WWE RAW May 15, 2023 Preview & Match Card

WWE RAW May 15 2023
Credits – WWE

WWE RAW May 15, 2023 episode will feature Intercontinental Champion Gunther’s first appearance on RAW after draft and a battle royal to find his #1 title contender.

Only one match is announced so far between Shinsuke Nakamura and The Miz. The show will also feature segments with Cody Rhodes and Becky Lynch on the road to WWE Night of Champions 2023 event. Also expect to hear from Seth Rollins. Check the complete preview and match card for WWE RAW May 15, 2023.

Gunther & #1 Contender Battle Royal

Although Intercontinental Champion Gunther has appeared on RAW a couple of time while he was still in NXT, but he will be appearing on the red brand for the first time after he was drafted. He has been away from WWE TV for his marraige. His return is not the only thing planned for Intercontinental title this week. WWE has also booked a battle royal to find the first challenger for Gunther’s title on RAW. Who will it?

Shinsuke Nakamura vs The Miz

The Miz welcomed Shinsuke Nakamura back to RAW as a guest on The Miz TV two weeks back and offered him to be his second in command in a tag team and assist him in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. But, Nakamura respectfully declined. Last week, they were put against Seth Rollins in the first match of the tournament and Rollins ended up winning that match.

The Miz was once again in Nakamura’s ear to scold him for not listening to him and pitched a tag team match. Nakamura teased agreeing to him but then challenged him for a singles match. Will Miz pull one up on Nakamura here? Or will Nakamura prove that he does not need Miz’s assistance?

Becky Speaks

Trish Stratus has been running her mouth ever since she put Becky Lynch out of action after turning on her last month. Becky surprised her last week by returning and attacking her. However, we did not hear anything from Becky but we will hear from her on May 15 episode of RAW. What will she have to say to Trish’s insults?

Cody Speaks

Cody seemed destined to be winning the first round match in World Heavyweight Championship when Brock Lesnar attacked him and took him out of the match. Lesnar was unhappy with the manner Cody won against him at Backlash(turning kimura lock into a pin), and asked for a fight at Night of Champions. Cody was quick to accept the challenge later in the show. This week on RAW, Cody will once again address Lesnar. What does the American Nightmare have to say now?

What Else to Expect?

Will Seth Rollins address the fans after qualifying in the final of World Heavyweight Championship?

Does Maxxine Dupri has something up her sleeves to entice Otis to her side?

Zoey Stark showcased her talent with a win over Nikki Cross. Will some other NXT call up make their mark on the red brand this week?

Who is next challenger for Rhea Ripley?

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