Fyter Fest 2019: Cody Rhodes vs Dabry Allin End In a Draw

The Fyter Fest 2019 match between Cody Rhodes and Dabry Allin ended in a draw as the 20 minutes time limit set for the match was exhausted before any of them could get the pin. As the match was about to restart with five more minutes added. Cody was attacked by Shawn Spears which resulted in a premature end of the match.

Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin AEW Fyter Fest 2019
Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin AEW Fyter Fest 2019

AEW is setting a time limit to all their matches. It was 30 minutes for Double or Nothing and was changed to 20 minutes for Fyter Fest. Cody Rhodes dominated the match for longer spells but failed to put away Allin. Although, Allin also came out looking good from the match with some good spots and showing relentless spirit.

As the time limit, Cody tried to go for the Crossrhodes. But Allin countered to hit the stunner. Cody eventually hit the Crossrhodes but could not get the pin in time. He asked to add 5 minutes to the match right away, but Shawn Spears attacked him with the chair and prevented the contest to carry on.

Match Description

Allin using his agility early on to avoid and frustrated Cody who has a decisive size advantage on his opponent. Cody goes for the single leg, but Allin gets to the ropes. He then gets a headlock takeover to the mat on Allin. Allin looks for the arm drag, Cody easily blocks it, Allin then leaps up to the top rope and hits a massive arm drag that sends Cody out to the floor. Allin beckons him back in as Cody checks out the body bag.

Cody finally slows Allin down with a punch to the face. Cody tries to yank him out of the corner, Allin block it, Cody drops down and punches him. He ends up throwing Allin into the corner and Allin ended up going through the middle and top rope all the way to the floor! Cody with some push-ups as he waits for Allin.

Allin drives Cody’s left hand into the ring post. Cody gets a Double Underhook lock but his hand is hurt. Cody is back in control now. He is going for a Vertical Suplex, but no! He takes advantage of Cody’s injured left hand to escape. He sits on the hand and wrenches on the wrist badly. Cody escapes and goes outside. Allin hits a Suicide Dive on him.

Allin was about to stomp on Cody’s finger on the steps, but Cody simply moves his hand away and drops Allin on the steps. He hits the Suicide Dive on Allin. They get back in the ring and Allin hits the Shotgun Dropkick followed by the Yoshi Tonic. Allin goes to the top rope, but Cody follows him there and hits the reverse Superplex.

Cody and Darby Allin stand on the apron, but Allin bites his hand. Allin goes to the top rope and goes for the back elbow Coffin Drop on Cody who was on the apron. Cody moves out of the way, and Allin drops back-first on the apron. Allin had brought a body bag but it is Cody who zips him up in it. He hits the Disaster Kick and then drags him out for a near fall. There are only 30 seconds left in the 20 minutes time limit.

Cody hits Darby with the belt. Cody went for the Cross Rhodes, but Darby hits a Stunner. Cody hits the Cross Rhodes finally. He pins him, but the time is over. Cody asks to add 5 minutes to the match but Shawn Spears comes out and hits him with the chair. Spears was about to take out more punishment but Brandi berated him and he leaves through the crowd. Cody is bleeding at the back of his head. MJF and SCU come out to help Cody get back.

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