WWE RAW January 22: Punk Cody Face off, McIntyre vs Priest Set

CM Punk Cody Rhodes RAW January 22
Credits – WWE

WWE has announced 3 matches and a big segment for RAW episode of January 22, 2024.

CM Punk called out Cody Rhodes for a face-off at next week’s RAW via his Instagram account. WWE later confirmed this segment officially. Both men have announced for men’s Royal Rumble match 2024 and remain big favorites to win.

A singles match between Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest is also announced for January 22 RAW episode. McIntyre has repeatedly said that he lost to Seth Rollins in World Heavyweight title match at Day 1 due to Priest’s attempt to cash-in MITB briefcase.

McIntyre also stopped Priest from cashing in the briefcase this week during Rollins vs Jinder Mahal match leading to a brawl between them.

Ivar and Valhalla from the Viking Raiders will be in action in different singles matches. Ivar faces Chad Gable while Valhalla will take on Ivy Nile.

Ivar faced Akira Tozawa in a singles match this week on RAW, but lost the match after Tozawa capitalized on a distraction from Maxxine Dupri to hit a powerbomb from the second rope. Valhalla then attacked Dupri and Ivar also dropped Tozawa with a spinning heel kick.

In the aftermath, an irate Ivy Nile demanded Valhalla to face consequences. Chad Gable also said that he would face Ivar in a singles match next week.

January 22, 2024 edition of WWE RAW will be the 1600th episode of RAW while also being the Royal Rumble go-home edition of RAW. The announced line-up for the show is as below:

  • CM Punk & Cody Rhodes Face to Face
  • Drew McIntyre vs Damian Priest
  • Ivar vs Chad Gable
  • Ivy Nile vs Valhalla

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