WWE RAW Results November 20, 2023, Live Updates, Highlights

War Game advantage match November 20 RAW
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Welcome to ITNWWE’s live results coverage for WWE RAW November 20, 2023 episode which was the go-home show before Survivor Series 2023.

War Games advantage match was the main focus of the show as it would decide the entry advantage at Survivor Series. However, it was not revealed which fighters would take part in this match. Additionally, Drew McIntyre was set to explain his actions from last week’s attack on Jey Uso. Would he join War Games match lineup?

Two more matches were set for the show. Becky Lynch took on Xia Li. Raquel Rodriguez faced Nia Jax. The build-up for Survivor Series also continued. Tune in below for the results and live updates.


  • Nia Jax defeated Raquel Rodriguez in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Becky Lynch defeated Xia Li in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Johnny Gargano defeated Ludwig Kaiser in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Tegan Nox & Natalya defeated Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell, Ivy Nile & Maxxine Dupri and Kayden Carter & Katana Chance in a fatal 4-way match via pinfall to become #1 contenders for Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Chad Gable in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Jey Uso in War Games Advantage match via pinfall.


The show opens with a recap of Drew McIntyre costing Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes their tag team title match against Judgment Day, and how he stood with Rhea Ripley to close the show.

Drew McIntyre Explains

Drew McIntyre is in the ring for his promo. He is also more upset about his own actions. He is not lying though. He gave Jey one thing that he never gave him – time and time again – before costing him a title match. And he doesn’t remember getting any apology for Jey. He says Cody got caught in this, but he was the one who brought Jey to RAW. He brings up how Cody also attacked Jimmy and Solo on SmackDown, and when Cody is not forgetting anything, why should he?

This brings up a question if Drew McIntyre has joined Judgment Day. Drew says, if anyone knows him, he is not in Judgment Day, but he will be in their team at WarGames match. Rhea Ripley has given him one thing that he needed – Jey Uso inside a cage. Jey Uso’s music hits and he comes out. He says he is about to give Drew a “yeetdown”. Judgment Day group appears and stands behind Drew. Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes come out to stand behind Jey.

Both sides enter the ring, but Adam Pearce stand between them to say nobody fights till Saturday. Whichever team throws the first punch will lose advantage at War Games. Pearce then informs Team Cody that they need to find a fifth member for their team by the end of the night. And they need to tell him by 9 PM ET tonight who will fight in advantage match from both teams.

After the break, we cut to Judgment Day backstage where Finn Balor says their opposite team is lucky that Pearce showed up to stop them. Damian Priest asks Rhea Ripley why she did not keep tell him about Drew McIntyre, so they should have discussed it as a team. Rhea says Drew is unpredictable and even she did not know what Drew would do. Priest then says, as a leader, he should be fighting in the advantage match. Rhea says they will discuss it together with Drew before deciding.

Raquel Rodriguez vs Nia Jax

Raquel hits a big boot to send Nia to the corner and hits several shoulder tackles. She whips Nia into the turnbuckle. Nia brings out her inner Samoa Joe to hit an Urinage from the corner. They trade punches when Raquel gets up. Raquel tackles Nia out of the ring. She hits a crossbody on the floor next to get hyped up. Nia pushes her into the barricade. The referee has started to count down. Nia drives Raquel into the ring post. We cut to a break.

Nia is in complete control as we return. She hits a headbutt to drop Raquel once again. She puts on an arm and shoulder lock. Raquel tries to get up to vertical base with the crowd behind her. Nia is on her back. Raquel collapses on her knees. Nia also drops with her. Raquel hits a couple of clotheslines. Nia hits another headbutt. Raquel then hits a hurricanrana, pushes her to the ropes and hits a big boot. She hits a corkscrew spinning elbow. She gets for fireman’s carry again, but once again her knees give up.

Nia hits her with a running senton. Nia sets up Raquel in the corner and gets up on the second rope. Raquel picks her up from there but her back gives out again. Nia hits annihilator(sit down) to get the pinfall.

We see a video package of Xia Li training for her roundhouse kicks mixed with all the women she has knocked out with it in the last few weeks.

Damian Priest is getting impatient with Drew McIntyre. Drew finally comes in and says he should be the one to fight in the advantage match. Priest brings up Drew costing him a title match. Drew tells him to take it easy. Priest agrees to let Drew fight the advantage match, but better win it.

We cut to a video package for Women’s War Games match and how Becky Lynch joined Team Bianca.

Cody and Sami are also there as Seth Rollins and Jey Uso are arguing about who will face Drew in advantage match. Seth says he has already beaten Drew, and he wants to hurt Jey. So, he should be the one facing him tonight. Jey says its family stuff and he wants to take on Drew. Seth gives in. They discuss who will be the fifth member. Cody says he has an old friend who he thinks will come through.

