Morrison & Miz to Challenge New Day at Super ShowDown 2020

The New Day (Kofi Kington vs Big E) vs The Miz & John Morrison Super ShowDown 2020
The New Day (Kofi Kington vs Big E) vs The Miz & John Morrison Super ShowDown 2020

John Morrison and The Miz have won the #1 contender match for WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship and will face The New Day, Kofi Kingston and Big E, at WWE Super ShowDown 2020.

WWE booked a fatal 4-way match this week at SmackDown(31 January 2020) between Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, The Revival, and former Dirt Sheet Duo- Morrison & Miz. The match was more chaotic than usual WWE tag team matches with every team keep getting into action against each other.

Near the end, Morrison took out Heavy Machinery and Lucha House Party with a crossbody dive. With Scott Dawson left in the ring, Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale and Morrison hit his Starfish dive to get the pin.

The feud between The New Day and Morrison & Miz started when The Miz was coming out of the feud with Bray Wyatt and was going through a face-to-heel transition. After some verbal exchange, Kofi Kingston defeated Miz at SmackDown’s New Year episode. The Miz was visibly frustrated with the loss and took a cheap shot at Kofi after the match.

Later, we were in for a surprise when the backstage interviewer went to The Miz’s door but found John Morrison there instead. Next week, Morrison made his full return to SmackDown with The MizTV. Miz would go on to defeat Kofi on the same night on SmackDown. The animosity between the two teams increased as John Morrison also defeated both Big E and Kofi in the coming weeks on SmackDown.

WWE Super ShowDown 2020 will take place at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 27 February 2020. This is the only match announced for the show currently.

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