Updates on Sasha Banks incident from WrestleMania

Sasha Banks Incident WrestleMania 2019, Sasha Banks WrestleMania 35
Sasha Banks with the Bank statement on Beth Pheonix at WrestleMania 2019,

Ever since WrestleMania, Sasha Banks has been in the news. First, it was due to canceling on the Wendy Williams talk show at the last minute and then came the news that she reportedly tried to quit WWE after getting the news that she will be dropping the title to the IIconics. Sasha and Bayley were having the impression that they will have a lengthy reign as the champions to make the title credible.

After she asked to be released from WWE, the officials have given her one week time to think about the decision. Since then, Sasha has left for the holiday with her husband Mikaze and other friends. On the other hand, Bayley lost to Alexa Bliss in a quick match and is reported to be frustrated over the situation.

  • Some more details have come to light via Ryan Satin from Pro Wrestling Sheet that both Sasha and Bayley were laying on the floor of the locker room and then again in front of their rooms in the hotel and making loud noises to indicate their unhappiness for dropping the titles.
  • The second piece of news is that Sasha has unfollowed WWE and Vince McMahon’s Twitter account and has started following AEW, Cody Rhodes and other AEW Wrestlers. Her husband also posted a cryptic message over Twitter indicating that Sasha might indeed want to leave.

The third piece of news is that top WWE officials held a meeting over the issue and are currently in no mood to cut off Sasha. With Bank’s contract not running out for at least one more year, they will have the upper hand on the situation.

It remains unclear if and when Sasha would be returning to WWE TV. We will keep posting the updates over the issue here on itnwwe.com.

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