WWE NXT Results from July 19, 2022, Live Updates

WWE NXT July 19, 2022
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Welcome to the live coverage blog for WWE NXT 2.0 Results from July 19, 2022 episode featuring 20 Women Battle Royal.

The Battle Royal will crown a new #1 contender for NXT Women’s Championship against Mandy Rose. The show will also feature NXT UK Tag Team title match with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen defending the title against Pretty Deadly.

JD McDonagh will re-debut on NXT as he faces Cameron Grimes. Several other matches will take place along with stars like Bron Breakker, Tony D’Angelo, etc, and we will be here to post the results from WWE NXT July 19, 2022 episode with live updates, winners, video highlights, and more.


  • JD McDonagh defeated Cameron Grimes in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Roderick Strong defeated Damon Kamp in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs(c) defeated Pretty Deadly(Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) via pinfall to retian NXT UK Tag Team Championship.
  • Axiom defeated Dante Chen in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Zoey Stark won the 20 Women Battle Royal for #1 Contender for NXT Women’s Championship

Live Updates

The show opens with a recap of Cora Jade turning on Roxanne Perez last week.

Cameron Grimes vs JD McDonagh

Grimes starts with quick attack. JD hits back for some back and forth action. JD catches a kick and goes to work on his knee. Grimes kicks him to the floor. They fight on the floor for a while. Grimes hits a crossbody as they get back to the ring. Joe Gacy is watching the match from the skybox. We cut to commercials.

Grimes is trying to fight back as we return from the back. Joe Gacy is looking at the match from the skybox as Grimes hits a snapmare, running knee and a kick. JD slams his knee into the ringpost. He continues to work on the knee with kicks and elbow drops, before putting on the half crab.

Grimes hits back with running forearms and an Urinage. JD hits at the knee again. Grimes hits a big elbow and an enzuigiri. A superkick drops JD. JD hits a headbutt and eats a knee in return. Grimes’ leg gets stuck in the ropes when they fight on the apron. JD hits more kicks on his knee and then hits his finisher to get the pin.

Winner- JD McDonagh

Nikkita Lyons is backstage and says 19 stars stand in between her and the title shot, and there will be no more ducking and dodging after tonight.

After the break, Tiffany Stratton is backstage for a promo for battle royal and says it is rude to make her compete for a title match.

Cora Jade makes her entrance and gets into the ring. She talks about being the face of the women’s division in last one year and recalling her dive from the top of the cage in Wargames. But, ever since she brought Roxanne Perez to NXT, the fans were lapping her up. Jade says she wanted to make the tag titles important but Roxanne Perez ruined it by going after women’s title.

Jade reveals that it was her who attacked Perez last week. Her plan for women’s title shot was working well but Perez had to come through to ruin it. And that is the reason that she felt so good when she hit Perez in the back. She also reveals that Perez is not here tonight because of a broken heart. Jade claims that there is no one standing in her way tonight to win the battle royal. She says tag team titles are now a lie for her and she dumps her belt in a garbage can.

Xyonn Quinn is interviewed backstage and says he does not rate Apollo Crews but this is gonna be the biggest win of his career so far. He claims that Crews does not belong in the big leagues and he will see his X-Factor next week.

Indi Hartwell cuts a promo backstage and says solo ride has been smooth until now. She adds that you cannot trust anyone anymore. She then hypes her chances for battle royal tonight.

Roderick Strong vs Damon Kamp

They lock up and Strong counters a waistlock with an arm wrench. Kamp puts on a side headlock. Strong turns it around with a headlock of his own. Kamp hits a body slam and a leg drop to get a two-count. Strong uses the ropes to hurt Kamp’s midsection. He works on Kamp’s chest and ribs with chops and kicks. Kamp blocks a suplex but Strong hits knees to midsection and hits a suplex. Strong puts on an arm lock. Strong puts on a chinlock next.

Kamp hits a big boot in the corner to turn the momentum around. He hits quick tackles and ends the sequence with a slingshot spear. Strong hits a superkick. Kamp and Strong end up dropping each other with clotheslines. Tony D’Angelo appears on the big screen and turns their attention as they beat up The Creed Brothers. Kamp wanted to check on The Creed Brothers but Strong pulls him back and hits a knee strike to get the pin.

Winner- Roderick Strong

Strong leaves the ring quickly and asks Kamp also to run to the back. Kamp stumbles but goes back.

