WWE SmackDown Preview 30 July 2021- Who Will Roman Face at SummerSlam?

Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown 30 July 2021

WWE SmackDown’s last week ended with Universal Champion Roman Reigns accepting a challenge from Finn Balor, but declining the same from John Cena. The storyline will pick from there on 30 July episode. Check the details on this and other matches and segments in this preview as WWE heads towards Summerslam 2021.

Show – WWE Friday Night SmackDown
Date – 30 July 2021
Location – Target Center, Minneapolis, MN, US
Time – 8 PM EST(31 July 2021 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

Check Here for Results for SmackDown 30 July 2021

Roman Awaits Next Challenger

John Cena has been making a play to bring Roman Reigns down a peg. After confronting him at Money in the Bank, he has called out Roman at RAW and SmackDown last week. However, Roman refused the challenge when he answered Cena.

Just then, Finn Balor came out to confront the Tribal Chief and challenged him for a title match. To everyone’s surprise, Roman accepted the challenge from the Prince. The showdown is expected to go down sometime in the next two weeks, with Roman then moving to Cena for SummerSlam.

But how will all of this play out? Tune in to our live coverage for SmackDown later in the evening.

More Feud Build-ups for SummerSlam

With SummerSlam approaching fast, WWE will speed up the build-up for the matches for the premier event.

Edge and Seth Rollins did a great promo battle last week to show us what to expect in this feud going forward. Will we see them facing each other in some sort of tag team match?

Bianca Belair has defeated Carmella convincingly twice in the last two weeks. So, Bianca might be getting ready for new challenger(s) heading into Summerslam. There are only a handful of singles woman stars on the SmackDown roster, and none of them is established enough for a world title shot. So unless Sasha Banks comes back, we might be getting a multi-women match at SummerSlam for SmackDown Women’s Championship.

What More To Expect?

Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin: Kevin Owens tried to save Baron Corbin from poverty and from getting robbed by The Dirty Dawgs. That could translate into a tag team match between Owens & Corbin vs Ziggler & Roode.

The Alpha Academy is getting a lot of air time in the last few weeks. What will be next for them?

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