WWE NXT Battleground 2023 Live Results & Updates

NXT Battleground 2023 Results

Welcome to the live results page for WWE NXT Battleground 2023 event which was live from Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA.

Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker headlined an NXT PPV for the second time in a row with NXT Championship on the line. However, the roles were completely reversed now. Hayes was the champion and the face this time. Breakker was the challenger and a dominant heel. But did the results also be any different?

Wes Lee defended NXT North American Championship in a triple-threat match against Tyler Bate and Joe Gacy. Gallus’ Mark Coffey and Wolfgang defended tag team titles against The Creed Brothers. Women’s Championship Tournament final match was set between Tiffany Stratton and Lyra Valkyrie.

Dijak and Ilja Dragunov took their rivalry on the next level in a last-man-standing match. This was the only non-title match on the card. NXT Heritage Cup was be contested for the first time on US soil as Noam Dar took on Dragon Lee in British Round rules match for the trophy.

Check complete results from WWE NXT Battleground 2023 event with live updates, winners and highlights.


  • Wes Lee(c) defeated Tyler Bate and Joe Gacy – NXT North American Championship
  • Noam Dar defeated Dragon Lee – British Rounds Rules Match for NXT Heritage Cup
  • Ilja Dragunov defeated Dijak – Last Man Standing Match
  • Gallus(Mark Coffey & Wolfgang)(c) defeated The Creed Brothers(Brutus Creed & Julius Creed) – NXT Tag Team Championship
  • Tiffany Stratton defeated Laya Valkyrie – Tournament Final for NXT Women’s Championship
  • Carmelo Hayes(c) defeated Bron Breakker – NXT Championship


Wes Lee vs Tyler Bate vs Joe Gacy – NXT North American Championship

NXT North American Champion Wes Lee comes to the ring first. Tyler Bate then follows him to the ring, and in the last, The Schism’s Joe Gacy walks down the aisle. 

Three of them kick things off with back-and-forth pinfall attempts on each other. Lee and Bate send Gacy outside the ring before he provokes them. Both of them come out and then sends back Gacy in. 

Lee and Bate fight each other when Gacy takes out both with a suicide dive.  Gacy and Bate have some back-and-forth in the ring before Lee returns to the ring and takes control of the match. Lee tries to dominate Bate but the latter returns with an elbow from the second rope. 

Bate then hit belly to belly followed by a shooting star press for a two-count. Bate picks up Gacy for a swing, Lee tries to interrupt, Bate adds Lee to the mix and gives them both a swing. 

Bate tosses Wes Lee behind, Gacy catches him, and then powerbombs him on Tyler Bate. Gacy takes out both with a double move before locking a submission on Lee. Bate finally stands and breaks the submission. Bate tries to hit the standing shooting star but misses, Gacy locks the same submission to him. This time Lee breaks the submission.  

All three are standing and hitting each other, Bate and Gacy double team to hit Lee, but the latter counters and they hit each other with a clothesline. Lee then hits both with a kick. He attempts to pin both but fails. 

After some back-and-forth, Lee puts Gacy in a sleeper hold, but Gacy breaks it and attempts a pinfall. Bates saves the match and then hits Gacy with a Tyler driver 97 and covers Gacy. but Lee breaks the fall with a pin attempt of his own. 

Gacy is on the second rope, Lee comes towards him and jumps outside to take out Tyler Bate. Bate returns to the ring, and Gacy hits him with a urinagi. Lee enters and hits Gacy with a cardiac kick to get the pinfall. 

Winner – Wes Lee

We get a video package for the finals of the WWE NXT Women’s Championship match. A video package of Bron Breakker and NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes entering the arena. We get a video package for the Heritage Cup match.

Dragon Lee vs Noam Dar – Heritage Cup – British Round Rules Match

Dragon Lee is the first one to enter accompanied by Nathan Frazer. Noam Dar enters second with his heritage cup. 

Round 1: Lee and Dar start things with a kick to each other, They have some back-and-forth before Noam begins to target Lee’s hand. Lee breaks free and starts doing the same. Dar quickly counters and tries to lock a submission but Lee avoids it. Again they have some back-and-forth before Dar pushes him and Lee sends him out. Lee picks up momentum but the round ends.

