WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results, Live Updates, Highlights

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Welcome to the live results coverage for WWE NXT Deadline 2023 event which will be live from Bridgeport, CT.

Two Iron Survivor Challenge matches – one each for men and women – are the main attraction for the event. Tyler Bate, Trick Williams, Dijak, Josh Briggs and Bron Breakker will be in action in the men’s match. Tiffany Stratton, Lash Legends, Blair Davenport, Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan are announced for the women’s match.

Ilja Dragunov will take on Baron Corbin to defend NXT Championship. Dragon Lee will challenge Dominik Mysterio for North American Championship. A steel cage match will take place as Roxanne Perez and Kiana James will try to settle their rivalry.

Carmelo Hayes and Lexis King are also set to clash. Axiom and Nathan Frazer will clash on the pre-show.


  • Axiom defeated Nathan Frazer in a singles match via pinfall(pre-show).
  • Dragon Lee defeated Dominik Mysterio(c) in a singles match via pinfall to win NXT North American Championship.
  • Blair Davenport(3) defeated Tiffany Stratton(1), Lash Legends(2), Kelani Jordan(0) & Fallon Henley(1) in Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match.
  • Carmelo Hayes defeated Lexis King in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Trick Williams(4) defeated Dijak(3), Josh Briggs(2), Bron Breakker(3) & Tyler Bate(3) in Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match.
  • Kiana James defeated Roxanne Perez in a Steel Cage Match via pinfall.
  • Ilja Dragunov(c) defeated Baron Corbin in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT Championship.


Axiom vs Nathan Frazer

A back-and-forth start with quick action before they come to a stalemate. The crowd starts “NXT” chants. Frazer runs the ropes, ducking Axiom several times, and hits a dropkick. He hits a knee strike. Axiom hits back with an armdrag. Frazer drops his face into the turnbuckle. Frazer hits big chops in the corner. He hits a snap suplex. Axiom puts on the Octopus stretch out of nowhere and hits a big punch on his ribs. Frazer is close to the ropes and grabs them. He puts on a choke on Axiom now.

Axiom gets out of it but Frazer hits an inverted DDT after setting it up with a springboard. Axiom hits a dropkick and a half-and-half suplex, followed by a kick to get a near fall. Axiom drops his groin on the ropes and hits a forearm to drop him to the floor. He hits a springboard moonsault on the floor. Back to the ring, Frazer jumps on the top rope to hits a superplex and a neckbreaker combo to get a near fall. Frazer gets to the top, but has to roll through Pheonix splash. He hits a superkick after blocking a German suplex.

Axiom catches him with a superkick. Frazer also hits back with a superkick to get a two-count. Frazer gets to the top. Axiom catches up and hits a Spanish fly. He hits Golden Ratio to get the pinfall.

Shawn Michaels comes out to open the main show. He asks the fans if they are ready. CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way out. Punk gets into the ring with huge “CM Punk” chants. HBK and Punk have a bit of banter. They take a selfie before Punk says he missed his flight today and decided to hop into NXT. He says there is still no final decision on if he will sign with RAW or SmackDown, or may be he will be the next NXT superstar. HBK starts a “CM Punk” chant before they hug to close the segment.

A video package is aired for the show.

Dominik Mysterio(c) vs Dragon Lee – NXT North American Championship

Rey Mysterio comes out on crutches. Dragon Lee makes his entrance and meets Rey at ringside. Dominik Mysterio is out by himself. No Judgment Day tonight. Rey joins the commentary team. Lee starts with punches before hitting a hurricanrana to send Dominik to the floor to hit a senton dive. Back to the ring, Lee hits a kick to the face, sends Dominik into the turnbuckle and hits a dropkick to get a two-count. Lee hits a chop but Dominik kicks him away. Lee hits punches before Dominik drops on the ropes. Lee’s leg drops on the top rope. Dominik shoves him to the floor.

Dominik keeps control in the ring. He poses in the corner to mock his father. Lee hits punches to the ribs but Dominik trips him. Dominik hits springboard senton to get a two-count. Dominik puts on a choke now. Dominik goes for the three amigos. Lee blocks the third suplex but Dominik overpowers him to hit that suplex anyway. Dominik tries to a superplex on the outside but Lee fights back and hits a double stomp with Dominik hanging in a tree of woe. The referee starts to countdown. They get back at 8.

