WWE SmackDown December 1, 2023 Updated Match Card, Preview

Randy Orton Segment December 1 SmackDown
Credits- WWE

WWE Smackdown episode of December 1, 2023 will deal with the fallout from Survivor Series and War Games match while also building towards Royal Rumble.

Kevin Owens vs Grayson Waller match is announced for the show. Segments with United States Champion Logan Paul, Randy Orton, and Damage CTRL are also set. What will these stars do on the show? Check below for our preview for WWE SmackDown December 1, 2023 episode.

Logan Paul’s Challenger

WWE United States Champion Logan Paul has been away since Crown Jewel when he dethroned Rey Mysterio to become the champion himself. Now, WWE is advertising that we will get to know about Logan’s next challenger. Who will this wrestler be? And will Logan Paul compete on SmackDown in coming weeks?

Randy Orton Appears on SmackDown

Randy Orton made his return to WWE at Survivor Series as advertised. But, his appearances did not stop there. He was triumphant on RAW, beating Dominik Mysterio easily. Before that though, he made it clear that he would be targetting The Bloodline. Soon, WWE announced that Orton would appear at SmackDown. Will he go straight after the faction?

What happens in Damage CTRL?

Despite Bayley’s best efforts, Damage CTRL ended up losing the women’s War Games match at Survivor Series. There have been rumblings of Bayley being sidelined under the faction with WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky emerging as the decision maker of the group. Will we see any issues within the group coming to the fore?

Kevin Owens vs Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller and Kevin Owens are set to clash in a singles match. The feud between Owens and Waller & Austin Theory started last month with a backstage altercation and has continued since. Last week, Owens teamed up with LA Knight to beat Waller and Theory. Now, Waller and Owens will clash once again but this time, the contest will be one-on-one.

What Else to Expect?

LA Knight’s crusade against The Bloodline is expected to continue. However, last week, he was sidetracked last week with a match against Waller and Theory. Will Knight continue to feud with them or The Bloodline?

Ridge Holland walked out on Butch last week during their tag team match. Are The Brawling Brutes done now?

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