Round 2: Lee continues his momentum in the second round and takes out Dar with a hurricanrana. Lee puts Dar in the corner and hits him with a big explosive kick for a two-count. Dar counters and rolls Lee for a pinfall attempt. Dar does it again after hitting a back elbow and finally gains the first fall. 

Round 3: It starts with Dar dominating Lee. The latter counters with a roll-up pin attempt before hitting Dar with a kick. Lee sends Dar outside the ring with a hurricanrana on the apron. It follows with a suicide dive, Lee takes Dar back to the ring, hits a kick to the side of his face, and covers for two-count. Lee dominates Dar a bit, before the round ends. However, Dar pushes Lee as soon as the bell rings. 

Round 4: It starts with a quick offense from Dar who covers Lee after a kick. Lee breaks the pin and the counters with a roll-up. Dar tries to lock the armbar and gets success before Lee converts it into a pin attempt. Lee puts Dar into the cloverleaf submission. Lee gets distracted from the outside action, Dar pushes him, but Lee converts hurricanrana into a drop and covers for a pin. Lee gets his first pinfall.

Round 5: Both of them are aggressive entering this round, Dar tries to lock ankle lock but Lee breaks free. Lee tries to hit the hurricanrana on the apron again, but Dar converts it into a powerbomb. Dar takes control of the match for a while. Lee hits Dar with a powerbomb for a near fall. A woman comes and distracts the referee while the other one hits Lee on the back. Dar hits the novaroller and gets the pinfall to win the match. 

Winner: Noam Dar

We get a video package for the Money in the Bank 2023 PPV event. We get a video package for the Imperium’s Gunther. A promo for Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin’s weaponized cage match next week. A video package featuring Ilja Dragunov and Dijak’s rivalry.

Dijak vs Ilja Dragunov – Last Man Standing Match

Dijak makes his entrance first followed by Ilja Dragunov. 

They stats the match with back-and-forth punches before Dijak overpowers Ilja. The latter comes with several chops before Dijak sends him outside. Dijak pushes the steel steps inside the ring. Ilja takes control outside after hitting Dijak with a drop kick. Ilja gets the steel steps for his own but Dijak counters and hits him with the suplex on the steel steps. 

Dijak brings the table, and before he could pull it completely, Ilja tackles him through the table breaking it into two. Dijak struggles to stand up and gets back inside the ring. Ilja tries to hit German suplex on the steel steps but Dijak holds the rope and Ilja hits his own back. Dijak picks up Ilja for a chokeslam, but Ilja counters it into a DDT on the steel steps. 

Ilja takes Dijak to the corner, picks up the steel steps, and then uses it to hit Dijak in the face. He places the steel rope between the lower ropes and then jumps from across the ring from the top of the turnbuckle to kick Dijak. However, Dijak still breaks the count on 9. 

The two have some back-and-forth before Ijla rains several chops. Ilja hits Dijak with a nasty German suplex, but he gets up quickly and takes Ilja to the apron and hit him with the chokeslam. Ilja barely manages to beat the referee count on 9. 

Dijak goes outside and takes a kendo stick. He hits Ilja using the Kendo stick multiple times in the corner. Ilja screams in pain after every single shot. Dijak now brings the steel chair. Ilja slaps Dijak before eating the chair shot. Dijak goes for another one, but Ilja counters. Ilja stands on the steel steps and drives Dijak face-first into the steel chair with a punch to the back of his neck. Ilja stands on 8 but Dijak fails to stand even after the ten-count and Ilja wins the match.  

We get a video package for Cora Jade. A video promo for the Chase University. Noam Dar celebrates his victory backstage. A promo for WWE NXT The Great American Bash which will take place on July 30.

Gallus vs Creed Brothers – NXT Tag Team Championship

Creed Brothers make their entrance first, and then the tag team champions Gallus walks down the aisle to enter the ring. 

Wolfgang and Julius start things off. Wolf quickly makes a tag to Mark. Julius gets a hold of Mark and tags Brutus. Both teams face off in the ring before the Creed Brothers double teams on Mark Coffey. 

Mark tries to fight back Julius, but the latter confuses him and Brutus gets the upper hand. Mark finally tags Wolf who quickly gets control of the match. Some frequent tags as Gallus dominated Brutus. Mark is back in the ring, and tackles Brutus from the second rope. He covers for the two-count. 