Lee starts to create momentum with a series of kicks, clotheslines, dropkicks and shotgun dropkick against the turnbuckle. Lee hits a double stomp from the top rope. Dominik grabs the ropes to break the pin. Dominik hits a dropkick. Lee hits back with a stomp. He goes for powerbomb but Dominik counters to hit one himself. Dominik sets up for 619 but Lee ducks it and hits a powerbomb. Lee follows it up with the Destino to get the pinfall.

Lee goes and hugs Rey Mysterio on the commentary table after he celebrates.

Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match

Henley and Blair start the match. They both get headlock takedowns. They trade quick pinfall attempts in a back-and-forth sequence. Blair hits a big kick before a running knee to get a two-count. Blair whips her to the corner a couple of times. More whips before Blair runs her over with a clothesline. She puts on a shoulder and back stretch. Henley comes back as she blocks a suplex and hits a big shot at Blair’s back. She slams Blair’s face into the turnbuckle a few times.

Tiffany Stratton enters the match. Blair attacks Henley as she is focused on Tiffany. Tiffany sends Henley into the steel steps. Henley also whips Blair into the barricade. Back to the ring, Blair and Tiffany work on Henley. Henley fights back but Tiffany drops her with a clothesline. Both Tiffany and Blair put on armbar on Henley at the same time. Henley refuses to ta out though. They continue to work on Henley. Henley kicks at Blair and Tiffany also takes advantage. She sets up both opponents in the corner for a handspring splash. Tiffany hits an Alabama Slam on Henley. Blair throws Tiffany out of the ring and pins Henley to get he first fall of this match.

Kelani Jordan enters the match and hits quick moves on Tiffany and Blair with clotheslines, kicks and a double dropkick. Jordan hits a handspring splash on Blair but Tiffany breaks the pin. Tiffany throws her out of the ring before Henley comes back into the match. She hits a clothesline, a dropkick, and more hits before kicking Jordan off the apron. Henley hits a corner splash, and a couple of a running knees on Tiffany to get the pinfall. Blair – 1, Henley – 1, others at 0. Henley and Jordan fight for the next 90 seconds while Tiffany is in a cage. She comes back and so does Blair. Tiffany beats up Henley in one corner. Blair and Jordan tussle in one corner.

Lash Legends enter the match. She hits a double powerbomb on Tiffany and Henley and then hits a double suplex to get a two-count. Lash hits a body slam on Tiffany and then hits a powerbomb on Henley and stacks them both up to the pinfall. She gets two points as she has pinned tow other competitors. Blair and Jordan fight Lash. Jordan sends her to the floor and hits a kick on Lash. Meta-Four come out and block the cage door to stop Tiffany and Henley from getting out. Blair clears the announce table. Jordan fights Blair. Henley tries to get out of the top of the cage. Tiffany pushes her off the top and through the announce table. Tiffany hits a crossbody on Blair and Jordan.

Lash takes Jordan and Blair to the ring and tries to beat them up. Tiffany gets up and hits a double stomp on Lash but Henley breaks the pinfall. Blair hits a curb stomp on Jordan to get her second fall. The action continues in the ring with a lot of action. Jordan comes back after 90 second penalty. Henley clotheslines Blair out of the ring. Jordan hits a missile dropkick on Henley. Tiffany hits a moonsault on Lash to get her first fall. Jordan hits a 450-splash on Tiffany and Blair but Henley breaks it.

Henley puts on a single leg crab on Tiffany, but she kicks her away as Jordan puts on a choke on Blair. Blair breaks free and throws away Jordan to the outside. Blair hits a stomp on Henley to get the third fall of the match with just 10 seconds left. Lash comes out, but Blair keeps running away from her to pass the time.

Blair takes the mic after the match and says she is coming after NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyrie at New Year’s Evil. Lyra comes out to the stage. Cora Jade runs her over from behind.

