Seth Rollins Not Gonna Waste His Breath on CM Punk

Seth Rollins & CM Punk

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has addressed CM Punk making his return to WWE at Survivor Series.

Rollins was clearly livid watching Punk’s arrival and was seen flipping him off in videos posted by fans from the arena. A couple of media reports termed this all as a work with Rollins vs Punk expected to be a feud in the coming days.

Rollins defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre and Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE Live event in Peoria, AZ, on Sunday night. As took the mic after the match, fans greeted him with “CM Punk” chants.

Responding to this, Rollins said he was not gonna waste his breath on someone who had been gone for 8 years(10 actually), and tried to tear down WWE, and will instead focus on the ones that make this place great.

“I’m not going to waste any more breath on somebody that’s been gone for 8 years, has done nothing but try & tear this place down. Instead I’m going to take my time & use my breath on talking about the people who’ve been here all along. That’s everybody in the back who’s made WWE the hottest ticket in town, that’s every single one of you who are here tonight.”

Seth Rollins reacting to CM Punk chants from the crowd on November 26

CM Punk is set to appear on RAW on November 27 now, and it will be interesting to see how Seth Rollins will actually react to it.

In the past, Rollins had attacked Punk with scathing comments and even called him a cancer to the business. If they end up feuding immediately or in near future, fans can expect fiery promos between them. Keep tuned in for the latest updates, and check here for our preview of WWE RAW this week.

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