Seth Rollins To Undergo MRI After Injury on January 15 WWE RAW

Seth Rollins WWE Backlash 2023

Seth Rollins has reportedly sustained a genuine injury.

Seth Rollins successfully defended World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Jinder Mahal during the WWE RAW episode on January 15. Despite his victory, reports suggest that Rollins emerged from the match with some physical wear and tear.

Wade Keller from the Pro Wrestling Torch has shared information stating that Seth Rollins experienced a legitimate injury to his left leg toward the end of the match. Multiple backstage sources at RAW have conveyed that Rollins required assistance to the back, and although he later put some weight on the injured leg, a noticeable limp was observed.

According to Keller’s report, Seth Rollins will undergo additional evaluation to assess the extent of his injury. As of now, there are no further details available regarding the nature or severity of the injury.

Throughout the match, the commentary team observed that Seth Rollins began favoring his leg, particularly after executing a dive to the outside. Despite this apparent discomfort, Rollins managed to complete the bout, ultimately securing victory by pinning Jinder Mahal with his finishing move, the Stomp.

In a discussion on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided insights into Seth Rollins’ potential injury status. Meltzer mentioned that Seth Rollins is scheduled to undergo an MRI  to ascertain whether the injury is serious or a more minor concern.

As of now, Seth Rollins is not scheduled for Royal Rumble 2024 PLE.

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