Becky Lynch vs Xia Li

NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyrie is in the front row for this match. They lock up and Li corners Becky. The referee calls for a break. Li hits a kick next. Becky ducks a roundhouse kick and gets Li down with a double leg takedown. She hits a couple of arm drags. She misses Li in the corner. Li hits an elbow to her face. Li avoids the Manhandle slam but Becky throws her out of the ring. Becky hits a baseball slide dropkick before a clothesline from the apron. Becky hits a big right before throwing Li back into the ring. Li catches her leg on the ropes and drops her with a kick on the apron. We cut to a break.

Becky is fighting back with punches as we return. She hits more and more shots before hitting a back heel kick. She follows up with a flying shoulder tackle, a corner tackle and a bexploder to get a two-count. Li counters and drops her. She hits a spinning kick to Becky’s back to get a two-count. They block each other before Becky goes for a disarmher. Li is struggling. She brings both her arms together and turns it into a pin attempt. Li gets her up on the shoulders for an airplane spin. The crowd gets behind Becky. She sends Li to the apron. Li slams her face into the turnbuckle before choking Becky for a while. Li goes to the top rope.

Becky meets her there to pound her with punches. Becky hits a superplex for a near fall. Becky hypes up. Li blocks the Manhandle Slam and hits spinning heel kick. Becky gets caught up in the ropes. Li pushes her out of the ring. Becky is not out though as she is talking to the referee. Li gets down and goes for the roundhouse kick. Becky ducks her and pushes her into the ring post. The referee is counting down. Both women get back in time to beat the count. Li goes for the roundhouse kick again but Becky ducks it and hits the Manhandle slam to get the pinfall.

We see Damage CTRL coming down through the crowd. They get attacked by Becky’s War Games teammates in the front row. A big brawl breaks out.

Ludwig Kaiser is backstage when Giovanni Vinci comes in and asks him if he is fine. Kaiser snaps at him, implying he is frustrated because of him.

Johnny Gargano vs Ludwig Kaiser

Kaiser ducks Gargano’s shot and lands his own punches. He hits a shoulder tackle next. Kaiser hits a big chop to drop Gargano. He fires more punches. Gargano ducks a clotheslines and hits a hurricanrana. Gargano hits an enzuigiri in the corner. Kaiser fires back with a big shot. Gargano hits a diving hurricanrana from the top rope. He hits a kick to send Kaiser to the floor. Kaiser cuts off a suicide dive with a punch. He hits a European uppercut to take us to a break.

Kaiser is in control on the apron as we return. Gargano puts him in the ring and Kaiser hits a big cross punch. Gargano hits a slingshot spear. Gargano builds momentum with quick shots, sends Kaiser to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Back to the ring, Gargano hits a tornado flatliner to get a two-count. Kaiser hits back with a back elbow in the corner and hits a discuss clothesline to get a two-count. Gargano ducks a kick and hits an enzuigiri. Kaiser hits a tilt-a-whirl slam to get a two-count. Gargano hits an enzuigiri. Kaiser hits a senton and a running knee. Vinci is out to the ring side now. Kaiser gets distracted as he argues with him. Gargano hits an enzuigiri from the apron and follows up with One Final Beat to get the pinfall.

We see Chelsea Green & Piper Niven complaining to Adam Pearce about not having a separate locker room. Several other women come in asking for tag team title match. Pearce books them in a 4-way #1 contender match.

Rhea Ripley finds Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler in Judgment Day locker room. Some back-and-forth argument between them before Baszler leaves. Stark says Rhea is focused on everything else other than her.

Tegan Nox & Natalya vs Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell vs Ivy Nile & Maxxine Dupri vs Kayden Carter & Katana Chance – #1 Contender for Women’s Tag Team Championship

Ivy Nile starts against Natalya. Nile hits the first shot. Natalya tags in Tegan who takes down Nile before tagging back Natalya. Nile tags in Maxxine who manages a takedown. She gets Natalya down with a leg sweep. Nile tags in and Natalya takes over control. Indi tags in off Natalya when Nile backs her to the corner. Indi and Candice double-team with quick tags. Nile backs Indi to the corner and Carter tags in. Carter and Chance hit quick moves against Candice and Indi before also throwing out Natalya and Tegan. Nile and Maxxine also hit dives to take us to a break.

The match breaks down as we return. Nile hits a double powerbomb on Natalya and Tegan as they were looking for a double superplex on Carter. Everyone starts to get involved one by one. Natalya locks in a Sharpshooter on Chance. Nile breaks the hold with a bulldog. Maxxine tags herself in and hits bodyslams on Nox. She hits the Caterpillar and a Northern Lights suplex to get a two-count. Maxxine hits a corner splash. Nile and Maxxine hit a double suplex to Nox. Nile gets to the top but Natalya her off. Dupri goes for a crossbody but Nox rolls her up for the pinfall.