Mark puts Brutus in a neck lock, but the latter counters it with a backdrop. Mark makes the tag and Wolfgang stops Brutus from making a tag. Brutus eventually manages to tag, and Julius takes out Galllus with multiple belly-to-belly suplexes. 

Ava Raine comes out and takes out Ivy Nile which distracts Creed Brothers. Gallus takes advantage of it as they double-teamed to get the pinfall.

Winner: Gallus

Lyra Valkyria vs Tiffany Stratton – NXT Women’s Championship

Lyra Valkyria is the first one to make her entrance whereas Tiffany Stratton comes out second. 

These two start things with some back-and-forth where both of them show their flexibility and athleticism. Lyra rolls up Tiffany for the two-count. Tiffany tries to counter but Lyra gets another pin attempt. Tiffany finally drops Lyra with a shoulder tackle. Lyra then leapfrogs to avoid Tiffany but she landed badly on her knee. 

Lyra takes control of the match for a bit. However, her knee slows her down. Tiffany goes outside, Lyra follows with a dive, but Tiffany catches her. Tiffany dominates Lyra outside as she picks her up and hits her knee on the ring post. 

Tiffany takes Lyra back inside and keeps targeting her left knee. Tiffany hits the screwdriver using her leg and covers for a near fall. Tiffany puts Lyra in the submission pressuring her left knee, but somehow Lyra breaks the hold. Lyra tries to fight back but Tiffany keeps targeting her knee. 

Lyra rolls Tiffany but the latter breaks the pin. Tiffany tries to lock the figure-four but fails. Lyra gets to the second rope and hits Tiffany with the missile drop kick. Lyra and Tiffany exchange some strikes before Lyra hits her with a combination of strikes. 

Tiffany gets outside, and Lyra follows her with a kick and then the crossbody. Lyra takes Tiffany inside the ring and gets on the top rope to hit Tiffany with the crossbody, but Tiffany counters by picking Lyra up for a Samoan drop. However, Lyra converts it into a pin attempt. 

Lyra gets to the top again, but this time Tiffany stops her. Tiffany tries to get control of the match by hitting Lyra’s knee. Tiffany continues her offense but Lyra catches her with a German Suplex. Lyra goes for the roundhouse kick but her knee gives up. Tiffany picks Lyra and goes for her signature moonsault but Lyra moves out of the way. Lyra connects the roundhouse kick and covers but Tiffany gets her feet to the bottom rope. 

Lyra climbs to the top, and Tiffany gets there as well, Lyra goes for the sunset flip powerbomb, but Tiffany counters it with hurricanrana. Tiffany gets Lyra and hits her signature moonsault to get the pinfall. 

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Carmelo Hayes vs Bron Breakker – NXT Championship

Bron Breakker makes his entrance first wearing a wolf mask. NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes is the second one to enter the ring accompanied by Trick Williams.

Carmelo starts things off with a kick to Bron’s feet. Carmleo tries to target Bron’s legs before Bron drops him with a shoulder tackle. Carmelo sends Bron outside the ring and follows him with a suicide dive. The two fight outside before getting back in the ring. 

Bron takes back control of the match inside the ring but Carmelo quickly shifts the tides with a drop kick. These two fight outside for a bit before coming back to the ring. Carmelo puts Bron into submission putting pressure on his leg.

However, Bron breaks free and drops Carmelo with a nasty clothesline. Caremo tries to fight back but Bron continues to dominate him and hit him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Bron takes Carmelo to the second rope and tries to hit the suplex but Melo blocks it. However, Bron comes running and drops Melo with a hurricanrana from the top for two-count. 

Melo tries to fight back again but Bron hits the German Suplex. Bron tries to get Carmelo in the position for submission but Carmello counters it with his knees. Bron picks up Melo for a vertical suplex but Melo counters it with a DDT. Carmelo is fired up and takes back control of the match. Melo covers Bron after a combination of offenses but Bron kicks out at two. 

Carmelo hits the cutter, but Bron breaks the pin at two again. Melo gets to the top and jumps but Bron ducks it and goes for the spear. Melo avoids the spear and Bron hits the turnbuckle. Melo tries to go for another cutter from the second rope but Bron connects the spear this time for a near fall. 

Bron shoulder press Melo but the latter counters it with a roll-up. Melo hits multiple superkicks before hitting Bron on the back of his neck. Melo gets on the top rope and hits his signature le drop to the back of Bron’s neck to get the pinfall. 

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

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