Carmelo Hayes vs Lexis King

Hayes refuses the handshake. Trick hits a series of armdrags before a dropkick. Back and forth action for a while before King takes over the control. Hayes hits a headbutt to his midsection. King pushes him to the corner. They fight on the top rope and end up falling on the apron. They beat the referee’s count and start trading chops. Hayes hits clotheslines and a springboard moonsault. He hits a bulldog to get a two-count. King hits a jackhammer to get a two-count. King hits some punches. Hayes blocks a suplex. They trade kicks before King hits a backbreaker. Hayes hits back quickly before hitting a leg drop from the top rope to get the pinfall.

After the match, Hayes leaves the ring. King takes the mic and says he wants to make it clear that Hayes was not the one who attacked Trick, but thanks Carmelo for the PLE spotlight.

Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match

Josh Briggs and Dijak start the match. Briggs rolls up Dijak to get a close two-count. They lock up after this. Dijak blocks an armdrag before more back and forth action. Briggs hits a hurricanrana to get a two-count. A big tackle from Briggs to get another two-count. Briggs shuts down Dijak’s attempt to tackle him. He goes for a suplex but Dijak hits punches to midsection and hits a suplex himself. Dijak hits a chokeslam to get a near fall. Briggs hits a big boot to get a two-count himself. Back elbows from Dijak to block a move. Briggs gets to the top. Dijak picks him up and hits Feast Your Eyes to get the pinfall.

Tyler Bate enters the match and hits punches, tackles and uppercuts. Dijak tries to take over but Bate manages to drop him to get a two-count. Briggs’ penalty time ends as Bate has Dijak in an airplane spin. Briggs hits a running boot on Dijak and throws Bate to the floor. Briggs hits a clothesline on behi nd the neck to get the pinfall on Dijak. He throws Bate into the cage door. Bate fights back quickly with a jump off the steep steps.

Back to the ring, Bate jumps off the ropes to hit an European uppercut. Briggs hits a side slam and splash from the second rope to get a two-count. Bate hits Tiger Driver 97 but Dijak breaks it. Bate counters Feast Your Eyes with a roll up to get a pinfall. Dijak hits him with a big shot and he falls on top of Briggs, but the referee argues with Dijak and is super late to count for the pinfall. Briggs drops Bate.

Trick comes into the match and drops Bate and Briggs with leg lariats and punches. Dijak comes in to stop his momentum but Trick quickly recovers to hit a double neckbreaker on Dijak and Briggs. Briggs sets up Trick in one corner. Dijak counters Briggs in the other corner and waits for him to get up. Trick jumps off his back to hit a clothesline midair. Trick covers Dijak but Bate breaks the pin. Bate puts Dijak in an airplane spin before dropping him to the mat. Bate then hits a suicide dive on Briggs. He drops Dijak into the steel steps. Back to the ring, Bate hits Trick with Tiger Driver 97 to get the pinfall. Bate and Dijak fight in the ring.

Bron Breakker enters the match. Breakker hits a spear on Dijak to get a pinfall. Breakker then hits a spear on Bate for his second fall, and then on Briggs to get his third fall. Trick exits the cage. Breakker drops him with a clothesline after a quick back and forth. Breakker puts on camel clutch on Trick. The other three men fight inside the cage. Trick breaks free and hits Breakker with a Death Valley Driver. Dijak drops Trick with Feast Your Eyes to get the pinfall. Trick is out of the match for 90 seconds again.

The action continues and Trick comes out to find all the competitors on the floor. He hits them with a crossbody. He is not able to capitalize though. Briggs and Dijak work on the other three competitors. They hit moonsaults on Breakker and Dijak to get the pinfalls on both men. Dijak is on zero falls and he is out once again. Bate, Dijak and Breakker have 3 falls while Briggs has 3. The action continues. Breakker and Dijak get out of the cage but Breakker slams Trick into the ring post. He spears Trick through the barricade. Dijak then puts Breakker through the announce table.

