuigiri. Ford hits a gamengiri on Jey and kicks on Jimmy and Theory. Jey kicks him to the floor. Jimmy tags in and throws Ford over the barricade and into the timekeeper’s area. We cut to another break.

Ford hits a DDT to make a comeback. Moss comes in hit and takes down all three opponents one by one. He hits tackle on Jimmy. Jey is sent to the floor. A spinebuster on Jimmy follows. Jimmy nails Moss with a superkick to get a two-count. Jimmy goes to tag Theory but Theory refuses to get in. He is about to walk out when Jey nails him with a superkick and throws him back in. More superkicks follow and Theory is made the legal men. The Profits attack the Usos and all four of them are down on the floor. Theory and Moss are fighting in the ring now. Theory hits a brainbuster to get a near fall. Moss takes a running start and hits a tackle. He hits a corner tackle. Theory uses the MITB briefcase to cut him off and cause a DQ.

Winners – Madcap Moss, Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford(by DQ)

Theory continues to beat up Moss with the breifcase. Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he comes out. Theory is frozen in the ring as Lesnar enters. Theory goes to attack Lesnar with the briefcase but Lesnar drops him with F5. He slams the breifcase on Theory and then hits F5 on breifcase. Lesnar puts his hat back on to close the show.