Sami Zayn and Lars Sullivan appear on RAW

Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn returned to RAW- 8 Apr 2019

RAW after WrestleMania always sees some debuts or returning stars. This time it was Sami Zayn who returned from injury and while Lars Sullivan made his highly publicized debut.

Sami Zayn was shown in a clip from backstage just as the show went into the commercial break. As the show return, Zayn made his way to the ring to good response from the crowd. He reintroduced himself and said that his schedule is wide open and he could go for a match right about now. He invited someone from the back to come out for a match. His challenge was answered by Finn Balor. The match was announced for the Intercontinental Title. Obviously, he did not win the match but he did cut a post-match promo where he said that he didn’t miss the fans and that WWE is toxic. He cut into fans with more negative remarks in order to get more heat.

Lars Sullivan was reported to debut in January and get involved with John Cena on road to WrestleMania. But due to some (non-confirmed) reasons, that program was canceled. It was rumored that he had an anxiety attack before his RAW debut and had to hold back. After Kurt Angle drove out Baron Corbin with an ankle lock, Sullivan made his entrance to ruin Angle’s good night. He slammed Angle into the floor and then hit a flying headbutt from the top.

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