Backstage, we see Ludwig Kaiser is arguing with Vinci for coming out during his match. Gunther walks in and snaps at Kaiser. Gunther says maybe he picked the wrong guy to be in charge.

Backstage, we see Indus Sher, The New Day, Alpha Academy, The Creed Brothers, DIY and Imperium are arguing. Adam Pearce comes in screaming at them. They all ask for a #1 contenders match. Pearce announces a Tag-Team Turmoil bout for next week’s RAW. Pearce then bumps into SmackDown GM Nick Aldis and tells him that they need to talk.

The Miz is waiting for IC champion Gunther for Miz TV segment. He comes out. Gunther talks about how he doesn’t respect Miz. Miz talks about respecting legends in the past who held the title like Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels and others. Gunthers says he used to idolize them and then he got to WWE and those same people bullied him because he doesn’t belong but Miz wasn’t bullied enough. Gunther starts bullying Miz. Miz has had enought and snaps to beat him down. Miz ends up hitting Gunther with Skull Crushing Finale and leaves him laid out.

Jey Uso is backstage when Seth Rollins comes in stressing about the importance of War Games Advantage match. Uso says “Yeet”, and Rollins continues to stress how important it is.

Chad Gable vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Back-and-forth action between the two men before Gable takes over control. He screams a “Thankkk Youuu” to take us to a break.

Nakamura is in control after the break. He hits a running knee to midsection before putting on a chinlock. Gable hits shots to midsection but Nakamura hits another knee to midsection. Gable hits some forearm shots, a kick and a neckbreaker to get a two-count. Nakamura hits a diving knee on Gable from the top rope. Gable gets her in an ankle lock but Nakamura kicks him away. Gable hits a suplex and a diving headbutt to get a near fall.

Nakamura exposes the turnbuckle. He blocks a Chaos Theory from Gable and hits a knee strike. Gable ducks kinshasa and hits Chaos Theory to get a near fall. Gable hits a Full Nelson Suplex. He goes to the top again but Nakamura gets his feet up on a moonsault. Nakamura hits a suplex. Gable counters the kinshasa with an ankle lock. Nakamura tries to get to the ropes but Gable pulls him back to the middle. Gable tries to save himself from the exposed turnbukcle but this gives Nakamura an opportunity to get him in a jacknife to get the pinfall.

Drew McIntyre meets Judgment Day backstage and tells them that he doesn’t need them at ringside. Priest replies that they won’t be there.

Back from the break, we see Jey Uso is chatting with his teammates. They hype him before he makes his way bout. They talk about the fifth member. Rhodes says that he has a person called in.

Drew McIntyre vs Jey Uso- War Games Advantage match

They stare each other before starting to trade punches. McIntyre hits a stomp before a big right and a back elbow. Jey then sends McIntyre out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. He sends Drew crashing into the ring post face first as we cut to a break.

Drew is stomping on Jey in the corner as we return. Jey gets enraged with chops from Drew but Drew shuts him down down with punches. Jey hits an enzuigiri from the apron before a crossbody from the top rope to get a two-count. Jey goes for a suicide dive but Drew cuts him off at the ropes with a punch. Drew slams his back into the barricade and the apron. Back to the ring, Jey slaps Drew when he talks trash. Jey hits an enzuigiri. He hits shoulder tackles from the apron. Drew knocks him down with Glasgow kiss. Drew throws him over the announce table. We cut to another break.

Jey is hitting punches as we return. The intensity of the punches keep increasing before Jey hits a Samoan drop to get a two-count. Jey slips off Drew’s shoulders but runs into a big right. Drew jumps off the top but Jey ducks him. Drew hits him with a neckbreaker anyway. Drew kips up and gets ready for Claymore. Jey hits back with a superkick to get a near fall. Jey gets to the top rope. Drew knocks him off and hits a Futureshock DDT to get the pinfall.

Rhea Ripley is out at ringside after the match. Drew continues to beat down Jey. He clears the announce table but Jey starts to fight back. He gets a steel chair but the rest of the Judgment Day come out to beat him up. Cody, Sami and Rollins run out with steel chairs and fight back. Several chair shots on the opposite team and they clear the ring.

Cody takes the mic and says he is so glad that Judgment Day got the advantage. He is so glad that Drew McIntyre is in their team. Because he has a legacy with the fifth member of their team. He asks JD if they do not know that it is the Apex Predator. He asks if they are not hearing Voices in their Head.

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