We get a backstage segment from Pretty Deadly, who are ready to clean the title after they win it from Brooks and Jensen. We cut to Brooks and Jensen who are hyped for tonight’s defense and Fallon Henley’s chances in Battle Royal.

Roderick Strong reaches The Creed Brothers and gets living on them for allowing Tony’s Family to attack them.

Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs(c) vs Pretty Deadly(Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) – NXT UK Tag Team Championship.

Prince smacks on Jensen’s chest and draw attack from Jensen. Wilson takes a blind tag and stops his suplex. Pretty Deadly double team breifly until Jensen tags in Briggs for some double team of their own. Wilson catches Briggs’ leg and Prince attacks him. Briggs fights back quickly and sends Prince to the floor. Prince ends up knocking out Fallon Henley with his momentum on the floor. Jensen gets livid and Briggs calms him down to take us to a break.

Jensen misses in the corner as we return. Pretty Deadly work on him in double team. Jensen almost tags in Briggs but Wilson pulls him back. Jensen hits a clothesline and Prince and Briggs get the tags. Briggs hits quick tackles and kicks on both opponents. Wilson’s crossbody stops his momentum. A double clothesline drops both men at the same time. Prince hands Wilson a title belt and throws another one to Briggs. The referee gets distracted in removing that title. Jensen drops Prince on the floor with a big boot. Wilson tries to use the other title but is stopped by Henley. The referee sees this. Briggs and Jensen hit High-Low on Wilson to get the pin.

Winners- Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen

Wes Lee is backstage and says he thinks he has hit a roadblock, but things are turning around. He brings up Grayson Waller and reveals that they will face-off next week. Trick Williams will follow.

Bron Breakker comes out to the ring. He calls Cameron Grimes one of the best and that he respects him. He then says JD McDonagh attacking him from behind has got his attention. McDonagh appears on the big screen and asks how Breakker’s shoulder is holding up. McDonagh says he studied Breakker while he was in NXT UK. He then demonstrates some anatomy of shoulder on a manequin. The trash talk continues. McDonagh says Breakker’s world changed at Great American Bash. Breakker ends the segment by saying that if McDonagh wants to break his shoulder, he can do so, but Breakker will snatch it back and beat McDonagh with it.

We see Von Wagner attacking Solo Sikoa last Friday as he was going to SmackDown tapings.

Axiom vs Dante Chen

Axiom starts with some quick action. Chen works on the arm. Axiom turns it around and hits an armdrag. He hits an enzuigiri. Chen sends up sending him to the floor but Axiom returns quickly. Chen hits a backbreaker to get a two-count. Axiom comes back with a DDT. A Pele kick and raking face to the ropes is followed by a crossbody. A big running kick gets Axiom the pinfall.

Winner- Axiom

20 Women Battle Royal

Zoey Stark returns in the Battle Royal. Everyone is focused on Cora Jade though. Jade gets out from the bottom rope. Ivy Nile follows her and starts to beat her up. Others start brawling in the ring. Nile kicks out Amari Miller as she was working on Tatum Paxley. Indi Hartwell kicks and eliminates a new comer. Lash Legends goes to powerbomb Alba Fyre but Fyre takes her out also and both of them get eliminated.

Wendy Choo is dropped off the apron by Tiffany Stratton but she lands on her pillow and gets back into the match. Yulisa Leon gets eliminated by Zoey Starks. Feroz fights Stark now. Stark throws Feroz out but Leon catches her. Stark kicks at Leon to eliminate Feroz also. Kiana James sends Fallon Henley to the apron and kicks her out. Stratton uses a cup to knock off Wendy Choo. We cut to a break.

Elektra Lopez was eliminated by Carter and Chance during the break. Ivy Nile is pushed over by Lyons when Carter and Chance were fighting her. Nile pulls Chance and Lyons knocks off Carter. Tatum Paxley jumps out herself to save Nile from Carter and Chance. Startton low bridges Indi to eliminate her. Stark, Lyons, James and Stratton are the last four.

Lyons hits everyone with corner splashes. She hits Stark with a German suplex, drops Stratton with a punch and knocks out James with a big spinning kick. Lyons throws out James. Stratton sneaks up on her and eliminates her. Stratton hangs onto the ropes when Stark tries to eliminate her. Stark hits her with a clothesline but Stratton keeps one leg up. She returns to the ring for some back and forth before Stark finally throws her out. Stark is celebrating but Cora Jade returns to the ring. She was never eliminated. Stark, although, gets alert in time and throws Jade out.

Winner – Zoey Stark

Stark celebrates her win as Toxic Attraction watches from skybox.

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