WWE NXT Roadblock March 5, 2024 Results, Live Updates, Winners

NXT Roadblock 2023

WWE NXT Roadblock 2024 event brought some exciting matches on March 5 special edition. Tony D’Angelo and Carmelo Hayes clashed in #1 contender for NXT Championship.

Shawn Spears made his debut after return to NXT last week. The Kabuki Warriors defended WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against Lyra Valkyrie and Tatum Paxley. Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker defended NXT Tag Team Championship against Chase U’s Andre Chase & Duke Hudson.

Additionally, Dijak and Joe Gacy took their rivalry to the next level in an Asylum match. Tune in below for the results from WWE NXT Roadblock 2024 below with updates and highlights.


Dijak defeated Joe Gacy in an Asylum match. Dijak took the offensive lead but got distracted by a box which had “Do Not Open” written on it. Dijak opened it and got hit to his groin by a springed glove and smoke sprayed in his face. Later, Dijak put Gacy in a straight jacket. Gacy fought back and put Dijak through a black painted emoji table with the straight jacket still on. Dijak kicked out of the near falls on a couple of occasion. Dijak then taped Gacy’s eyes and hit him with Feast Your Eyes to get the pinfall.

Adrianna Rizzo was talking to Tony D’Angelo backstage before Stacks brought in Luca Crusafino. Tony told Luca that he needed legal advice but also someone who can use his fist whenever required. Luca accepted Tony’s offer to join the Family as a consigliere.

Riley Osbourne is with Fallon Henley as they talked about Thea Hail. Henley cleared that Osbourne & Thea’s date failed as Thea was advised to play “hard to get”. Blair Davenport came in and mocked Henley for getting into other’s problems.

Lyra Valkyrie and Tatum Paxley were backstage where Valkyrie said they could be more than just friends after tonight as they could become WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker(c) defeated Chase U(Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) to retain NXT Tag Team Championship. After Breakker dropped Hudson on the announce table, Corbin was able to catch Chase with Deep six. Breakker hit a spear on Corbin to get the pinfall.

After the match, Thea Hail ripped off her Chase U shirt and walked off.

Carmelo Hayes has a different security team as he sat down in locker room for an interview. He claimed that he would win the #1 contender match tonight and would beat Dragunov to win the NXT title at Stand & Deliver.

Shawn Spears defeated Uriah Connors. Spears squashed Connors with ease and hit C4 to get the pinfall win in about a minute.

After the match, Spears wanted to send a message to Ridge Holland. Holland came out and attacked Spears. He got his hands on a chair but got stopped by some referees.

Backstage, Josh Briggs was trying to talk some sense into Brooks Jensen who is determined to go after NXT North American Champion Oba Femi. Dijak came in and put fire on oil saying Briggs was lying to Jensen.

Backstage, Thea Hail got into a fight with Izzy Dame and Kiana James.

The Kabuki Warriors(Asuka & Kairi Sane) (c) defeated Lyra Valkyrie & Tatum Paxley in a tag team match to retain WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Lyra and Paxley started on a strong note but a distraction to the referee allowed Asuka to hit Paxley with a kick on the outside. The Kabuki Warriors then kept control for a while before Lyra got the hot tag to turn things around. The finish came after Lyra accidentally hit a roundhouse kick on Paxley. The Kabuki Warriors cleared Lyra from the ring before finishing off Paxley to retain.

After the match, Roxanne Perez attacked Paxley and Lyra. Perez ended up stomping on Lyra’s arm against the turnbuckle. After the break, we saw Lyra being taken out in an ambulance.

Fallon Henley defeated Blair Davenport in a singles match. After a regular match with back-and-forth action, Blair was in control. Sol Ruca came out and hit Blair. Henley took advantage to get the pinfall on Blair.

Thea Hail came in as the rest of the Chase U were talking. She mentioned how she got into a fight with Kiana James and Izzy Dame and would fight them next week in a tag team match. She asked Jacy Jayne and another girl to be her tag team partner, but they walked away saying that they would be busy next week.

Gigi Dolin was with NXT Manager Ava asking for a match against Arianna Grace. Ava told her that Grace has refused to fight. Grace came in and said no to fight once again, but would agree to fight on one condition that Dolin would allow Grace to bring out Dolin’s inner beauty if she won.

No Quarter Catch Crew were in the ring with Charlie Dempsey’s Heritage Cup in the middle. They announce that there is a catch clause associated with Heritage Cup now which would mean any one of the crew members could defend the title. They also announced their entry into tag team eliminator tournament. William Regal made his return to onscreen in NXT. He talked about the significane of Heritage Cup to British and European wrestling, and how much it means to him. Charlie Dempsey replied to him that he would defend it much better than Regal ever did.

Backstage, we saw a depressed Noam Dar, and Oro Mensah and Lash Legends tried to discuss how to cheer him up. Dar changed his mood immediately and said he has to look to the future.

Mr. Stone was watching Lexis King’s digital exclusive segment where he talked trash about him and his kids. Von Wagner came in and said he was not done with King. Stone told him to step aside so he could defend his family’s honor.

Tony D’Angelo defeated Carmelo Hayes to become the #1 contender for NXT Championship. Carmelo’s security was standing on the stage to stop any intrusions. Tony took the lead in early exchanges before Carmelo made his way into the match slowly. In the final minutes, Carmelo dropped Tony to the mat and headed for the top rope. Trick Williams’ music played and Carmelo got distracted. Trick did not come out though. Tony took advantage of the distraction to hit swinging neckbreaker finisher to get the pinfall.

After the match, Tony told Carmelo that he had a gift for him. Trick Williams’ music hit once again and he came from behind to attack Carmelo. Carmelo’s security ran in which allowed Carmelo to run away. Trick closed the show standing tall in the ring.

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