NXT Takeover Toronto: Velveteen Dreams Title Run Continues

Velveteen Dream defeated Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne in a Triple Threat Match to retain NXT North American Championship at NXT Takeover Toronto II 2019 on 10 August 2019.

NXT Takeover Toronto Velveteen Dream
NXT Takeover Toronto Velveteen Dream

Match Description :

Velveteen Dream celebrates the Toronto Raptors’ NBA Championship win in his entrance with some dancers entering before him for a dance sequence. He also performing with them once he enters. After he reaches the ring, Roderick Strong enters before Pete Dunne entering last.

Dream mocks Dunne before the match starts. Strong teased a partnership with Dream to take down Dunne but hits Dream with the first strike. He throws him out and starts battling with Dunne. After initial control, Strong is taken down by Dunne. Dunne contorts Strong’s hand but is thrown out by Dream. Dream and Dunne face each other down but Strong comes back in and drags Dunne out before taking on Dream. Dream hits him with shots in the corner.

Dunne is back on the apron, and Dunne and Dream double team Strong and finish him. Dream contorts Strong’s hand and asks Dunne to stomp on it. Dunne does it and the two of them throw him out of the ring. Dream and Dunne face each other and Dunne is thrown by Dream. Strong destroys Dream and Dunne on the outside. Strong hits Dream with a suplex on the apron and then hits Dunne with one on the barrier.

Strong throws down Dunne and then locks in the abdominal stretch. Strong is slowly beating down Dunne in the ring, but now they are exchanging shots. Strong hits a Backbreaker on Dunne. Dream comes in and takes things into hand with a series of offense on Strong. Velveteen Dream hits the punch from the top rope and then tries to lock in the Sharpshooter.

Dunne goes to the top and hits the back of Velveteen Dream with a Dropkick. Pete Dunne hits a Moonsault on the outside taking out both Dream and Strong. Back in the ring, Dunne starts working both Dream and Strong. After a few moves, he starts stomping on them. They combine to start a series of strikes before start trading strike between themselves. Dunne stomps on both of their hands and takes a few more shots on Strong.

Dream hits him with the flatliner, Strong hits Dream with Olympic Slam and Dunne hits a suplex on Strong. All three are down in the middle. Dream goes to the top, Dunne joins him there and they battle at the top for some time. Strong comes and hits an arm drag which sends both Dream and Dunne flying.

Strong breaks a triangle choke from Dunne with a backbreaker. Dream climbs up and hits a coast to coast elbow drop on Dunne. Roddy hits both men with knee strikes and a series of running elbows. He somehow gets both men into the Stronghold Boston crab. Strong hits multiple strikes on Dunne and Dream. They manage to get out and Dream tried to hit a Double Deathvalley Driver. Dunne and Strong break it up and Dunne snaps both their fingers.

Dunne hits Strong with his finisher, but Dream stops the referee!m Dunne stomps Dream into the mat. Strong hits a German Suplex on Dunne and gets a near fall. Dream hits the Deathvalley Driver on Dunn, Strong throws away Dream. Strong hits the End of Heartache on Dunne. Dream hits a splash on Dunne and Strong to break the pin. He covers Dunne and gets the pin for the win.

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