Kevin Owens-Shane McMahon Set For Ladder Match at Fox Premiere

Kevin Owens challenges Shane McMahon for Ladder Match
Kevin Owens challenges Shane McMahon for Ladder Match

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon will battle it out in a career vs lawsuit ladder match at SmackDown’s Fox Premiere on 4 October 2019.

Kevin Owens was the special guest referee in the King of the Ring semifinal between Shane McMahon and Chad Gable. After Shane lost that match, he unleashed on Owens and fired him from WWE(kayfabe). Last week, it was revealed that Owens filed the “largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history” against WWE.

This week at SmackDown, Shane McMahon came out with his team of lawyers and proposed to KO that if he drops the lawsuit, he would hire him back and will also drop the $100,000 fine imposed on him earlier. But Owens wanted something else.

KO went on to explain that he does not want Shane to be in WWE locker room anymore and wants him to be fired from WWE instead. He went on to propose one last match between them where, if Shane loses, he will have to leave WWE for good; and if Kevin Owens loses, he will drop the lawsuit and leave WWE.

Additionally, he wanted it to be a ladder match where the briefcase with the said contract will be hanging in the air. This will be the third match between Owens and Shane. Their first match was in 2017 inside Hell in a Cell where Kevin Owens was able to win the match with timely intervention from Sami Zayn. The second was last month at SummerSlam 2019 with Elias as the special ring enforcer.

Once a popular figure among fans, Shane McMahon’s reputation took a dive after WrestleMania with fans not liking his continuous appearances on WWE TV. He entered a feud with Kevin Owens back in June when KO dropped his version of the pipebomb, ridiculing Shane and WWE creative.

Shane and KO faced off at SummerSlam with Elias as the special guest referee. Despite interferences from Elias, Owens won that match after he took both Elias and Shane down by using the steel chair. However, KO was fined for $100,000 for attacking Elias who was a WWE official at the time.

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