Update on WWE Adding “Injury” Time to Randy Orton’s Contract

Randy Orton
Credits- WWE

A report discusses Randy Orton’s WWE contract after his TV return, speculating on how his 18-month absence could impact the duration of his contract.

As per Fightful Select, Randy Orton’s absence due to injury from May 2022 to November 2023 might result in an extension of his contract to cover the lost duration. This time amounts to 18 months in total which came due to Orton suffering a back injury and his subsequent surgery.

Orton’s original contract, which he signed in 2019, was for 5 years and would end at the end of 2024. Orton is reportedly making around $4.5 million per year. If WWE indeed adds this “injury time,” his contract would potentially expire sometime in 2026.(Check here to find out contract expiration dates for other WWE & AEW stars).

Extending contract durations because of periods of absence is a prevalent practice in WWE, and there have been numerous instances of this over the years. A recent example involves Drew McIntyre, who allegedly had an additional three months added to his existing contract due to his absence earlier this year.

Fightful Select also points out that although there are cases where time isn’t added to contracts for absences, this usually occurs when the individual worked in different roles in WWE during their time away from the ring. But, in Orton’s case, all of these 18 months have went into his rehabilitation.

There was even a case at one point where Orton was warned never to return to the ring or take any bump. Even after his return, Orton has not taken any serious bumps in the two matches so far that he has competed in.

During Survivor Series 2023 PLE, at the conclusion of the main event, Randy Orton signaled to the fans, using hand gestures, that he would be present in WWE for more than 10 years. During December 1 episode of SmackDown, Randy Orton officially joined the SmackDown brand and began his rivalry with The Bloodline.

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