Seth Rollins & AOP Took Down Kevin Owens! Rollins Turned Heel?

AOP Attacks Kevin Owens
AOP Attacks Kevin Owens

AOP made their return to the RAW episode of 25 November 2019 at Allstate Arena in Chicago and attacked Kevin Owens during his main event match against Seth Rollins.

RAW opened with Rollins giving out a “Town Hall” speech in the middle of the ring to the entire RAW roster. The Chicago fans started chanting for hometown star CM Punk’s name and Rollins ended up saying that he tried to get Punk to come to RAW, but Punk just wants to sit behind a desk in Los Angeles in WWE Backstage.

Rollins then talked about Survivor Series and admitted that Team NXT “wiped the floor” with Team RAW and that everyone from RAW sucked. Rollins said he was just trying to right a wrong and make RAW the A-Show again. He then went on to take personal shots at Randy Orton and Charlotte Flair. Rollins addressed The Authors of Pain, mentioning how they were not even at Survivor Series despite all their bragging about the violence.

Rollins also addressed Rey Mysterio for his loss to WWE Champion Brock Lesnar whom Rollins had beaten twice this year. He said Rey could not even get the job done against Brock Lesnar with his “stupid kid” Dominick. Rey Mysterio left the ringside after these comments insulting and the rest of the roster followed him. Rollins then had words with Kevin Owens who left Rollins laying after a Stunner to set up their main event match.

The main event saw Rollins and Owens go at it in an entertaining match. Owens managed to hit the Stunner on Rollins. Akam and Rezar hit the ring while both Rollins and Owens were down. During the show, Akam and Rezar also made their in-ring return in a squash match to demolish Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

Owens got up first and AOP destroyed him as the referee called for the disqualification. Fans chanted “bulls**t!” at the finish, and also chanted for Punk again. AOP left Owens laying and then turned their attention to Rollins. Rollins got up and told them to bring the fight. But Akam and Rezar just looked at each other and left the ring, leaving a confused Rollins by himself. Rollins watched AOP leave the ring and then turned his attention back to Owens.

Rollins hit Owens with a Stomp as the boos picked up. Rollins talked trash to Owens, then delivered another Stomp for more boos. RAW went off the air with fans booing Rollins while he talked more trash to Owens.

It is not clear whether this was a heel turn for Seth Rollins. If it was, then it was a very weak way to turn him. Also, there’s no word yet whether WWE has planned for Rollins and AOP to team up as a new heel stable on RAW. But Rollins vs Owens feud is expected to continue.

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