Bate and Briggs are fighting in the ring. Trick recovers with just 90 seconds left in the match. He rolls up Briggs to get his first pinfall. Dijak decks Trick and hits him with Feast Your Eyes. Dijak covers but Eddy Thorpe pulls out the referee. Dijak gets up but gets decked by Thorpe. Trick rolls up Dijak right after that and gets his second fall. Bate jumps off the top but gets cut midair by Trick, who then gets his third fall. 10 seconds are left and Breakker gets into the ring. Trick cuts off his spear with running knee to get his forth fall. Time runs out and Trick is the winner.

Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James – Steel Cage Match

James tries to use her loaded bag to start the match, but Perez ducks it and kicks the bag away. Perez tries to throw James into the cage but she blocks it by a boot and slams her face into the ropes. Perez blocks a catapult and sends James into the cage instead with a flip. James tries to climb the cage but Perez pulls her back. Perez hits a big boot. She tries to hit jumps off the second rope but James catches her and slams her into the cage. James kicks at Perez’s hand against the cage. James continues to be in control and slams Perez into the cage several times.

Perez starts to fire back with punches but James hits a spinebuster to get a two-count. James goes for a spear but Perez moves out of the way to send her crashing into the cage. Perez hits a Thesz press from the second rope. She throws James’ face into the cage multiple times. Perez hits a Russian leg sweep and a running shot to the back to get another two-count. Perez goes to the top rope and then to the top of the cage. James joins her. They trade shots but Perez manages to drop James off to the ropes. James pulls her down to the ropes and then slams her into the cage.

James hits a powerbomb off the bottom rope, but Perez kicks out of the pin. James then hits cage bomb before Perez counters a powerbomb to hit Pop-Rox. She is late to cover and gets a near fall only. James blocks another Pop-Rox and crawls towards the door. She pulls a chair when Perez pulls her back. Perez steals the chair. She goes to close the door, but Izy Dane slams the door on her face. James hits a chair shot on Perez’s back and then hits a Dealbreaker assisted with the chair to get the pinfall.

Ilja Dragunov(c) vs Baron Corbin – NXT Championship

Corbin pushes Ilja to the ropes before getting a side headlock takedown. Ilja pushes him to the ropes and hits a shot before Corbin takes him down with another side headlock takedown. Ilja breaks free but Corbin cuts off his charge off the ropes with another takedown. Ilja hits headbutts to break free. He hits a big chop before Corbin tackles him to the floor. Ilja comes back with a knee before clotheslining him to the floor. Corinb slams Ilja’s face into the announce table before dropping him with a suplex on the table.

Back to the ring, Corbin starts to focus on his ribs which are injured in that table spot. Ilja tries to fight back and matches Corbin with punches and chops. Corbin drops his face on the turbuckle. He hits a hard whip from corner to corner. Corbin sets him up on the top rope. Ilja hits punches to drop him back. Corbin avoids a senton from the top rope. Corbin hits a clothesline from the second rope to get a two-count. Ilja blocks a German suplex but Corbin hits a DDT. Corbin then drops him with an Urinage. He follows up by dropping his ribs on his knees. Ilja hits knee to stop the momentum. Ilja hits a running knee, followed by a senton off the top rope.

They throw hands at each other. Corbin drops Ilja who gets up and drops Corbin also with one big shot. They throw hands once again and Corbin gets dropped to the corner. Ilja hits machine gun chops to drop him. Ilja then hits a running boot and a bridging German suplex to get a two-count. Ilja goes for a piledriver but his ribs gives up. Corbin slips to the apron and Ilja hits him with a boot. They get to the top where Corbin manages to drop Ilja with a chokeslam. Corbin takes a bit of time to come down and cover, allowing Ilja to kick out easily. Corbin puts on dragon sleeper with body scissors. Ilja fights out of the body scissors.

Corbin goes for suplex but Ilja blocks it. Ilja hits a Death Valley driver into the corner. Corbin counters the torpedo attempt with Deep Six to get a near fall. Corbin hits a Death Valley Driver and a brainbuster to get a near fall. Ilja blocks End of Days and manages to hit a powerbomb. He hits a Coast-to-Coast dropkick but can’t go for the cover as he has hurt his ribs. Corbin tries to counter with End of Days but Ilja hits a DDT and hits a trio of H-bombs. Ilja then hugs Corbin to tell him something in his ears before he hits Torpedo Mascow to get the pinfall.

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