Saurav(Indus Sher): Kane Is The Biggest Superstar For Me

Sourav Gurjar

Saurav Gurjar(of Indus Sher in NXT) was selected for WWE Developmental Contract in 2017 after attending the tryouts in Saudi Arabia. He has now spent around 3 years at WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

In his recent chat with WWE Now India, Saurav discussed training at Performance Center. He mentioned that his biggest regret to date is that he has not been able to meet WWE Legend Kane during this time. Saurav said “I have been unlucky in the way that I have not been able to meet Kane even after being at WWE Performance Center for so long. I am big fan of him.”

The NXT star mentioned how he copies Kane’s sidewalk slam as one of his signature moves.

“I see a lot of his matches as we are asked to learn technicalities from our favorite wrestlers, whose moves we like[in training]. So, I use sidewalk slam, and try to copy only Kane… I have seen him do that move since my childhood.”

The possible reason why Saurav has not been able to meet Kane because he has made only a handful of appearances in WWE after taking on the duties as the mayor of Knox County. Saurav was asked what will he do if gets to meet Kane. He replied that he will probably too starstruck to do anything.

“I don’t think I will be able to talk to him if he[Kane] comes in front of me. I would only be able to see him and get feel everything that I use to feel when I use to watch him as a kid.
In my whole life, I have met many superstars from WWE, even Bollywood and Cricket… It has never been my dream to have a picture clicked with any of them. The one and only star that I want a picture is with Kane.”

On the topic of whether he would prefer Kane as a tag team partner or an opponent, Saurav replied while his heart wants Kane as a tag team partner, the feeling of having a face-off with Kane in the middle of the ring is too legendary for him.

“Heart says to have a tag team match with him. But the feeling of having a face-off with Kane… I don’t think there is a bigger superstar in my eyes in WWE.. So, I would like to have a match against Kane… First, I would like to meet him for an hour or so, and then would like to work against him in the ring.”

Saurav & Rinku have made some appearances on NXT earlier this year and were even in plans to win NXT Tag Team titles. However, those plans were scrapped once Matt Riddle was called up to the main roster.

Saurav is currently scheduled to appear in the main event of WWE Superstar Spectacle event which will air on 26 January 2021. You can watch the complete interview with Saurav in the video below.

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