Jon Moxley vs PAC Dynamite Match Ends in A Draw

Jon Moxley vs PAC At AEW Dynamite 23-10-19
Jon Moxley vs PAC At AEW Dynamite 23/10/19

The match between Jon Moxley and PAC ended in a time limit draw when they battled at AEW Dynamite episode of 23 October 2019.

The match was set between Jon Moxley and PAC after Moxley hit PAC with Death Rider and abandoned their tag team match against Kenny Omega and PAC. PAC apparently stopped Moxley and Omega(and a disqualification) when they tried to use weapons.

As Jon Moxley entered for the main event match last night, PAC jumped on him from behind. With the advantage on his side, PAC kept tight control over Moxley for the first 5 minutes or so. Moxley then grew into the match as saw they going toe to toe. Near the end of the 20 minutes time limit, they were battling outside the ring.

When they returned in the ring, Moxley hit PAC with the Death Rider, but was exhausted and took too long to cover PAC. Resultingly, PAC kicked out. When Moxley tried to continue with the attack, the bell rang, indicating the time limit being exhausted.

This is the second instance in AEW that a match has ended in a draw with the time limit. Earlier, the match between Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin at AEW Fyter Fest ended in a time limit draw. This is the first AEW Dynamite match to end in a time limit draw.

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