Kevin Owens Files $25 Million Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Kevin Owens Wrongful Termination Lawsuit against WWE
Kevin Owens files World’s Largest Wrongful Termination Lawsuit against WWE

Kevin Owens has filed a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit worth around $25 million against WWE after he was fired by Shane McMahon from WWE last week.

Last week, Shane McMahon replaced the injured Elias in the semifinal of the King of the Ring tournament against Chad Gable. Additionally, he appointed Kevin Owens as the special referee. Owens was told that the $100,000 fine on him will be waived off if Shane wins but if that does not happen, Owens would be fired.

As the match started, Shane was quickly rolled up and was pinned by Chad Gable. Shane got the match changed to a 2 out 3 falls stipulation but still lost when he submitted to an Anklelock from Gable. Upon losing the match, Shane blindsided KO into an attack and fired him from WWE.

Owens returned to Smackdown as a member of the audience this week in Atlanta. Simultaneously, Shane McMahon was served with a legal notice backstage. As Shane hit the ring, he called Owens into the ring and revealed that Kevin Owens has filed “the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history” against WWE.

As the started arguing over it, Owens explained that he was fined for attacking an official earlier, but when Shane attacked him, he was also a referee. So, not only should Shane be penalized, Owens’ unceremonious firing would make a strong case of wrongful termination. Owens mocked Shane that despite his help, Shane still tapped out, starting a “You Tapped Out”chant from the crowd.

Owens said he has tried reasoning with him, fight with him and even tried to help him last week. Since those acts did not have any effect on Shane, he has now decided to hit him where it hurts him the most, on his wallet. Owens also revealed that there is a second clause in the lawsuit that should he win his suit against WWE, he will get the pleasure of firing Shane from WWE on live television.

Not sure how things would turn around from here on, but the angle might finally lead to WWE fans repeated request of Shane getting off WWE TV.

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