Seth Rollins Completes Heel Turn, Allinges with AOP

Seth Rollins Allinges with AOP
Seth Rollins Allinges with AOP

Seth Rollins completely went towards the dark side this week on RAW and completed his heel turn by aligning with the Authors of Pain(AOP) and attacking Kevin Owens.

Rollins has been teasing a heel turn for a few weeks now after he rained on the RAW roster for their dismal performance at Survivor Series. This week at RAW, he made his way out to the ring to challenge AOP for a match. But he was once again confronted by Kevin Owens. Owens himself was searching for AOP after their attacks on him for the past two weeks.

Rollins tried to convince Owens against him having any kind of alliance with Akam and Rezar. But when his efforts went in vain, he left Owens on himself in the ring. Owens was confronted by Sami Zayn and Mojo Rawley(whom Owens slapped backstage earlier) and took care of them before continuing his search for the tag team.

Eventually, Owens found the van AOP arrived in and battered it with the pipe. He broke the lock of the back door and saw a hooded figure seated in the car. Suddenly, he was attacked by AOP and beat him down before Seth Rollins revealed himself under the hood. Rollins told Owens he was “sorry,” but would also go on to hit him with a Curb Stomp on the floor.

Moments later, Rollins made his way to the entrance ramp once again and cut a promo. The Beastslayer told the crowd how he had gone from being a fan favorite at the start of the year to become one of the most hated wrestler on the planet without changing much about his character. Rollins also stressed that he was telling the truth when he said he wasn’t aligned with Akam and Rezar at first, but the fans and Owens drove him to form that alliance.

“Somewhere along the way it all went wrong and I am trying to figure out why,” Rollins said. “I did everything right. I don’t take nights off, I fight through injuries. Every single time I step through that curtain and I get in that ring, I lay it all on the line for each and every one of you. I defeated Brock Lesnar, not once but twice, to bring back the Universal Championship back to RAW”.

He accused the fans of calling him a liar just because the flavor of the month, Kevin Owens, who couldn’t even lace his boots called him a liar. After this promo, AOP eventually joined him on the stage to pose for the crowd briefly.

The heel turn has been coming for Rollins for some time now. He started showing those traits since his feud with the Fiend Bray Wyatt started. It was during that feud only that the fans started booing him due to his horrible match at Hell in a Cell. Currently, it remains unclear whether his distasteful comments over Twitter were part of this angle itself or not.

It remains to be seen whether Rollins and Owens will face off at WWE TLC 2019 PPV show or not which takes place this Sunday, 15 December at Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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