WWE NXT Results October 17, 2023, Live Updates, Highlights

Bada Bing Bada Boom Battle Royal NXT Oct 17
Credits – WWE

Welcome to the ITNWWE’s live coverage for WWE NXT of October 17, 2023, which will cover results and highlights from the show.

The show will feature two different #1 contender matches. A 12-team Bada Bing, Bada Boom battle royal is set to identify the next challenger against Tony D’Angelo and Stacks for Halloween Havoc for NXT Tag Team Championship. the second #1 contender will be for NXT Championship where Carmelo Hayes, Baron Corbin and Dijak will clash.

Lyra Valkyrie and Tegan Nox will clash in a singles match. Additionally, we will see Becky Lynch, NXT Champion Ilja Drunov. and many other stars.

Bada Bing Bada Boom Battle Royal

Damon Kamp is the first one to get eliminated after being thrown out of the ring by Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen. His partner Drew Gulak is also removed from the match. Tank Ledger is thrown out by Gallus for the next elimination. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks are having dinner at the sky box overseeing this match. Other teams also gets cleared without much difficulty. The Creed Brothers throw out Wolfgang and Joe Coffey. OTM and The Brawling Brutes fall out after Garza and Carrillo counter. Julius hits a back body drop to throw Carrillo out of the ring. However, the referee do not see this. Carrillo comes back in to join Garza to throw The Creed Brothers out.

Chase U and Los Lotharios start a traditional tag team match. Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne come out to play cheerleaders for Chase U. Chase U pair keep the attack going to take us to the break.

Carrillo holds Chase on the apron and Garza hits a running knee on him. Chase kicks out of the pin. Carrillo and Garza keep pressure on Chase and keep him in the corner. Carrillo hits a corner splash on him. Garza gets whipped to hit a dropkick on Duke Hudson to knock him off the apron. Chase avoids a spear in the corner from Garza. Chase fights off Garza and Carrillo and tags in Hudson.

Carrillo comes in from the other side but Hudson is hot and throws out Garza before hitting quick moves on Carrillo. Hudson hits a powerbomb on Carrillo for a near fall. Chase comes in after a tag. After some nefarious tactits, Angel and Humberto take control. However, Brutus Creed distracts the referee when Angel goes for a pin. Julius pulls Carrillo out from the other side and drops him on the floor. Chase turns around Angel to get him in a rana pin/double leg cradle to get the pinfall.

Winners – Chase U(Andre Chase & Duke Hudson)

We see a video from Blair Davenport who challenges Gigi Dolin for a rematch at Halloween Havoc.

We see another vignette from Brian Pillman Jr. with several legends talking about his father’s legacy. Jr., however, says he does not know his father as he spent more time in hotels than home. He will surpass his father’s legacy. And, he will be known as Lexis King while doing so.

3-Way to 4-Way

Carmelo Hayes comes out and talks about a fanstastic time last week with getting rub from John Cena and the Undertaker. Baron Corbin interrupts and berates him for being a fanboy and terms it as the reason he lost the title. Dijak comes out and tries to make a case for him becoming the #1 contender by wining the triple threat match. NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov appears on the big screen and tells us about one last act from Cody Rhodes last week. It is that the #1 contender match is turned into a fatal 4-way match. The fourth man is Trick Williams.

Williams comes out. Carmelo Hayes is in shock. Some verbal war continues in the ring before Corbin and Dijak try to start a fight between Williams and Hayes. They fight them off to the floor. Hayes teases turning on Hayes, but decides against it.

Karmen Petrovic vs Jaida Parker – NXT Breakout Tournament Round 1 Match

They lock up and Petrovic pushes Parker to the ropes. Parker shoves her down to the mat. Parker trips her. Petrovic runs the ropes and hits a running kick. She hits a powerslam next to get a two-count. Parker turns it around in the corner. She starts working on the arm. Petrovic counters with a pin attempt. Parker sets her up on the middle turnbuckle and hits a double stomp. More control time for Parker before Petrovic hits clotheslines and a stomp on the face. She hits a spinning heel kick on the back before putting on a submission.

Winner – Karmen Petrovic

Lyra Valkyrie vs Natalya

Nox puts on an arm wringer. Lyra counters and gets Tegan to the mat. Tegan counters again. Lyra gets up to her feet and gets an inside cradle. Lyra hits a monkey flip before Tegan decks her. Lyra avoids a charge in the corner before getting a two-count. Lyra gets a series of innovative pinfall attempt. Tegan hits an uppercut to end that sequence. Lyra pushes Tegan off the top rope and to the floor to hit a suicide dive. We cut to a break.

Lyra hits a running crossbody as we return. They trade slaps while they are on their knees. Lyra hits some combination kicks before Northern Lights bridge to get a two-count. Lyra hits kicks to the chest. Tegan hits a fallaway slam bridge to get a two-count. She sends Lyra to the corner before hitting a dropkick. Lyra comes back with an enzuigiri. Lyra attempts a superplex but is thrown down. Tegan hits a senton dive. Tegan kicks her to the floor and hits a cannonball to get a two-count. Chelsea Green and Piper Nivan come out. Lyra takes advantage to hit a roundhouse kick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Lyra Valkyrie

Natalya and Tegan start to fight Chelsea and Piper and go to the back still fighting. Lyra cuts a short promo in the ring and claims her time is coming. Becky appears on the big screen and says Lyra is very very good, but that Becky is just a little bit better.

Carmelo Hayes is livid with Trick Williams backstage and says Williams should have told him about the inclusion in #1 contender match. Williams explains that he also needs to become a champion. Hayes says they could have planned it together but now they are fighting each other. But, they agree are they are friends no matter what.

