Two WWE Superstars Injured at RAW This Week

John Morrison and WWE RAW Women’s Champion Asuka suffered injuries at WWE RAW episode last night.

Asuka Raw Women's Champion 2020
Asuka seems unperturbed by her title loss last week

John Morrison faced WWE United States Champion Riddle in a non-title match in the first hour of RAW. At one point, Morrison hit a corkscrew dive from the ring on Riddle who was on the floor. Morrison landed on Riddle but it looked like he hurt his knee in the process.

Dave Meltzer discussed the same in the latest Wrestling Observer Radio as he mentioned that Morrison was limping in a segment later in the night when he accompanied Miz to the ring.

“Morrison got hurt on a dive and he landed right on his knee. It was Riddle [that he landed on], but then he smashed his knee on the floor. He finished the match and everything, but you could tell when he came back out with The Miz that he was limping pretty hard. He was trying not to show it, but he was moving pretty slow and gingerly. Hopefully, his thing isn’t too bad.”

Morrison also did not accompany Miz when he came out to join the commentary team in the main event match between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. There are no further updates on the seriousness of Morrison’s injury.

Asuka also suffered an injury as she broke a tooth after getting kicked by Shayna Baszler in the face. Asuka teamed up with Charlotte Flair against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. She had Nia in an armbar late in the match and Baszler came in with a kick to break the move.

Kayla Braxton confirmed that Asuka lost a tooth during last night’s RAW Talk. However, the situation is not deemed too serious.

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