We hear from Gigi Dolin on Blair Davenport’s challenge. Gigi brings out the special halloween match wheel and spins it. The match between them will be a Lights out match.

We see Von Wagner in rehab, but he is not able to use a stretch band itself. Mr. Stone tries to motivate him and he gets to work again.

Kiana James vs Shotzi

James shoves Shotzi to the mat and slams her face to the mat. Shotzi comes back with a big shot and a crossbody. She gets a two-count with a roll-up. She jumps on James’ back breifly before putting a leg scissors. James gets to the ropes for a break. James slams her face into the turnbuckle and sends Shotzi down to the floor as we cut to a break.

James is still in control with corner tackles. Shotzi hits a big boot before dropping her to the ropes. James runs her over and puts on a chinlock. Shotzi breaks free and hits a couple of clotheslines before hitting a DDT on the apron. Shotzi hits a suicide dive next. James trips her from the top rope as they get back up. Roxanne Perez comes out and pulls out the brick from the bag. James snatches it but Roxanne gets to the apron. The referee gets distracted. Shotzi snatches the bag and does Eddie Guerrero’s trick, slamming the bag into James’ face and handing it over to her. The referee takes the bag from James. James misses a spear in the corner. Shotzi hits a senton from the top rope to get the pinfall.

Winner – Shotzi

Backstage, Oro Mensah and Lash Legends are being interviewed about Jakara Jackson’s injury, who is forced out of the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament. Noam Dar calls him them and says doctors are talking about cutting Jackson’s arm. Akira Tozawa comes in and tells Mensah and Legends to tell Noam that he is looking for him.

Mckenzie cuts short the interview as the cameras have caught Trick Williams being laid out by a mystery attacker. Carmelo Hayes runs in to check on Williams. We cut to a break.

After the break, we are told that Trick Williams is being taken to the hospital after the attack by the mystery man. The main event is back to being a triple-threat match.

Mckenzie tries to talk to Dominik Mysterio about his brawl with Nathan Frazer backstage on RAW yesterday. Dominik says he is done talking about the fool. Frazer attacks Dominik and they brawl to the ring. Frazer keeps the upper hand and Rhea Ripley has to pull Dominik out of the ring to save him.

We see Roxanne Perez and Shotzi walking backstage. Roxanne says she does not understand what is Kiana James’ issue with her. They reach the Halloween wheel and Perez spins it. It stops on Devil’s Playground match, which will be the stipulation for Perez vs James match next week.

Arianna Grace vs Brinley Reece – NXT Breakkout Tournament Round 1 Match

Arianna Grace is in the ring with a beauty peagent crown and sash on. She talks about unfortunate event of Jakara Jackson being pulled out due to injur and is glad to accept her bye into the next round. However, music hits for replacement opponent Brinley Reece as she comes out.

Grace tells Reece to kiss her hand but Reece replies with shots. Grace makes a comeback with some quick moves. She keeps control for a while. Reece builds some momentum before hitting a big clothesline. She gets Grace up on the shoulders, but Grace rakes her eyes and slips out. Grace then follows up by hitting a Death Valley Driver to get the pinfall.

Winner – Arianna Grace

McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing Bron Breakker backstage. Breaker talks about last week’s show being the biggest in history because of him. He brings up his attack of Von Wagner last month. Robert Stone comes in to argue with him, blaming him for Wagner’s condition while he is sharing the ring with Cena and The Undertaker. Mr. Stone challenges him for a match at Halloween Havoc. Breaker accepts it.

Baron Corbin vs Dijak vs Carmelo Hayes – #1 Contender match for NXT Championship

Dijak and Corbin hit each other after teasing doubling up on Hayes. Hayes takes shots at them but it soon turns into a three way action. Corbin hits a punch on Hayes and Dijak hits a chokeslam. Corbin is stopped by Dijak as he covers Hayes a. Corbin hits a clothesline on Dijak. Hayes hits a springboard clothesline on Corbin. Dijak catches a crossbody from Hayes and throws him away. Corbin and Dijak trade shots in the middle for a while. Hayes tries to get in the middle and succeeds in hitting a double DDT to get two count on both men. We cut to a break.

Hayes hits corner clotheslines. Corbin ducks on and hits corner clotheslines himself. Then, it was Dijak’s turn to do the same. Hayes hits a superkick on Dijak. Dijak suplexes him into Corbin in the corner. Corbin hits a clothesline from the second rope. Dijak sends him out of the ring. Hayes turns a chokeslam from Dijak into a codebreaker. Corbin pulls Hayes off the top rope and hits a Death Valley Driver on the floor. Dijak keeps Corbin out of the ring with a big boot. Hayes blocks a discuss boot from Dijak. Corbin comes in and Hayes sends him into Dijak for a chokeslam. Hayes quickly breaks the pinfall. Dijak and Hayes trade shots. Dijak hits a big boot to get a two-count.

Dijak hits back elbows and chops in the corner. Hayes fires back with chops but Dijak just boots him to the corner again. Hayes slips from the second rope and tries a powerbomb but Corbin stops him. Corbin goes for a German suplex on Dijak from the second rope. Hayes adds a powerbomb to Corbin in it. Corbin sends Hayes to the floor with a big right on the apron. Dijak goes for Feast Your Eyes but Corbin counters it into End of Days. Hayes hits Corbin with a leg drop, and goes on to pin Dijak for the pinfall win.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

We cut to backstage where Lyra Valkyrie rips off a poster featuring she and Becky Lynch. Lyra leaves but Jade Cargill appears on the TV screen backstage before the show goes off the air.

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